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a poem

  • Poem - Taproot
    "Overbearing panic attack entrenching my veins in an hour I'll be ok I pray this pain will go away permanently someday I've seen more than... I should have to... I've seen this on my own this song is a,"
  • Poem - Wishing Chair
    "Why I became a drummer Late spring     Still light Sent to bed     School night My parents in the kitchen Screaming Quilt tent     Flashlight I read     They fight Huckleberry Finn I can still hear them When"
  • Poem - Polarkreis 18
    "The tourists are on a train the tourists are on a train so far away so far away theyll never be silent theyre always anoune they travel and travel they want to come home I just try every time to strangle"
  • Poem - Bif Naked
    "Second guessing count your blessings look what I've become! Sit and wallow thank god I swallow gosh what have I done? Baby Jane puttin' blame on every man she meets. Stop being a victim, just delete them"
  • Poem - Fiona Apple
    "(Recited before performing Sleep To Dream) "When the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king What he knows throws the blows when he goes to the fight And he'll win the whole thing before he enters"
  • Poem - Robbie Williams
    "Hello sir, remember me? I'm the man you thought I'd never be. The boy who you reduced to tears, The lad called "thingy" for six whole years. Yeah that's right, my names bob, The one who landed the popstars"
  • Poem - Magic Dirt
    "I've been living inside this cardboard box down the end of the street that you live in I've been living inside this cardboard box down the end of the street that you live in And I don't wanna see you cry"
  • A Poem - Kari Amirian
    "I've been staring up at the sky Spotting a place I could hide in Without a reason or rhyme I found your eyes looking at me Now you're lying here beside me And you feel my beating heart Love's a poem,"
  • A Poem - By Heart
    "Carefully I listen To the sweetest poem of all times I secretly adore you And lick your feet for one more perfect rhyme Now it's time to show, show my gratefulness To you, you the inspiration I have waited"
  • Poe Poe - Xiu Xiu
    "Take your parents credit cards Buy a bunch of crap that you don't need And will never ever use Your mom and dad are out of town And they trust you implicitly A rubber chicken for the mail man Is"
  • Mark's poem - Blink 182
    "This is a poem to myselfi dont care about the riches bitches or wealthi dont need a thing but friends we hang together till the endi dont know why but some times i want to diebut then i realize that this"
  • Poem (Taproot) - Disturbed
    "Overbearing panic attack entrenching my veinsIn an hour i'll be okI pray this pain will go away permanently somedayI've seen more than...I should have to...I've seen this on my ownThis song is a,Poem to"
  • J Poem - Sesame Street
    "Today I wrote a poem And I put it in my book It's about a certain letter That's shaped sort of like a hook It's a very special letter And I like it quite a lot The big one has a line on top The small one"
  • No Poem - Inara George
    "You're no poem, Once you open your mouth. I never like what you say. A carnation, To cover your lips. When you speak I fall away. The exceptions, Are few in between. I spend time just trying to forget,"
  • Hair Poem - George Carlin
    "I'm aware some stare at my hair. In fact, to be fair, Some really despair of my hair. But I don't care, Cause they're not aware, Nor are they devonaire. In fact, they're just square. They see hair down"
  • The Poem - Visions Of Atlantis
    "I'm sitting here in an empty room, I'm writing a poem now to you, It's time to think about what we had. And when the sun is going down, All my feelings come around, I'm so sorry, cause you're dead. If"
  • Winter's Poem - Leaves' Eyes
    "One million crystals on the outside of my window, One single thought, a thought of missing you. But only one word from within me Describes the thought without of you. Ice feathers on my window Reveal"
  • Deja's Poem - Blackstreet
    "How a True Friend Feels.... Support of the mind, body and soul. The flower of the root that will never grow old. Love is something special; a wonder treasure to find. You can't touch it, smell it Priceless"
  • Tone Poem - Midnight Oil
    "like a heat wave breaking as you smell warm rain we can fade away or start over again in a high five season in a cut-price land the southern cross don't shine on that invisible hand where will you live"
  • Season Poem - Gregory And The Hawk
    "one by one the days fall beside us like yellow leaves we have no conscience oh, what we're becoming... month by month the rings on our tree trunks like old wise eyes grow wider and winter lends them a"

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