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because i live you babe i live you

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because i live you babe i live you

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because i live you babe i live you
  • Jesse McCartney Because You Live
    "Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart It's the end of the world in my mind Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call I've been looking for the answer Somewhere I couldn't see that it was right"
  • Jesse McCartney Because You Live (Deutsch)
    "Starre mit schwerem Herz raus in den Regen Das ist das Ende der Welt in meinem Kopf Dann zieht mich deine Stimme zurck Wie ein Aufweckruf Ich habe nach der Antwort gesucht Irgendwo Ich konnte nicht sehen"
  • Celine Dion Because You Loved Me (Live)
    "For all those times you stood by me For all the truth that you made me see For all the joy you brought to my life For all the wrong that you made right For every dream you made come true For all the love"
  • Normal Like You Can I Live?
    "sometimes you don't know where you are until you're there and it's too late it's too late to find a better way the time's escape so let's not lie the stars are brighter on the other side tonight the clock"
  • X-Ray Spex I Live Off You (Live)
    "I live off you And you live of me And the whole world Lives off of everybodySee we gotta be exploited See we gotta be exploited Be somebody be somebody Be somebody The cat eats the rat While the pimp"
  • Chynna Phillips I Live For You
    "You touch my hand, I live for you Because you're eyes they understand, I live for you Come to me, Lay your body down, I wont deny you, anything Look at me, I feel so different now, You're the one i cry"
  • White Skull Because I
    "In every time the "big law" has ruled And man wasn't so strong... I think he was not Uhh is it my mission a choice ? From the wooden chair beside my window I only see that the million dollars man spent Hadn't"
  • Charley Pride I Live You
    "I don't just love you I live you where I'm concerned nothing comes before you If I had ten lifetimes every one I'd give you No I don't just love you no I don't just love you I live you Every moment with"
  • Uriah Heep I Want You Babe
    "Oh, I want you babe I want you all to myself And now and then I'm gonna hold you Tell you that I'm gonna love you Come with me and I will show you In a while I'll get to know you Oh, you know I needed"
  • Anything Box Because
    "Because you're afraid, You live in the darkness. Because you?re alone, You think no one hears You. but I?m still alive. And I?m not afraid. I?m still alive, and I?m here to listen... To anything you say,"
  • Demis Roussos Because
    "BECAUSE Because I love you more than words could ever say. I can live again with no regrets of dreams that died before you came. Because I know this time this love is really mine. I can love again and"
  • Zug Izland Live
    "Clear out your mind Look to your past and see what you can find Stole soul afraid Of the prophets perfect picture falls away Is this the life that we choose to live Or is this the life that has been giving Now"
  • Joe Cocker I Will Live For You
    "Selfishness always in my way The fuse and the give Just lost you yesterday And living for myself You opened up the hard way kid You showed me what truth is And how to give I will live for you I want to"
  • Lenny Kravitz Live
    "Gettin' it straight in 98 y'all Tired of all the talk they're talkin' all over this town I'm tired of all the negativity that's going 'round We focus all our energy on things that bring us down Let's"
  • Krystal Meyers Live
    "Another sinking sun And I am filled with worry With every morning comes Uncharted territory Am I too young and restless To live the way the fearless do? I think it's time I start to... Live Unafraid of"
  • Bad Company I Can't Live Without You
    "The first time you deceived me, it nearly broke my heart What hurts me most was I'm the last to know So lately I've been thinking, thinking 'bout you I know deep in my heart you had to go Last night when"
  • Crush Live
    "People say I'm crazy I'm starting to believe them I'll throw it all away for something I don't know I haven't lived my life yet Start to live my life right now and I need a way of achieving and I got a"
  • Bliss 66 Live
    "Got my feet on the ground Ain't it funny that your're not around Got my head in the clouds I can feel it, I'm coming down I remember the way we were I remember every word When I think about what might've"
  • Dr. Dooom Live
    "South Bronx, New York (evil laughter) Chorus: x3 Is it live, live, live, live, live (evil laughter) Verse one: I heard your CD is wack wasn't fucking impressed Who's the nigga with the big mouth I live"
  • SS501 Live!
    "jirijiri to hansha kaesu konkuriito me mo kuramu kurutta you na Sunshine suzushige na koukyuu sha o yokome ni chikatetsu o mezasu tsumiage te kuzushi te ha tsun de najima nai machi nami jen ga mae no"

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