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Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl

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Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl

  • Lonely Girl - Tonight Alive
    "Lonely girl you lost the only thing you loved Nothing that you have is ever good enough And I wont be the one to keep you safe And I wont be the one who stays the same You got a lot of nerve and Looks"
  • Lonely - Channel Zero
    "Words on the wall greet me They make me feel alive Looking at the door and waiting for dinner but eating dogfood is not my style Lonely, lonely, tonight, lonely Gotta get away from here, the sooner the"
  • Lonely Girl - Timothy B. Schmit
    "(j. leo) Everytime that she looks away Somebody's leaving her The price she pays An empty room A broken heart She should have seen it Coming right from the start She could take your heart away with her"
  • Nobody's Lonely Tonight - Moneybrother
    "It's getting late and they want us to leave You know by the way they stare And girl just a word from you And we'll be right out of here And yeah you're right, I can't keep my hands from you Tonight,"
  • Lonely - Jaheim
    "If you didn't ask then he wouldn't tell But the truth is you going through hell But you hide it so well You tug on his sleeve You beg and you plead Anything so that he won't leave He would be like oh well"
  • Lonely - Anita Baker
    "You don't know what i been thru Its been rough I'm telling you All night long toss and turn Nobodies bridges left to burn I tell you a story about a lonely girl Had no one to love her In the whole wide"
  • Alive Tonight - The Buzzcocks
    "Ahh, ahh, ahh - tonight Ahh, ahh Object movers have done nothing on me Take me to the party I just want to feel free I won't pass the bastard? nightmares into another sunday I won't pass the bastard? nightmares"
  • Girl Fight Tonight - Julie Brown
    "Girl fight tonight Girl fight tonight Look, there she is I'm going to kick her blonde butt Hey girl, I want to talk to you I've seen the way that you check him out When you think I'm not around (Oh,"
  • Tonight - Rick Springfield
    "Patty's working, but she's watching the clock She's in the back room counting stock And down in a warehouse out by the dock Jesse's lifting crates and breaking rock But when the whistle blows to end the"
  • Tonight - Trick Daddy
    "(feat. Jaheim, Trina) You lookin' real good baby I just want you to know I had a wonderful time this evening But unfortunately I guess this part of the story Well we tell each other goodnight Nah how"
  • Lonely Tonight - The Power Station
    "Lonely tonight, lonely tonight, lonely tonight, lonely tonight Lonely tonight, lonely tonight, lonely tonight, lonely tonight We're enchanted, struck by lightning What can we do when the feeling's so"
  • Lonely Tonight - Matt Wertz
    "Sixth and Green is the one place in November When the air is cold and the leaves blow on the ground And I don't think that I can even remember Why it was that I came to this town 'Cause I just wanna be"
  • Come Alive - Barlow Girl
    "Wake up, get out, there's no time to waste now Never shut up it's our turn to speak out These streets are dead just waiting to come alive Break down the doors of our comfortable room Tear down the walls"
  • Lonely Lola Cherry Cola Girl - Bic Runga
    "Lonely Lola cherry cola girl How much do they pay you for your smile? Alone in your own creaming soda world Maybe you were happy for a while Lola you're a star tonight Don't let them pluck you from"
  • Lonely Lola Cherry Cola Girl - Runga Bic
    "Lonely lola cherry cola girl How much do they pay you for your smile? Alone in your own creaming soda world Maybe you were happy for a while Lola you're a star tonight Don't let them pluck you from the"
  • Breaking & Entering - Tonight Alive
    "There was a time when the sky Held the answers for the things I couldn't find But what happens when you're blind? A shooting star once said to me That nothing's really what it seems 'You must make up your"
  • Lonely Girl - Crystal Kay
    "I wanna approach you I wanna touch you What should I do? lonely girl rainy night lonely girl teary night lonely girl rainy night What should I do? baby Nevertheless baby I"
  • Lonely Girl - Screaming Trees
    "Alone in a room with shadows staring at the wall Gotta shade my eyes for a moment try and understand it all Disappear I'm just a ghost left over from another day Lost in thoughts with a lonely girl Never"
  • Lonely girl - Oceanlab
    "Staring at the top sheetListening to my hearth beatWondering how to say itPlaying over one trackWanting you to come backWant to have you hereLying on a cold sheetJump into my car seatDrive down to the"
  • Half Alive - Secondhand Serenade
    "It's four AM, I'm waking up to your perfume Don't get up, I'll get through on my own I don't know if I'm home Or if I lost the way into your room I'm spiraling into my doom I'm feeling half alive but I"

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