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We are in it together

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We are in it together

  • We Are Together - Kate Alexa
    "I never thought I'd see the day That we would ever be this way I never thought that it would change. But now I finaly realise That what we had was no disguise When I look into your eyes. But things can"
  • We are together - Home Grown
    "I'm listening to the talking Let my mind stop walking Desire this strong, I can't understand He held her tightly She held him tighter The heavens dance between where they stand All that I have now's a"
  • We Are Together - Indigo Girls
    "The girl's known trouble the wind's to blame it blew her to anytown USA and that's my middle name And where we go remains nameless a motion picture alive and frameless And we are together finally the dog"
  • Are We In This Together - Day26
    "(Verse 1: Qwanell) They say that true love is so hard to find (find) Well I'm gonna take my time And I, ain't gonna rush into something To get left with nothing again That's what I said before Until I"
  • Are we in this together - Day 26
    "They say that true love is so hard to find (find)Well I'm gonna take my timeAnd I, ain't gonna rush into somethingTo get left with nothing againThat's what I said beforeUntil I opened up that doorLet you"
  • Together We Are One - Delta Goodrem
    "Here we are Sharing our lives We made it through The good and bad times And still we stand With hope in our hearts No matter what We will play our part And now we've come so far One chance to touch a star Go"
  • Together We - Clannad
    "Thos cois na tr domh, in ndoimhneacht na h-oche An saol mhor ina gcodhladh, 's mise liom fin Na h-anacha mara ag scairtigh go lanmhar Cosil le h-anamnacha bochta i bpin. Iomln geala 's iomln rabharta Aoibhneas"
  • Together - Beyonce
    "Together, together, together everyone Together, together, come on lets have some fun Together, were there for each other every time Together, together come on lets do this right Here and now its time for"
  • Together - Connie Francis
    "(De Sylva, Brown and Henderson) We strolled the lane together Laughed at the rain together, Sang love's refrain together And we'd both pretend it would never end But one day we cried together Cast love"
  • Together - Kumbia Kings
    ""Together" Baby Power, Roger, come on Together baby Let me get some flavor Kumbia Kings... This is for the ladies Oh yo, baby girl I got to let you know my purpose in this world And them hater chicks They"
  • Together - Day 26
    "You say that true love Is so hard to findWell, I'm gonna take my time And I ain't gonna rush Into something to get left With nothing againThat's what I said before Till I opened up the door Let you in"
  • Together - Downset
    "I'm a let you know, check it Drop your guard, this time I come in peace healing bad blood, seeking foregivness and love, mad hyped to squash all beef and toy fuss, you rather turn your back but I'm asking"
  • Together - Paul Young
    "Its stronger than emotion Than anything Ive known And it walks upon the water The seeds of love are sown The wind may be against us But Im pushing all the way We get a little closer Every single day Together,"
  • Together - Elisa
    "Together, here we are, boy and girl walk alone Together moving like clouds Together billions the soldiers of love in the dark Together till one will see the light All the way alone, alone, alone, alone But"
  • Together - Ella Eyre
    "It's all right (it's all right, all right) Many times it's been all been said and done In the end it's the fight that's just begun Understand that it's days like these When the world is so hard to please It"
  • Together - Mad Skillz
    "Yo, yo, I spit six of rap figures, get your (shit) together Require some (shit) to stitch your lips together My click stick together, mic rip together Move no bricks or I make hits to flip my cheddar No"
  • Together - Phil Joel
    "We searched for shells on the beach We did it every year We'd carry them back home To make the beach feel near If I could take home a tree It would be the center piece Nobody told me that I'd miss you"
  • Together - Trey Songz
    "She got my back (oh) & I got hers (yes) Got me trickin off (oh) Diamonds & Furs (yes) Not the money and the cars All I want is you High heels in the benz color powder blue Baby I'm in love with"
  • Together - LaFee
    "We are faced with Hobsons choiceThey want us to see each other never againThey want to separate us they force us toWeather through this togetherWhat we have is so strongWe wont fly aloneWhat we are, what"
  • Together - Keith Moon
    "Life isn't easy when two are divided And one has decided to bring down the curtain But one thing's for certain There's nothing to keep them together How does it happen that two can be tender And one be"

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