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Together baby

  • Together - Donny & Marie Osmond
    "Together Together Together Oh, oh we could be on a desert Without a place to go And we're so in love with each other that we wouldn't even know I don't care any place anywhere Just as long as you are"
  • Together - Kumbia Kings
    ""Together" Baby Power, Roger, come on Together baby Let me get some flavor Kumbia Kings... This is for the ladies Oh yo, baby girl I got to let you know my purpose in this world And them hater chicks They"
  • Together - Frank Sinatra
    "(B.G. DeSylra, Lew Broun, Ray Henderson, Stephen Ballantine) She: We strolled the lane together, last out the rain together Sang love's refrain together, and we both pretend it would never end, One"
  • Together - Mike Francis
    "I love you my baby, You won't see a change in me They say I'm just a dreamer, They could never know my dreams. Oooh I'm lovin' ya, ladies Everyone a special kind Sweet little love sensations That always"
  • Together - The Presets
    "I want you You want me So let's go out, You want me. I want you You want me So let's go out, You want me. Who do we think we are Running round all sweaty Baby I will wait for you if we could be together Such"
  • Together - Mad Skillz
    "Yo, yo, I spit six of rap figures, get your (shit) together Require some (shit) to stitch your lips together My click stick together, mic rip together Move no bricks or I make hits to flip my cheddar No"
  • Together - Day 26
    "You say that true love Is so hard to findWell, I'm gonna take my time And I ain't gonna rush Into something to get left With nothing againThat's what I said before Till I opened up the door Let you in"
  • Together - Lasgo
    "i'm all alone in bed and I cant sleep i'm feelin' blue I try to close my eyes but all I'm thinkin' of is you baby only you I cry my eyes out baby wondering what I have to do! i'm lookinh inside my heart I"
  • Together - Playa
    "Have you ever been on a rollercoaster ride (I'll take you, girl I'll take you) 'Cause see my love will take you up and down and side to side (I'll take ya sho'nuff lace ya) And have you ever been alone"
  • Together - Trey Songz
    "She got my back (oh) & I got hers (yes) Got me trickin off (oh) Diamonds & Furs (yes) Not the money and the cars All I want is you High heels in the benz color powder blue Baby I'm in love with"
  • Together - Ne-Yo
    "Since the day that we met girl I've never had anyone make me feel this way And my heart is sure it wants to be with you Want to give you the whole world ohh If you make the promise to me, I'm gonna stay Without"
  • Together - Ruben Studdard
    "Since the day that we met girl I aint never had anyone make me feel this way And my heart is sure it wants to be with you Wanna to give you the whole world, oh If you make the promise to me, I'm gonna"
  • Together - Solomon Childs
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs) Yeah, I'm dedicated this To my man Tony Lovitt, we love you God (Chorus 2X: Solomon Childs) Got to blaze in any kinda weather, shed blood together Ain't no need of thinkin' how"
  • Together - Busta Rhymes
    "Hey yo Swizz.. This shit sound like some shit The streets wanna do the merengue to (yeah) Or dance around a sombrero to, WHOO!!! Yeah, another special from Flipmode Records Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
  • Together - 2 Play
    "Have you ever been on a rollercoaster ride(i'll take you, girl i'll take you)'cause see my love will take you up and down and side to side(i'll take ya sho'nuff lace ya)And have you ever been aloneAnd"
  • Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby - R.Kelly
    "Anything you want baby Anything your heart desires Because you've been there for me (Truly there for me) I'm gonna give it to you Listen [1] - Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby"
  • Fall Together - Weezer
    "We go together baby And if you do I'll be your weakness baby And get to you Stream line Main line Fall together, get up Any time you want me baby I'll be around That's what they teach you baby To dig"
  • Together Now - Heart
    "Deep inside this city night There's only you and me I can only hear your voice I am all you see Baby, I love you Born to be mine I'lI say forever You say it all the time Take it like a vow We're together"
  • Perfect Together - Justin Bieber
    "I’m not perfect sometimes No you’re not perfect sometimes But even when it’s wrong it feels right ‘cause we’re perfect together Perfect together, perfect together Perfect together, perfect together Perfect"
  • Sleep Together - Garbage
    "I got you crawling up a mountain Hanging round my neck I got you twisted round my finger Crawling round my legs The emptiness The crazyness Satisfy this hungriness Darling, how would it feel? If we sleep"

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