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  • Amber Gold - Ustronsky
    "Ene, due, rabe, e.. Kto dziś ciebie okraść chce? Może sąsiad, może rząd/ Może firma Amber Gold? Amber Gold /8x Komu dziś zaufać chcesz? Gdzie śniadanie jutro zjesz? Może Paryż lub New York? Może nie"
  • Amber - 311
    "Brainstorm, Take me away from the norm I got to tell you something This phenomenon I had to put it in a song And it goes like Whoa, amber is the color of your energy Whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally You"
  • Amber - Afro Celt Sound System
    "Bfhearr liom bheith ag scriobh/ I would rather write Mar gheall ar solas an lae / About the nature and character of daylight Na behith ag cur sios / Than to describe Ar miant mo chroi / The yearnings"
  • Amber Gold (feat. Avi, EMAS) - Pezet
    "mówili mi ze do niczego nie dojdę bo nie jestem prymus i zrobili by ze mnie niedojdę gdyby nie Ursynów Już nie wychodzę pod blok Underdog w drodze na top Już nie wychodzę na tym na minus Laski mówią o"
  • Amber - Southside
    "Ok ok let settle down now...ok... now this one is for the ladies out there Chorus 1 Amber is the girl I love Amber is the girl of my dreams Amber she is the only one for me Amber she is the only one for"
  • Amber - Dir En Grey
    "We're in hell under control of him == Roma-ji == Koharubiyori no kaze wa myakuutsu izunda oto de kuzureta risou kowareta mirai ore ni wa mou... Motto kimi to itai kedo motto soba ni itai"
  • Amber - Closterkeller
    "Deep in the woods there lies a gem Frozen past with a shape inside Her struggling hands were stilled halfway They won't shield the astonished eyes Now past scars swarm in soughs As night billows with the"
  • Amber - Stick To Your Guns
    "Her name is amber She has eyes like her mother She's beautiful and bright the whole worlds in front of her She has a smile that could end a war Yet no one wants her and she has nothing to care for Shes"
  • Amber - America
    "The boy cried out Gaily on the ground At the joy Of something he had found Aw, come on children, get your heads back together Aw, come on children, get your heads back together Aw, come on children,"
  • Amber - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "remember the time i couldn't speak everybody heard the pin didn't drop it came and crashed down then there was the time i couldn't walk everybody laughed so entertaining was this breakdown turn"
  • Amber (feat. Beteo) - Peja (Slums Attack)
    "ona chce się wciąż bawić ona chce tylko pić i ćpać jak mam się przy niej naprawić i kim przy niej jest taki gość jak ja ona lubi zaszaleć tylko ten balet wariackie dni nie chce nikogo na stałe wcięła"
  • Amber Jean - Neil Young
    "Every morning got sun to shine Every day got plenty of time Every night there's a moon so fine There for you, my Amber Jean. Still some lines that should get crossed Still some coins that might be tossed Still"
  • Orange amber - The Vines
    "Orange amber in the sunShinin' til the day is doneI remember long agoStandin' in that orange worldHow did the time Just slip away?I'd do anything to make it stayOrange amber in the sunShinin' til the day"
  • Amber Girl - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Yes I want you to I want you to be mine To be Fall through seven seas One suck you can't deny For me Shed ballast tears my dear For you my Amber Girl Or set you on fire Be mine or not I die for you Sweet"
  • Amber Starlight - Renard
    "Amber starlight Break away the day and bring to me the night If I should rest before this ends Break the clouds, make them turn to sand Amber starlight Break away the day and bring to me the night If"
  • Amber Awaits - Blues Traveler
    "Well I guess it bothers me Because I can't convince her of a thing I can't talk my way I can't even sing And it builds into this quest Until I come to rest at last And admit I couldn't tell I could only"
  • Amber Rain - Coil
    "Amber rain is beautiful but wrong Caught between weak and being strong It seems these days the weaker ones survive What an awful way to find out you're alive A dull warm red water falls Flowing down to"
  • Amber Star - Ashes You Leave
    "I bleed for you, amber star At the gates of dawn I will bleed again until pale death Takes me into its hands And I am left on my own The moon bleeds with me None has what one wants The sun never crowned"
  • Amber Waves - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Scarlet's Walk Amber Waves Well he lit you uplike Amber Waves in his movie showHe fixed you up real goodtill I don't know you anymorefrom Ballet Class to a Lap DanceStraight to videoAnd the pool"
  • Amber Valleta - Dynamite Hack
    "well there's 22 shades of amber valletta and there's 30 things she can do to you if you let her she's daring in chanel feline in versace and fairy-like in john galliano i don't know and there's 30 things"

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