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  • Twisted (ft. Eminem & Yelawolf) - Skylar Grey
    "You sit there stone-faced, as if I'm not here Can't you see that I've been crying? I didn't know you'd be insane Dreams can be so deceiving You're an itch I can't reach, a wound that won't heal The smell"
  • Just The Intro - Yelawolf x Caskey
    "Bitch, it’s in the dump Bitch, it’s in the dump Piled up Gotta keep tat bandana tied up Whip a dirty lambo out the parking lot Graffiti on the seat Because she bleeding I don’t give a fuck I am greedy I"
  • Let's Roll (ft. Kid Rock) - Yelawolf
    "Yeah, I'm throwed off Aint about the money I'ma blow it off I made my own lane, let's roll, lets roll Yeah, I'm going off Aint got a whole lot but I'mma show it off Better recognise game, lets roll, lets"
  • American You - Yelawolf
    "Man you got it all worked out, don't you? Old pair of shoes Never wear your heart on your sleeve cause it don't go with the suit You got a bad, bad woman with a young little pretty face They told you not"
  • Johnny Cash - Yelawolf
    "The windows cracked on the Chevrolet My cigarettes in the ash tray The engines off and the radio's down So nervous my whole body shakes The parking lot's full of people and They ready to see the preacher"
  • Best Friend (ft. Eminem) - Yelawolf
    "Ain't never been much of the church type But I believe in the last days I walk through Hell almost every night But I believe it's a pathway Say boy, what you doin' with your life With those tattoos on"
  • Daylight - Yelawolf
    "Daylight, woah daylight Daylight, is coming again Whiskey, woah whiskey Whiskey, is my only friend Got me a bottle, lookin' out at my El Dorado Smokin' a barro, whip up an egg and avocado I'm on the porch"
  • Unnatural Born Killer - Yelawolf
    "ok, ok, I am pullin that choppa out that driveway the tires leave them my devilish bloodstains steel last night was a close range hit my room is empty in smoke dealin’ with back on whit the concrete drips,"
  • Opie Taylor - Yelawolf
    "well, mama sent me down to the mac BC bottles and bag of tabasco said her boss was an asshole she been on the line just breakkin’ her back through I need a rope whit a lasso to catch a pot of gold and"
  • Lightning - Yelawolf
    "Man look at this shit I know, right? It’s crazy I wish the storm would just blow this motherfucker away Wy you say that? Serious man, i hate this fucking town You know Bobby Needs you at the job, right? Man,"
  • Still Ridin - Yelawolf
    "We still ridin’ still ridin’ still ridin’, still ridin’ Stakes are high but the Chevy’s low We still ridin’ still ridin’ still ridin’, still ridin’ Stakes are high but the Chevy’s low Stakes are high but"
  • Country Rich (ft DJ Paul) - Yelawolf
    "I'm on fire (I'm on fire), from here to Nantucket I stop, drop, roll, I'ma need an ice bucket On fire, smoked-out, cookin' with it Loced out with the spokes poked out, spinnin', on fire Texas concerte"
  • You And Me - Yelawolf
    "Black boots, red cup Brown liquor, no suds Some bad motherfuckers just rolled up Yeah Firecracker, short fuse I pulled the plug out on you like a corkscrew No limit, no curfew Yeah To get everything I"
  • Open (Ft. DJ Paul) - Yelawolf x Caskey
    "She’s so open We’re so open She’s so open We’re so open She’s so open Soon as i pulled out Mane, that think was still open The liquor that’s in my system Got me mspinnin’ and talkin’ venom Walkin’ through"
  • Make Me A Believer - Yelawolf & Shooter Jennings
    "You said I know I get it all, yeah, I bet I don’t believe ya, Alright, yeah, okay now In your mind, you think you can handle it all I wanna see ya, alright, yeah, okay now Set up your target Blame every"
  • Rock & Roll Baby - Yelawolf & Shooter Jennings
    "Ruby red lipstick kiss on the head Sweat a lot of sleep it’s a wet bed Matchbook collection beside the chair (Troublesome) Boy you know daddy only sits there Leather bound bible in the hotel (Midnight) I’ll"
  • black soul - Kartky
    "rewolucja romantyczna pod oknami tańczy zabieram im ten kryształ bo nie lubię tańszych pierd* instytucja znowu wspiera country ja lubi Yelawolf mój kolega F... ze swoim białym wilkiem napierdala szanty ja"
  • #Traplife - KWCREW
    "Zwrotka 1 (WNA) KWcrew na trackach, niech to po Polsce lata - Kapitan Wrona wraca. Moje wizje blackout, moje smuty standard, kwcrew na sztandar, a w delegacji cała nasza banda. Traplife - nie temu że"
  • Boma Yé - Youssoupha
    "Ok, Kinshasa bo moni nga té? Yeah, c'est Prims Parolier, le lyriciste bantou Toujours, toujours, toujours... Bomayé Musik, Céhashi à la prod' C'est les aventures extraordinaires de Bakary Potter Applaudissez,"
  • Raw - Wiz Khalifa
    "Leather on leather nigga, that's raw Take that OG Kush, put it in a RAW Bitch so bad had to hit it raw Ask me how I'm living man, I'm living raw And I'm smoking good when I'm in my car Niggas want beef,"

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