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anybody stop me

  • Anybody - Grits
    "Anybody... Right now my heart is so heavy I cry tears until I'm empty I feel so alone, don't you hear me? Say...I gotta break these chains I gotta break these chains anybody out there, anybody on the"
  • Anybody - One.Be.Lo
    "(Intro One.Be.Lo) {*Beatboxing*} Aight, I'm ready How y'all doin out there? What's goin on? Yo, check this out (Verse 1) November 7th, 1976, now that's life Believe I was born to rock a mic (believe"
  • Anybody - Jesse McCartney
    "She left me hangin' by a thread again I stood there waiting like a fool for her I never dreamed that I'd be in this place But here I am all alone It's not the first time that she's walked away Changed"
  • Anybody - Pat McGee Band
    "Confused and abused by, never saw the day Tearin' yourself apart now, you know you won't stay All right, oh yeah, never meant to stay Rejected and repsected for all that you know You bring it on yourself"
  • Anybody - Brandy
    "I didn't want to have to say this to you It's not that I don't love you I just can't be explaining to everyone why you hurt me That's why I want to keep us between you and me You'd understand if you were"
  • Anybody - J Church
    "She's an anybody, She'll be anybody's anything, She says "Anything with anyone Must surely be OK." She says she wants to have a good time, I'm somehow skeptical, Her leopard print winter coat, Is buttoned"
  • Anybody - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "feat. C-Murder, E-40 Tytanic, let's wake 'em up, ya heard? Yeah, it's real out here Killa block notch, wit' the ODB NYC, CP-3, nigga, what? Let me ask you a question What do you think about the game now?"
  • Stop - Before Four
    "Staring in the flame of a candel light Will it burn here still tomorrow? Watchin' all the people tryin' pass me by me Wanna warn them what's to follow What's it gonna take for you in to believe? How many"
  • Anybody Can Get It - E-40
    "When a motherfucker walk up in the club, I mean I mean And a nigga be 70 deep But if a nigga let his motherfuckin scrotum hang over his shoulder And come up and do a WALK-BY on your bitch-ass It's nay-thun Don't"
  • Anybody - Everybody - Scaterd Few
    "Somebody's on their knees Somebody needs a refill Somebody's aiming to please Can't seem to manage the free will Anybody holding the keys Anybody looking for cheap thrills Anybody's easy to tease When"
  • Anybody There - Andrea Corr
    "I get up late Make my way Down the stairs Move into the kitchen I drink tea Read the mail Feel the cold Find myself a sweater Could there be Anybody there Anybody there to love me Now you're gone Get"
  • Ask Anybody - Swirl 360
    "Who is the girl Who's got the morning in her eyes Who is the one It should come to no surprise Ask anybody in the world (Ask anybody in the world) Ask anybody and it's you Without a doubt Ask anybody"
  • Does Anybody - Amy Pearson
    "I couldn't come closer, I couldn't let go, didn't wanna get over you, don't wanna know what what I know, and god and known angels, stead of facing the truth, theres dust on my shadow, and I to afraid to"
  • Does Anybody? - Amy Pearson
    "I couldn't come closer, I couldn't let go, didn't wanna get over you, don't wanna know what what I know, and god and known angels, stead of facing the truth, there?s dust on my shadow, and I to afraid"
  • Anybody Else - Teen Idols
    "Nothing I've ever done could measure up to you Nothing you've ever done could keep me from you So I think I'll try a little harder now Try to keep my life from burning up with doubt I kill myself Every"
  • Anybody Else - Godhead
    "See me dead before you take my mind I can make you understand I have tried to help them Tried to speak Wasted effort makes me weak And I want a breakdown So I can be unbound I want to be anybody else"
  • Anybody There - The Script
    "My head is saying no But my heart keeps giving in So hard to let it go When it's there under my skin Well if this is the face of a sinner And if heaven was only for winners Well I don't care - 'Cause"
  • Ask Anybody - Christine McVie
    "Christine Mcvie Christine Mcvie Ask Anybody Written by christine mcvie and steve winwood. He's a devil and an angel Ooh the combination's driving me wild Drives me wild He's a saint and he's a sinner Ooh"
  • Anybody Home - Brainpool
    "ERNIE: So you wanted life to be like in the magazines? A pretty girl with the thinnest waist you've ever seen Don't you know you've got skin like Orange Peel? Could be time for you to wake up from your"
  • Anybody Hello - Serra Eric
    ""Since you are gone, I am a ghost wandering on the iceland" I haven't met you mother, anyone hello We haven't come together, anybody hello I wanna hear you mother, anyone hello Whatever is the answer,"

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