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  • Parker - Automatic Loveletter
    "I was your fire once You thought of me as your one true love I got so mad and said things that later I would Regret and regret and regret Holding onto my chest and pounding till it turns purple A breaking"
  • Parker - Psapp
    "A witch hunt A sip of cream A hot tempered bleeding queen I sit away from you Can't tell you what to do You make my seasons You make my black bells chime And I can't help it I want to make you mine I"
  • Alex - Dżem
    "Byłaś w moim śnie, ubrana w sukienkę z mgły, Wszystko jak dawniej a jednak inaczej, w oczach łzy i lęk. Nie powiedziałem ani słowa, kiedy tak blisko obok siebie Widziałem miłość i rozpacz, a moje"
  • FLY Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Intro Am C (twice) (C) Am C As you look into an invisible landscape Dm7 C and the waves of time part behind your back "
  • Dorothy Parker - Prince
    "Dorothy was a waitress on the promenade She worked the night shift Dishwater blonde, tall and fine She got a lot of tips Well, earlier I'd been talkin' stuff In a violent room Fighting with lovers past I"
  • Georgie Parker - Anthony Hamilton
    "Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm Mmmmm, mmmmm, yeah OOooohh Their used to be a little old boy Riding round their home from school yea ****Kinda frail didnt think much of himself, noo He used to see the petty His mothers"
  • Harper & Parker - Edna's Goldfish
    "One day and a longer time Sixteen, kids, and a boring life A midnight look set us up for this fall Autumn nights meant nothing at all Meant nothing at all Will you be my lifelong starter? Will you be"
  • Ms. Parker - Timbaland & Magoo
    "B-Silk in the house! Hello! Hello who is this? This is Ms. Parker Hey how are you doing baby? I'm doing fine baby how you feelin? Ohh it's all jam good what the deal? I wanna hear, I wanna hear that new"
  • Ms. Parker - Timbaland
    "B-Silk in the house! Hello! Hello who is this? This is Ms. Parker Hey how are you doing baby? I'm doing fine baby how you feelin? Ohh it's all jam good what the deal? I wanna hear, I wanna hear that new"
  • Ivy Parker - Boy Kill Boy
    "Waking to the same sound This friend of mine This morning it seems to me I'm wasting my time So this fight has just begun This war she says that I'm scared, of scared of I try to keep quiet I try to"
  • Parker posey - The Car Is On Fire
    "Well I can go to hell if you go But I can't teach you something I don't know There's a lotta things I don't understand But with you beside me holding my hand There is one thing I'm sure of It's you I love Anything"
  • Smart Alex - The Adicts
    "I'm Jack, Jack the lad I'm a nasty habit I'm the joker in the pack I'm the prize exhibit Alex they call him Alex Smart boy Alex They call him Alex I'm a dreamer, I'm a dream I'm a fantasy addict I'm"
  • Jolie Jolie Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Intro: A Bm A Bm A Bm A Bm G A There's no remedy G A I just keep yearning for the sound of your voice G A I"
  • STRONG WINDS Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Intro G D C G G G D Have you seen her run through the wild things D C C D Dropping behind her the child's"
  • Wrapping Paper - Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Pre>intro e / emaj7 / amaj7 / b / e E 022100 emaj7 021100 amaj7 002120 Asus2 002200 b 004440 E emaj7amaj7 asus2 Ive broken your glass, called someone a dirty name E asus2 b Made a nuisance"
  • BEAN COUNTER - Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Pre>in answer to the question about the groove this song is based on here Is a rough version. Im not sure if its right nor not. its possibly Ive made It (the chorus especially) needlessly over-complicated."
  • MILK TRAIN Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Am Dm7 G You know your mamma's good lookin' you're gonna eat a lot of her cookin' Am Dm7 F Sweet potato"
  • Alex Again - Caulfields
    "Caulfields Whirligig Alex Again (John Faye/Mike Simpson) Alex got her name because her father wished her born a son A fancy name for a flighty girl Now flight of fancy runs amok on everyone Daddy took"
  • Alex Chilton - Patty Griffin
    "If he was from VenusWould he feed us with a spoon?If he was from Mars,Wouldn't that be cool?Standing right on campusWould he stamp us in a file?Hangin' down in Memphis all the whileChildren by the millionSing"
  • Alex Chilton - The Replacements
    "If he was from Venus, would he feed us with a spoon? If he was from Mars, wouldn't that be cool? Standing right on campus, would he stamp us in a file? Hangin' down in Memphis all the while. Children"

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