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band of horses monsters

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band of horses monsters

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band of horses monsters
  • Band Of Horses Monsters
    "A tree for all these problems they can find you for the moment then for all past efforts there buried deep beneath your heart and somewhere in your stomach and hey, transform all others when aweful people"
  • Modest Mouse 3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters
    "It's the big show tongue tip tied to the roof of my mouth bad naughty little angels come rushin' out. I guess you guessed that I"d catch hell. I just caught a cold but now I'm feelin well. I don't know"
  • Modest Mouse 3 Inch horses, 2 faced monsters
    "It's the big show tongue tip tied to the roof of my mouth bad naughty littleangels come rushin' out.I don't know but I been told you never die and you never grow old.I guess you guessed that I"d catch"
  • Monster Monster
    "In the beginning everything was silence You could hardly hear a sound But suddenly you hear a noise that's coming You decide to check it out You can't believe in what your eyes are seeing You can't believe"
  • Soul Coughing Horses
    "(M. Doughty) 14,000 times a second The speaker moons Magnitism pushes the impulse through But I can't keep that speed I can't generate that frequency What the sound pressure level means Wants to randomize"
  • Abby Dobson Horses
    "If I told you a secret Would you understand? Could you promise that youd keep it? Keep it in your hand I dont know Where we go from here We keep spinning round in circles Are we going nowhere?"
  • Sodastream Horses
    "Said you didn't need no horses on the ground no satellite to trace his little head i stopped for a drink then i left without a sound but the stories they followed me someone stole the right words to try"
  • Gemma Hayes Horses
    "Help is not needed for my back troubleYou drag out of me some messed up coloursYeahI own all of my own voicesI own all of my own voicesIt doesnt matter who you are, this is itTheres a simple life the moment"
  • Blue Monsters
    "Keep goin getting higherNew worlds waiting in the skyEscape the feasting and the hungerNot the monsters in our mindsGot our hands on a shipAnd stole away into the nightThe four of us and pasha dearShe"
  • Mad Marge And The Stonecutters Monsters
    "Dangerous faces of a thousand swords Who all those had been killed in glory. All I know is what I see Is what I thought was make believe. All I know is when I get home Monsters hiding under the bed. Glowing"
  • Matchbook Romance Monsters
    "Girl, what's come between you and me? Look right through me. I'll let it go into your pants I can't help this feeling any more I won't go anywhere Maybe you'll see me Ohhhh... Yeah We are We are the shaken We"
  • Gothminister Monsters
    ""Why do you believe in monsters?" We have been locked up in this evil house It is where you live with your wicked monsters We are the prisoners of death and decay It is where you live, but your dreams"
  • Funeral For A Friend Monsters
    "Scattered seeds and breaking storms Won't make a decent lie for you Naked and with every breath you climb the stairs Step by step and I don't need this And I don't need to be saved Five steps away from"
  • V Shape Mind Monsters
    "Is nothing sacred in these parasitic ways Perhaps it's just another way to make you feel like you belong I stand accused of all your insecurities Somehow your smoke and your mirrors cannot hide the envy"
  • Ari Hest Monsters
    "At the midnight hour you can feel the minutes fade Licking wounds from yesterday, bracing for tomorrow's stage I create these monsters, seems like every way I can It's never my intention, but somehow it"
  • Ghoti Hook Monsters
    "I'm walking through the forest tonight, And I feel a lot of shame. I feel the breeze, it's blowing tonight, And it blows my shame away. It blows it all away. I hear the monsters, they're screaming tonight. They're"
  • Sons And Daughters Monsters
    "Where did you come from? What have we started? Maybe I call you a liar Held in command Taken by hand Mistaking the words on the wire Take me down again Pull me down again Take me down and then a a a a"
  • Before The Dawn Monsters
    "4am I'm still awake Before the dawn the Sandman will come with nightmares I won't let him in There's nothing in head Empty walls, empty bed I am just waiting Restless beats of heart and breathing break"
  • Sarah McLachlan MONSTERS
    "When we were young there were always creatures lurking under the bed A thousand year old dragon lived deep in the lake and he said don’t be afraid So you dove in He seemed so sweet and lovely he made"
  • Back One Out Monsters
    "Another slaughter subdues oriental population; It's told, due to a bomb; nineteen for now. International board has decided to decline its fault. How many questions can a man have as regards what it's true?! Trying"

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