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Versus molo
  • Sexbomba Molo
    "Nie chcę iść na molo sam, tańczy pięć tysięcy par - obejmij mnie, zapomnij się! Toni szept, gorący piach - świetna noc na pierwszy raz! Obejmij mnie, zakochaj się! Nie odmawiaj w taką noc, gdy natura"
  • Ladytron Versus
    "Distance versus time Cutting versus down to size Focus versus tears Versus how did i get here's Versus curses in your eyes Force of nature versus rage Nature versus odd or strange Theres a fire starting"
  • Converge Versus
    "it's us versus them just us versus them jaws are biting at your heels we hunt you in bad dreams we know just what you are and the secrets that you keep cloven hoof is pounding faster than your heart"
  • Goodnight Electric Versus
    "I know someday you and me Gonna kick you and gonna kick me Everyday life's so happy to me A couple of monsters wanna be You put something on our show Toxic conversations run and go Left a disease and you"
  • Moli Versus
    "liczysz mi ile mam przyzwyczaiłem się bo moje byłe miały taki sam jak ty dylemat gdzie jest ta miłość i dilema? w sumie to wyjeba przeżyłem takie zawody że medali to powinienem mieć tyle co Irena teraz"
  • Urbandub Versus
    "I'm so tired of being left behind Eating dust, pushed and shoved Beaten up and blinded I'm praying for the day when it ends. So goodbye to the sun for now till I come back again when I do, you're the fool I'll"
  • Urban Dub Versus
    "I'm so tired of being left behind Eating dust, pushed and shoved Beaten up and blinded I'm praying for the day when it ends. So goodbye to the sun for now till I come back again when I do, you're the fool I'll"
  • Avail Versus
    "silence, silence all sides raw with indecision without the mind to congregate in fault the line extends to further burden divided friends silence all sides why bother to defy when we still can't unite so"
  • Hamlet Versus
    "Es la historia del gigante Que quera el universo entero Se gastaba su fortuna En dominar ideas y gobiernos Y los que protestaban eran torturados sin piedad y los que negaban ya no estan aqui Sembraba"
  • BIG A (Big_A) Versus
    "Tak często nienawidzę ludzi To defekt drogi pod prąd Tak często nienawidzę ludzi Mimo wszystko oni wciąż lgną Błąd! Wielu widzę, często Wielu poza mną nie ubóstwiam siebie Oni ubóstwiają to co dla mnie"
  • Sulin VERSUS
    "podbije lepiej do moich starszych jak chcesz mnie tu rozliczać z kwitu większą pensje to pizdo mam tu jak skarbówka rozlicza z p-PITu chcesz porównać nasze zarobki jak ty dalej mieszkasz z rodziną nie"
  • 2MAGIC Lato na molo
    "Tu na plaży jest wesoło Fajne laski, bar na molo Jest impreza Jest też las Fajna fura no i hajs Lato, lato Jest gorące Lato, lato Świeci słonce Tu na plaży jest wesoło Tańczę z tobą tu na molo /2x Nastał"
  • Laibach Satanic Versus
  • In Flames Versus terminus
    "When all is said and done We'll know what's right, what's wrong But does it matter then When all is said an done When all is dead and gone We'll know who lost, who won But does it matter then When all"
  • Seven Ender You Versus Everything
    "You Versus Everything You Versus Everything You Versus Everything, But me is agaisnt it agaisnt you and the machine its bad , it sucks I wanna be pucked i'm against it you can put your shoes an leave against"
  • Pathos Uni Versus Universe
    "All that's mine, owned by time My inner void will die, come to an end In the fall of the human race We will kill our god that will descend We wish to be eternal, never see the end Our deeds they are infernal The"
  • Shonen Knife Cobra Versus Mongoose
    "The big fight's gonna start, people gather round Two fighters came from a southern island They are in a cage but they don't move They are only sleeping It's a sunny day Big fight Cobra versus mongoose Big"
  • Michale Graves Earth Versus Spider
    "Fifty tons of black creeping horror Oil in the ditch, a trunk on fire Deep dark cave of secrets Terror, death and thrill The threat that we must face Is getting larger and larger Threat is getting larger We"
  • Aisha Heart Versus Mind
    "Verse 1: I was in love I could feel it And my heart tried to reveal it But my mind said no I told you so When you asked me out I had my doubts Uncertainty You were right for me Were we meant to be Were"
  • Amon Amarth Versus The World
    "One we were scum of the Earth Now we've cleared our names In Nifelheim came rebirth Baptized in Mount Doom's flames A decade now we've fought this war Never yielding from our path Our journeys take us"

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