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  • Fair To Midland Beto II
    "Reach. go on. Hands don't match, Go and find the bars that make us hunger, Maybe with knots and uniforms, And if i may add, Well i've got a big gun, And i know just who i'm gonna use it on, Maybe it'll"
  • China Drum God Bets
    "China Drum Miscellaneous God Bets Sprinkle patterns in your daydreams, the world seems so much brighter You've only seen them once or twice but you wonder what's inside them Your dream could come true,"
  • Babyshambles La Belle Et La Bete
    "I'll tell you a story but you won't listen It's about a nightmare steeped in tradition It's the story of a coked-up pansy Who spends his nights in flights of fancy Met two fellas over Gin and mixers They"
  • Nerina Pallot All Bets Are Off
    "All bets are off Lay your cards on the table Draw down the moon All bets are off 'Cause I know you're not able And everything will be ending soon I don't speak, I don't feel 'Cause I know that it's over But"
  • Waterdown Gentlemen, Place Your Bets
    "rational mind says it's for faint my senses tell me it is not that same old game, the rules have changed but somehow it remains the same i play for highscore this can't be all that has changed this"
  • Transition Placing Bets On Tomorrow
    "Stay awake for one more night, I'll pretend that I'm okay, Everyone says I'll be alright. But I'm dreaming of things bigger than you know, would it hurt for me to make it? Would it hurt for you"
  • Martinho Da Vila Beto Navalha
    "Beto Navalha, sujeito malvado Muito respeitado Aonde morava L na Matriz a vida por um triz Vida que eu falo fora de expresso Pois no se vive direito Com ódio no peito e armas na mo E entra ano e sai ano E"
  • Amaral Te Necesito(Beto Cuevas-Amaral)
    "Cómo quieres que me aclare? Si an soy demasiado joven para entender lo que siento Pero no para jurarle al mismsimo ngel negro que si rompe la distancia que ahora mismo nos separa volver para adorarle, le"
  • Beto Cuevas Are You Sorry?
    "Let's go! Precious woman from tomorrow Are you sorry 'cause you'll love me? Could this tune ease down your anger? Are you sorry 'cause you'll love me once? Will you take revenge on my back? Are you gonna"
  • Bryan Ferry Bete noire
    "I know you - inside me Like poison like wine Now theres no sense in falling Say youll be mine Give me the world around you Give me the time Only a dream without you Say youll be mine Ive got - inside me"
  • Burning Heads Pense Bete
    "it's on the fridge, not in my head, 20 second memory, my name and age, in case i forget, in case i forget. it's written on my hand, a few words to recall, it's lost in my head, where's my home?"
  • Stabilizer Place Your Bets
    "I feel it closing I feel the hands grip I feel you slowly waiting for me to slip But I won't give you Just what you're looking for Let it out, I know that you're dissapointed Get it out, I know that you're"
  • Brooke Fraser Love Is Waiting
    "In the autumn on the ground, between the traffic and the ordinary sounds I am thinking signs and seasons while a north wind blows through I watch as lovers pass me by Walking stories - whos and hows and"
  • Das EFX Here It Is
    "Yeah, here it is do it like this comin' from the sewer yeah you know we never miss.. here it is back up in the scene, here to make the green and niggaz out there know just what I mean I ride the beat"
  • Kotiteollisuus Is
    "Thtien alla, jossain helvetin rannalla taistelee elostansa, kitukasvujen mies ei virkaa olla tll, ei mitn tekemist Piru istuu olkapll, ohjaillen menemist (Chorus) Kun pirun viulu soi Is, poika ja paha"
  • Kaija Koo Is
    "Is, mulla pullopostia ois. Voitko hakea mut tlt pois? Sammui valot karttapallon. Ja ooh, is, jd en voi en, rntgenkatseisiin toisten. Vieraalla maalla olen aivan alaston. Tnn, kun koitin soittaa, vain kuulin"
  • Kotiteollisuus Is
    "Ei armoa vain ankaruutta vihaa ilman rakkautta halla vie hyvn sadon penni on alku perikadon rakkautesi hihassamme roikkuu piikkin lihassamme on kai Piru merrassa jossain ylkerrassa Jumalamme alasti ratsastaa"
  • Tarujen Saari Is
    "Neito kaunis niityll kerran kohtas nuoren ritarin Leiskui lempens hetken verran se kest ei, ties' kumpikin Sanoi is neidolle viimein aikas menn on naimisiin Miksi meill on niin kova kiire, kenet minulle"
  • Kumikameli Is
    "Hahmo synkk nousee suosta ylln paita rautainen kdessns ruoska julma ruoska kolmihaarainen Astuu esiin usvasta tuonen hanhi harteillaan rautapaita tahriutuu kun hanhi niskaan paskantaa Anna piiskaa... Joku"
  • Azad Ich Bete Zu Dir
    "Gott ich bete zu dir, leg mein Leben in deine Hand Mit der Kraft die du mir verleihst schwindet meine Angst Ich knie vor dir und danke deine Gnade Du bist herrscher dieser Welt, das ist keine Frage Nur"

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