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anathema uniyersal

  • Anathema - Anathema
    "It gave us a purpose, sometimes It gave us a reason, and a rhyme Looking for meaning in song Such inner searching, so long So long But we laughed And we cried And we fought And we tried And we failed But"
  • Anathema - Himsa
    "Come close to the unfamiliar warmth Coy gesture To paralyze Beloved Covetous Stuns the brute with uninvited praise The troubled times The tear aways Disconnected But forever demanding Cataclysm The"
  • Anathema - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "You will never know what's behind my skull So won't you say good night, so I can say goodbye? You will never know what's under my hair So won't you say good night, so I can say goodbye? You will never"
  • Sleepless (Anathema) - Cradle of Filth
    "And I often sigh I often wonder why I'm still here and I still cry And I often cry I often spill a tear Over those not here But still they are so near Please ease my burden And I still remember A"
  • Balsamic And Anathema - Cradle of Filth
    ""No human power can stop the will of heaven from being asserted." Worming through the mark Of Ezekiel and Mark Through the chapters of Honorius Gilles, as in a trance Screwed the pages up and danced Courting"
  • Anathema, czyli moje obsesje - Abraxas
    "Na spieczonej ziemi, u podnóża gór. Święte słowa budzą strach. Filozofia milczy, Pytam siebie sam Komu teraz bije dzwon? Zapętlone ciała, anatema drwi. Obsesyjnie szukam drzwi. Zakurzone skrypty chaos"
  • And i lust - Anathema
    "Wandering aimlessly through dead filled fields Rewards are just. who knows what absence yields? By the golden beauty of dusk and the sun low in our sky By the haunting shadows of trees and graves, mesmerised"
  • Are you there - Anathema
    "Are you there? is it wonderful to know all the ghosts... all the ghosts... freak my selfish out my mind is happy need to learn to let it go I know you'd do no harm to me But since you've been gone I've"
  • Cries on the wind - Anathema
    "Reaching out...How things look different on the way downDisillusioned, I've lost desireWill I burn in the unforgiving fireFrom the flames, I walk awayI've found a way to erase the painAn empty bottle,"
  • Eternity part I - Anathema
    "As I turn away from a life so grey Where have all the flowers gone? Just what went wrong? innocence, insanity, irony Stone cold reality Oh lord come and save me Do you think we're forever? I've been in"
  • One last goodbye - Anathema
    "How I needed you How I bleed now you're gone In my dreams I can see you But I awake so alone I know you didn't want to leave Your heart yearned to stay But the strength I always loved in you Finally gave"
  • Radiance - Anathema
    "Inside...The dark is fading awayI don't want to be alone anymoreInside...The light of dawn is here once moreThe light...Darkness is slipping awayOf dawn...I don't want to be aloneIs here...Won't you stay?Not"
  • Sleepless - Anathema
    "And I often sighI often wonder whyI'm still here and I still cryAnd I often cryI often spill a tearOver those not hereBut still they are so nearPlease ease my burdenAnd I still rememberA memory and I weepIn"
  • Under a veil - Anathema
    "With loving passion, oh your radiance A serenade I cry Your silk lined coffin the lachrymatory To hold a mourner's tears Ethereal splendour Pale skin and down cast eyes Scent of paradise Like her, forever"
  • Panic - Anathema
    "You know you ain't going nowhere you're stuck inside while the mind is flying you said you'd help me in the morning twisting on pins into my eyes and we driving on the ceiling below you facin' up the walls"
  • A Fine Day To Exit - Anathema
    "Long way from home Nowhere to go What made the river so cold? The sweat of thoughts Trickle down my brow Soaking and stinging my eye You've got to face it head on So you can turn this thing around 'cause"
  • Temporary Peace - Anathema
    "Deep inside the silence staring out upon the sea the waves are washing over half forgotten memory Deep within the moment laughter floats upon the breeze rising and falling dying down within me and"
  • Harmonium - Anathema
    "feel free to comprehend what I see will never end it can't be now that life is gone its too real to overcome it's too real it's too real it's too real and these days my hands are tied these days"
  • Balance - Anathema
    "glad to see your wide awake this is the great escape from a life that tried to mould you and the lie it sold you what would you do? what wouldn't you do? what would you do? what wouldn't you do?"
  • Closer - Anathema
    "your dream world is a very scary place your dream world is a very scary place your dream world is a very scary place to be trapped in your dream world is a very scary place your dream world is a very"

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