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Varius Manx - tokyo

  • Tokyo - Varius Manx
    "Widziałam wielki świat wyszywany srebrno-złoto szampan w żyłach grał każdy dzień był nowym snem Na ulicach tłum miasto wrzało kolorami w samym środku ja Boże mój, aż się chciało żyć Nagle kolor nieba"
  • Tokyo - Nana Zorin
    "Z hlubok pehlubok hlubiny pacifickho ocenu se vynouj bubliny Z hlubok pehlubok hlubiny pacifickho ocenu se vynouj velk ze bubliny, Terorizuj Tokyo Terorizuj Tokyo Terorizuj Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo Terorizuj"
  • Tokyo - 10CC
    "Transistorised, and anodised Chrome plated, squeaky clean Oh Tokyo, oh Tokyo Oh Tokyo I love you You're trembling, you're choking But you're magical to me Oh Tokyo, oh Tokyo Oh Tokyo I love you Kimonos,"
  • Tokyo - The Kinks
    "Oh, oh, oh, oh, Tokyo. Oh, oh, oh, oh, Tokyo. I went down to Australia, With my rock 'n' roll band. It's very hot in Australia, Still I'm gonna do the best I can. Still I'm going to Tokyo, Somehow I've"
  • Tokyo - Imagine Dragons
    "Baby's got a lot of baggage... It don't seem to matter, it don't seem to matter Got a ticket for the mid-west, just for buisiness but dismissed it for the interest it was a risk just for a mistress that"
  • Tokyo - Carola
    "Str vid slussen missar sista bussen Brjar traska hemt det r kyligt och grtt Vinden viner ingen sol som skiner Allt r bara regnigt och vtt s jag brjar drmma mig bort Tokyo jag tnker p dig nu, snart r jag"
  • Tokyo - Danny
    "Warm and cold You grab me down, you lift me with your magic New and old I know your way but I don't understand it Steel and stone A thousand years of history and future Gold and cone A lazy beam's creating"
  • Tokyo - White Lies
    "call Tokyo call New York it’s just the same different love call Jupiter, call Lyon find the right and find the wrong go breathe it walk your walk come back when you’re ready to talk but heart ringing take"
  • Tokyo - Athlete
    "I am Tokyo I am here I am blazing lights on your street. I'm an upstart Bound to cross you I'm the hypocrite By your side She won't forget And I won't forget And no one around could tell us apart Cause"
  • Tokyo - Bruce Cockburn
    "They're getting prepared to haul a car out of the river Noise and smoke and concrete seem to be going on forever Grinding gears and drivers getting high on exhaust i'm thinking about the water down below"
  • Tokyo - Athelete
    "I am Tokyo, I am here I am blazing lights on your street I'm an upstart bound to cross you I'm the hypocrite by your side Well, she won't forget and I won't forget And no one around could tell us apart 'Cause"
  • Tokyo - Aymi x Kejmil
    "znowu telefony w mojej głowie dzwonią cała noc, noc ona taka piękna chyba poznałem ja w Tokyo przy niej najpiękniejsze chwile teraz czuję samotność mógłbym ciebie zabrać i zwiedzić z tobą Toronto bo z"
  • Tokyo - Masaharu Fukuyama
    "Namida ya yowasaya suga nante kono machi jyan Dare ni mo misetchyai ikenai itte omotta Kakusanakya egao ni hanarenai itami mo Wasurenakya mae ni wa susumenai kanashimi mo daite Boku wa ai wo utai yo Kimi"
  • Tokyo - Bruce Springsteen
    "The moon hung like a shadow on a rung over Shanghai And the soldier boys were returning home screaming "Bonzai!" And the kids are still playing their games, Getting hustled and rustled out in"
  • Tokyo - Bob Schneider
    "I went where all the girls are beautiful Golden hair and radiant smiles Cocaine high oblivion to pain It made me feel so inadequate And insane for the feel good feeling High inside their helium trancemade"
  • Tokyo - Danny Saucedo
    "Warm and coldYou grab me down, you lift me with your magicNew and oldI know your way but I don't understand itSteel and stoneA thousand years of history and futureGold and coneA lazy beam's creating this"
  • Tokyo - Yui
    "Sumi nareta kono heya wo Dete yuku hi ga kita Atarashii tabidachi ni mada tomadotteru Eki made mukau BASU no naka Tomodachi ni MEERU shita Asa no HOOMU de denwa mo shitemita Demo nanka chigau ki ga shita Furui"
  • Tokyo Rose - Tokyo Rose
    "Lyrics -copyright 1983. Intro./Chorus. This is Tokyo Rose interfering with your radio show. Just to say a few words like :- Yankee Go Home leave us alone, Yankee Go Home. Yankee Go Home leave us alone,"
  • Tokyo Rose - Riot
    "They all called her Tokyo, the boys know her as Rose. The game is not a good one, it's the only one she knows. Jet black hair, lipstick glowin' red. Caviar and bourbon, goin' straight to her head. When"
  • Tokyo Girl - Ace Of Base
    "Tokyo girl, Tokyo girl You've got the moves to rule the world That cute inscru-tability Tokyo girl, you're a mystery Tokyo girl, Tokyo girl Shaking up hearts around the world You can't forget that stunning"

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