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ase me eleni foureira

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ase me eleni foureira

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ase me eleni foureira
  • Katinguel? Eleni
    "Nas curvas do horizonte imenso Na superfcie azul do mar Avisto ao longo da praia teu olhar sereno Um sorriso de marfim, emoldurado só pra mim Uma pele cor de jambo beleza sem fim Eleni voc mexeu com a"
  • Eleni Foureira Fuego
    "take a dive into my eyes the eyes of lioness feel the power they ain;t ying a little look a little touch you know the power od silence yes, keep it up keeu it up I was looking for some high hig higs till"
  • Eleni Foureira YAYO
    "i am falling without a warning I am falling I keep on calling want you to know I can’t let you go listen when I say o your love is my yayo you’re supposed to be mine but still I feel I am on the side what"
  • Eleni Foureira Temperatura
    "Ella ella Eleni Foureira Tempera, tempera, temperatura"
  • Martinho Da Vila Ass
    "O que vou fazer com o meu corao insano? Humano tambm pode ser tirano Eu j lhe cortejei demais E sem lhe possuir, amei O assdio que voc faz T me deixando to perdido O que posso fazer na vida Pra"
  • Sakis Rouvas Ase me na figo
    "Ase me na figo, na figo, na figoAse me na figo na sothoAse me na figo, na figo, na figoPlai su den kani pia na zoSan ton Ikaro thelo ta ftera muN' anikso, na figo n' apogiothoMakria na petakso, na riskaroNa"
  • Aventura Papi Me Ase Llorar
    "Alo.. papi tu me dijiste que me venias a buscar que paso!!!?? mio es mi papi, mi papi es el mejor casi siempre la nia en la escuela lo dice en altavoz ella es la reina, su unica inspiracion su padre la"
  • Hellyeah Alcohaulin' Ass
    "A little bit of sunshine a little bit of booze a little bit of me and a little bit of you a little bit country a little bit of blues a slice of heaven and a little piece of you...come on alcohaulin' ass pour"
  • Zizi Possi Asa Morena
    "Me faz pequena, asa morena, Me alivia a dor, Aliviando a dor que mata Me faz ser teu amor. Me faz pequena, asa morena, Me alivia a dor, Aliviando a dor que mata Me faz ser teu amor. Me toma no crescer"
  • Prince Wonderful Ass
    "I'm talkin' about that ass (2 sexy in here, yeah) (The Revolution will be heard!) {x2} U're so wonderful {x4} U've got a wonderful ass U don't understand my quirky ways Girl, U've got a wonderful ass U"
  • Jagged Edge Ass Hypnotic
    "Yeah 581 JE A-Town East Side to be exact Ass hypnotic She got it so she flaunt it Ass hypnotic She got it so she flaunt it I love to make her mine but she play these mind games with me Ass hypnotic She"
  • Warrior Soul Ass-Kickin'
    "I come bangin' through the bedroom door I been runnin' with a two-bit whore Behavior is bad but I'm out of sight Suckin' on a bottle and I'm ready to fight I'm just ass-kickin' rock and roll No one's"
  • Pharoahe Monch The Ass
    "(feat. Apani) Fuck it I shagged her, without the use of dissolve Viagra Had her comin like Niagara Falls when I bagged her on the cellular my genitalia pitched the pelvis Uh-huh, when her hips gyrate"
  • KMFDM Kickin' Ass
    "You know I like everything about you, The way your talking is quite exciting, Keep me up when I hide on my face, The way I'm eating its a social disgrace, I wanna a lot of this loving feeling, The way"
  • Dingus Kissing Ass
    "Kissing ass: a skill developed patiently and yet a necessary trait to get the job sucking up until lips are chapped and mouth is dry self-esteem will slow you down I'd counterfeit to make you happy, you're"
  • Grand Theft Audio Stoopid Ass
    "It's a new dawn now Got a real cold shadow to greet me It's a safe fake smile Makes it all worth while believe me I gotta new plan now Gonna use this hour to kill you Don't look so sour I'm pleased to"
  • Canibus Broke Ass
    "Yo I done been from Jersey to Brooklyn Done been through Queens where the crooks hang Done been on tour doing group thangs 'Cause I'm always tasting that pootang Really love it when a girl got a cute name Got"
  • B.G. Dog Ass
    "B.G. Chopper City In The Ghetto Dog Ass (b.g.) Ohh man, you fuck that girl friend Verse 1: (juvenile) Girl look at you, with you big fine a$$ What you need to do is let a nigga get behind that I'm find"
  • Korn Ass Itch
    "I hate writing shit, it is so stupid What's my problem today? Maybe I'm depressed, Maybe I'm not listening to what comes out my pen Pain. . .Pain. . .Pain. . . I hate writing shit, it is so stupid"
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Ass Shaker
    "I remember a year ago I was standing in the crowd waiting for my chance to break through, my chance to live again. Now it seems I've found some friends who finally understand what it takes to make"

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