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You see how i am burning

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You see how i am burning

  • Burning - Alcazar
    "Burning, burning Burning, turning Burning, burning Baby you?ve got me burning Got me tossing and turning, turning Baby you?ve got me burning Up until the day we met I was doing fine Now I don?t know how"
  • See You Again - I Am I
    "They say never in a thousand years Do we shed the tears Do we know the price of war Forever and a single day Will it end this way I never ask you for more Didn’t have the words to say Like a child at"
  • Burning Embers - Lou Reed
    "Fly through the glass of a window pane fall through the sky feeling the rain Walk on broken glass your tell-tale heart Look through the bars of a dirty jail cell soar to heaven dive to hell Listen to"
  • I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge - I See Stars
    "I know you didn't mean this As far as I know Dream of me, fear of waking, sense of closeness Goes to show Your looking for love in all the wrong places Seeing empty faces, awkward situations Everything"
  • Burning Embers - Kendall Payne
    "Were we ready, whos to say the answer? Who is ever ready for these things? No one could prepare us for the laughter No one could prepare us for the pain You feel like burning embers You feel like coming"
  • How Am I Supposed To See The Stars - Silje Nergaard
    "I won't disown Those things my heart has sown The blame is mine alone I made this fickle heart my own But how am I supposed to see the stars How am I supposed to see that far I see the cost Of all this"
  • See Me Burning - Motorhead
    "What's the matter, baby What a wicked smile You look like the ghost of Cinderella You look like you'd go a country mile My, my, my, my, you're coming on strong Shoot 'em down, shoot 'em down Gonna burn"
  • Burning - Accept
    "I hear a rock'n'roll guitar, screamin' wild on the radio Well, I know what I like, know and it's right Gotta take me through the night The sound is comin' out, it's breakin' down the doors like an earthquake Explodin'"
  • Burning - Impellitteri
    "Deep in the night I see you stand there Shadows in my mind Closing my eyes The dreams come rushing back And they've got control of me You've taken me by surprise, oh You've got me hypnotized Burning, Burning"
  • Burning - Monrose
    "Big city life, big city night In the middle of cars and lights You came, made everything right With a touch of love Didn't really wanna let you in Took a time to get under my skin Wanna see you again"
  • Burning - Garou
    "I don't think I know you Don't think I ever will Am I in love with you? Well I don't know still It may sound strange but I'm warning you I may not be that nice Maybe, baby I'm a heartbreaker heartbreaker Heart"
  • Burning - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) When I look at you I melt like a candle You light a fire in me What am I to do I just hope I can handle The heat and the smoke blinding me This feeling, this fire This burning desire Is"
  • Burning - Mia Martina
    "Im burning, burning, burning, burning just like a fire im burning, burning, burning, buring, for you tonight fill me up, fill me up, fill me up, your love is like a drug your love is like a drug your love"
  • Burning - Sam Smith
    "Burning I've been burning Yes, I've been burning Such a burden This flame on my chest No insurance to pay for the damage Yeah, I've been burning up since you left I've been smoking, oh More than"
  • Burning - Frameless
    "I know things change in the minute youre far away Dont you know Im scared, Cause we live in a time, when only profit rules the world, The evils unfurled The sunrise and the rain are searching for some"
  • Burning - Finley Quaye
    "Remove that attitude I'm in love with you I don't care who knows about us If all the world could see what you do with me I'm sure we'd have many blessings Everyday my heart is with you Because we cannot"
  • Burning - Sky
    "Written By: Antoine Sicotte / Anastasia Friedman What you want I do not have And what you fear nevertheless You're now way in too deep What is true I make believe, and then I'm blind to see You're falling"
  • That's How Smooth I Am - Lord Finesse
    ""Chilllllllll" "cause I'm so smooth" "I make the girls strip naked and just give it here" I'm a player for the 90's, I can show and prove it When it comes to girls, I'm on some crazy old smooth"
  • How Will I See You - Goodshirt
    "there is a forest in your eyes over the trees we'll fly and fly ''how will I see you how will I see you now?'' all in a floating summers eve I'll be a floating summers breeze ''how will I see you how"
  • See how i miss you - Bruce Cockburn
    "Rays of the moon make magic in the streets of the city all the people get strange but their faces look so pretty the walking graffiti; survivalist bums; even the secret police shout that you're the one"

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