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badit qeen'

  • Home in summer - Archive
    "Heal down to meI've rested with youI've spend always timeTime with my brothersLove for my sisterNow I'm fineAnd I wanna come homeThese been some tearsMany fears about the wayThe way that you loveThe pain"
  • Hurt so bad - Linda Ronstadt
    "I know youDon't know what I'm going throughStanding here looking at youWell let me tell you that it hurts so badIt makes me feel so sadIt makes me hurt so bad to see you againLike needles and pinsPeople"
  • Pin-Up - Lil' Kim
    "INTRO Hang Me Up Verse 1 Hey My Girlfreinds Want To Go Out You Bettta Not Pout I'll Scream And Shout Babe I'm Over Here You Should Notice Me Hook-Up And 18 Why Are You Cheating On Me CHORUS I'm A Pin-Up"
  • That was us - Alexz Johnson
    "I tried to changeTried everythingLike headlights in the rainDrifting back againSomewhere out there gathered in the dustSometimes I can't remember that was usThe stars divideOur worlds collideSurrounded"
  • Dog faced boy - Phish
    "I cant spare a moment for the dog faced boyI wont lend another hand to theworm girl of HanoiDont deplete my oxygen for the guy whos turning blueBut ask me, and Ill do anything for youWhenever I think of"
  • Louise - Linda Ronstadt
    "Well they all said Louise was not half badIt was written on the walls and window shadesAnd how she'd act a little girlA deceiver, don't believe her, that's her tradeSometimes a bottle of perfumeFlowers"
  • Breaking up - Quindon Tarver
    "Do Not Think It Hurts Me BadIt Doesn't Hurt Me NoneIt Does Not Mean AnythingI'm Fondling This Gun.And I Don't Hurt That BadAnd I Don't Miss YouI Don't Eat AloneWishing I Was Eating With Two.It's Like a"
  • All My Own - Spring Heeled Jack USA
    "No one is gonna bank on my life When you call in the rest to be there You wouldn't even say that you'd wanna be alive It was so different in this world They didn't fight For unity They didn't have to"
  • Hands down Gandhi - The Legion Of Doom
    "(SF)On my soap box yelling into megaphones.Killing hard rocks using carcasses as stepping stones.Had to promise that I'd stop holding my marchesThe day that Chris Columbus got crucified on golden arches.My"

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