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Tuba life

  • Hot Tub - Weezer
    "you may not be the one for me but baby you're a lot of fun let me come to your house my dear drenching and smoke a robe i wanna get in your hot tub baby i wanna get in you now so get in your car and pick"
  • Tuba Boogie - Mara Kayser
    "Bei unsrer Dorfmusik spielt so 'n verrckter Typ auf ihn stehn alle Mdchen jede hat ihn lieb - oh - ist das ein Mann! In seinen Sepplhosen die Tuba im Arm spielt er den Boogie Boogie mir wird's ganz warm"
  • Fama Tuba - Helium Vola
    "Fama tuba dante sonum excitata vox preconum Clamat viris regionum Advenire virum bonum Ego caput feto pronum Tanquam frater sim latronum Reus iops racionum Sensus egens et sermonum Lacrimarum fluit rivus Quas"
  • Tuba Player's Wife - Kirsty McGee
    "behind closed doors the tuba player is playing sonatas all night he plays all night like a man possessed like he's trying to get something off his chest because late one night the tuba player's wife ran"
  • Tubby The Tuba - The Manhattan Transfer
    "Tubby wants to play the violins' tune, but it's too light and flimsy for a big tuba. He ends up squashing the little tune, and the conductor sends him away. Tubby wanders forlornly to the edge of a pond"
  • Tubby the tuba - Manhattan Transfer
    "Tubby (Tim Hauser) Alone am I, me and I together. If I went away from me, How unhappy I would be, Me and I, oh my. Bullfrog (Alan Paul) Bug-Gup! Bug-Gup! Lovely evening! Bug-Gup! Bug-Gup! I said. "lovely"
  • Hot Tub (ft. Dillon Francis and T-Pain) - Yung Gravy
    "Turn my voice up a little bit Na-na-na, na-na-na, na-na, na-na-mh Na-na-na, yeah There's a whole lotta ass in the hot tub (hot tub) It's a blast from the past in the hot tub (hot tub) All she do is throw"
  • Tubby The Tuba At The Circus - Manhattan Transfer
    "Tubby joins the circus but ends up as a water carrier for the elephants. He really wants to become a star under the big top bu walking the tightrope. However, Tubby takes an embarrassing fall. A kindly"
  • The further adventures of tubby the tuba - Manhattan Transfer
    "Tubby (Tim Hauser) I want to be seen, I want to be heard; My dream has always been To sing like a bird. Why can't I be Content to just be me? Why can't I be Just the best that I can be? I don't like to"
  • The Further Adventures Of Tubby The Tuba - The Manhattan Transfer
    "Tubby misbehaves at rehearsal, and the conductor tells him to leave. Defiant, Tubby joins a marching band. It's fun at first, but all the marching finally wears him out. He can't even OOM-PAH anymore,"
  • Tubby The Tuba Meets A Jazz Band - Manhattan Transfer
    "Curious about the wide world, Tubby takes his melody in his suitcase and travels to the big city where he meets a jazz band. At first Tubby doesn't know how to fit in, but the band shows him that the tune"
  • Life - Golden Life
    "Have you had enough of changeshave you had enough of changinglike a bird you have flownthrough the shadows of yours forsaken hopesyou broke tree come to me tryingthrough the mansionof the watch me nowsyou"
  • Line life - Line Life
    "1: In each situation, I can count on somebody. Never I become not. So, they let's allow me, count on you. In each situation. At any time, you are from I. And for it you I thank. Please, about it ,"
  • Crop Tub - AFI
    "You say you want to be friends, start over, try again? Well, things will never be the way they were back then. Things were never how you wanted, I couldn't think of you that way. Now, if you take"
  • Crop Tub - A.F.I.
    "You say you want to be friends, start over, try again? Well, things will never be the way they were back then. Things were never how you wanted, I couldn't think of you that way. Now, if you take one step"
  • That's Life - The American Life
    ""HEY! HEY!" Try living just a little bit "HEY! HEY!" And sing just for the hell of it Just pull your heart up off the ground Yelling out three cheers We're sounding silence to warn everyone around And"
  • Life, Life, Life - Miss Angie
    "My heart and tongue They will rejoice Dance and sing for the king of my choice Redeemer... He is the way for me to say He is the way for me to say believe In life, life, life, life I am the apple of His"
  • Life - Arid
    "Hey kid, hasn't love bit you lately? Well maybe, still yet to come to fulfil and erase, yeah raise. And circumstances dancing around my head It's the way to your soul that holds me alive Life, life We"
  • Life - Des'ree
    "Ooh yeah Oh yeah Oh life Oh life I'm afraid of the dark Especially when I'm in the park When there's no one else around Oh I get the shivers I don't wanna see a ghost It's the sight that I fear most I'd"
  • Life - K-Ci & JoJo
    "(Intro) Just like a birdie, (umm) I just wanna fly free. (so High so High) And own a piece of land, (umm) somewhere, (somewhere, somewhere, somewhere) somewhere, off in the country. (Oh, Listen) (Verse"

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