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Where The F Are You Fred Pellichero

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Where The F Are You Fred Pellichero

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Where The F Are You Fred Pellichero
  • Fred Pellichero Where The Fuck Are You (feat. Armando)
    "Yeah, just like that! We're in Miami baby Where The fuck Are You? Lucy shake that boobies Yeah, just like that! fuck all day We fuck all night fuck all day We fuck all night fuck all day We fuck all"
  • Rodney Carrington Fred
    "He once shot a man just for snorin' Got out of bed and shot him dead Well his name was... I didnt know what his name was So we just called him Fred He was ridin' cross a dessert on a horse to another"
  • Rehab Hey Fred
  • Del Amitri Fred partington's daughter
    "I was sittin' in this five star place going nowhere fast When she caught my attention through the bottom of my glass She was a waitress in the hotel above this smoky bar She got up at dawn for breakfast"
  • Lucky Boys Confusion Fred Astaire
    "You can call it anything you want, but the fact remains the same; I never got to be your Fred Astaire. You can lie to yourself and all your friends; pretend that you don't care But circumstance gets in"
  • Ted Nugent Fred Bear
    "There I was back in the wild again. I felt right at home, where I be-long. I had the feeling, coming over me again. Just like it happened so many times be-fore. eh. The Spirit of the Woods is like an old"
  • Sick Of It All Fred Army
    "left. right. left gonna march right out and leave this place left. right. left gonna punch right through what gets in the way left. right. left gonna do whatever we have to do left. right. left gonna march"
  • The Hollies Charlie & Fred
    "He rides on his horse and cart, charlie does.Working from six until nine.Collecting old rags and used bicycles,Old iron of description of any kind.Here comes charlie, charlie the ragman.Throw out your"
  • The Hollies Charlie And Fred
    "He rides on his horse and cart, Charlie does Working from six until nine Collecting old rags and used bicycles Old iron of description of any kind Here comes Charlie, Charlie the Ragman Throw out your"
  • Madness Drip fed Fred
    "We want Freddie for our leaderFreddie is a man of classWe want Freddie for our leaderAll stand and raise your champagne glassGentlemen and assassins and ladies of the nightI call upon you this evening"
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Fred Neil medley
    "Sometimes I think about old Saturday's child And all the happy times, we were running wild I was searching for the dolphins in the sea And sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me And I look back, I"
  • Saves The Day Where Are You
    "Where are you? and where am I? we've been slippin slowly south I guess my tounge is tied to the stary sky tonight Cause im not sure whats goin on I feel the earth quakin beneath me It feels"
  • Days Of The New Where Are You?
    "It's hard to let you go There's more than what you know And if you drift away I'll be there with bells on friend Maybe it's the show Lacking all the journey flow Your message is your rope So climb to"
  • Stephen Lynch Special Fred
    "When I was a boy of 10 I had a very best friend. Fred was kind with good intent But just a little different Oh special Fred Mama dropped him on his head Now hes not so bright instead Hes a little bit"
  • Donna Summer Fred Astaire
    "Romance me...dance me 'til I don't care You haven't lived until you've danced on air Whisper nothings if you dare Won't you please, be my Fred Astaire Everybody up...everybody up Everybody up on the"
  • Nits Frozen Fred
    "This is a story you haven't heard You may not believe it's true What happened to this cat called Frozen Fred Could happen to me and to you Fred had a passion for frozen food And TV dinners too He hated"
  • Glen Phillips Fred Meyers
    "I want to see you sometime Come find me I'll be home I'm just between the Costco And the Barnes and Noble Behind the mom and pop grocery That shut down in the nineties Like all the other locals They smashed"
  • Kill Your Idols Cousin Fred
    "Got my gun, Got my beer lets go out and kill some deer. Me, You and Cousin Fred One of us will come back dead give me a beer hurry up let's get in the pickup truck we ain't got no time to lose gimmie a"
  • Don Williams Where Are You
    "Where is the sun, Where is the day I'm looking for Where is the moon, Where are the stars that shined before Where are you, where are you? Where is the time when hours Were like minutes here before Where"
  • Paffendorf Where Are You
    "Yeah!!! Where are you? Where are you? The next track is for everyone here in the house. Listen. Do it with me. UUHUU (repeat some time) Stop! Hey. Hey. Where are you? Where are you? All"

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