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baldi s field trip

  • Field Trip - Squirtgun
    "Hey Lolly, it's a french toast breakfast We're slidin' like a firehouse sundown Feels like I oughta scream some chrome songs Get as brittle as an eight track stone sound Like a farmer on a never wilt"
  • Battle Field - Gorilla Zoe ft. Block & Big Gee
    "My Life's A Battle Field You Can Catch Me On The Front Line My Life's A Battle Field On The Grind Ducking One-Time My Life's A Battle Field One False And You'll Die I Don't Care How You Feel You Don't"
  • Field Nigga Boogie - Public Enemy
    "Take it back to the days when we raised us up 'Fore coward-ass rap made the game corrupt P-Dog in the cut back to bring the pain Puttin wood on they ass can't stand the rain And bring heat over beats,"
  • Mystery Trip - Rage
    "Once again I fell sleep Drowned in a deadlike state, far too deep There she came, in my dreams Showed me places I never had seen But I don't remember anything It's just that I've seen everything"
  • Trip Poem - Sense Field
    "it stood out more than any other you took me by surprise to lead me on you lead me on take a picture it lasts longer lay my soul to rest upon the stairway that leads me on to you tied up in"
  • Vylet (Trip II) - Arakain
    "Nervy ti jedou tep do finie lpne nech do votek kola mozku rozjet V, a ti sepnou tah zvit zaphne jde na zatek zlat cesty dalek Na nebe vznst se jak eroplnem nechat jen ru blou Pt si jak s panem Vernem tisce"
  • S - NOFX
    "I went to the airport, but I missed my flight I had to get out of this town tonight Then a lady in black caught my attention I couldn't figure out what was her intention She told me about a flight that"
  • Field Nigga Boogie (XLR8R Remix) - Public Enemy
    "(feat. Immortal Technique, Paris) Take it back to the days when we raised us up 'Fore coward-ass rap made the game corrupt P-Dog in the cut back to bring the pain Puttin wood on they ass can't stand"
  • Take A Litte Trip - Minnie Riperton
    "(S. Wonder) Take a little trip through your mind and explore it Take another trip on a magic carpet ride Take a little trip through your mind and explore it Take a closer look at the you you're tryin'"
  • Trip - The Echoing Green
    "You may find when things start to come apart and you've not time to hold on to what you've got that sometimes life can be so unkind It's not time to step down from where you are 'Cause you've got"
  • TRIP - Menago
    "ja chce lecieć z tobą w trip z tobą zawsze wszystko git nieważne jaki będzie kwit - ogarniemy ja chce lecie z tobą w świat korzystajmy z młodych lat na końcu świat razem tak zostaniemy ja chce lecieć z"
  • Trip - Union Underground
    "Hey I'm a selfish servant low They lied a fear and loathing A chosen one it's so undone Load your gun the damage done Never me they will fail to see I will get so high that I trip with jesus Apathy and"
  • Trip - West Indian Girl
    "Alone on a hill in the summer time You could dial your mind & Listen to thoughts made young & pure Moments never lived til we forgive A part of ourselves we could never be Alone for hours, centuries waiting"
  • Trip - Parokya Ni Edgar
    "I dito sa shaolin house nauubos ang pera ko saking kakaorder ng, bola bola't asado kahit anong flavor pusa man o aso basta't siopao na special it's so very special Chorus: Ito ang trip, ito ang gusto"
  • Trip - Ella Mai
    "i put my feelings on safety so I don’t go shootin’ where your heart be cause yoou take the bullet tryna save me then I’m left to deal with making you bleed and that’s a whole lotta love ain’t tryna waste"
  • Trip - RAMP
    "I, I rom through everywhere I, I've quitted stop taking care Cause I, I've used up all my strenght From life I'm gone into this dawn Trying just to keep on hanging on Tied walking through this night So"
  • Trip - Dannii Minogue
    "Just another day, on another train Always need to see you (aah) Hurry up again, gotta get away But I don't wanna leave you Come blow this place, you'd better chase For hotter kissing Hop on board,"
  • Trip - Harem Scarem
    "Hey there shut the door on your way out Cause this is getting shameful And I feel I don't know my name and number I was standing there with my two cents And now I'll never get to spend it Cause it seems"
  • Trip - Bliss 66
    "I see you start to trip to the 13th floor it's runnin through your veins but you still want more lookin' for the wings that can make you fly you wanna hold the world and kiss the sky well hey hey hey.. well"
  • Trip - Big Kenny
    "What if hell is just a place down below Then tell me why should I go When I could just go back to California Just go back to California And if heaven is just a place up in the sky Then tell me why"

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