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birdy skin

  • Skin - Kirsty McGee
    "and with my fingers trace the fine bones of your hand the hollow where your fingers meet at night i hold you to my heart as though your fragile bones might break and with my tongue i taste the salt"
  • Bird - Tristania
    "A friendly push Off the cliff - is all I need A sudden change Or a smile Could make me feel alive, Anything to take the ignorance away There is a hole in my chest where my heart used to be If you're looking"
  • Only Skin - Joanna Newsom
    "And there was a booming above you that night, black airplanes flew over the sea. And they were lowing and shifting like beached whales, shelled snails as you strained and you squinted to see the retreat"
  • Birdy - 22 Pistepirkko
    "here comes my darling saying hello you hey why you look so worried whats so wrong with you I felt something evil lying in my room it makes me really scared dont you feel it too I know, it dont really matter does"
  • Sleepin' Bird - Herman Brood
    "SLEEPIN' BIRD He took off with the wild keys in the early mornin' grey ridin' the desert for a million miles a day & there ain't no barricades anymore between the mountains & the very floor Dark spot"
  • Wounded bird - Black Crowes
    "Off the tracks lost the railTrying to squeeze a little blood out a rusty nailWhen you're thirsty, thirstyBehind your eyes you feel the burnAs your down hill ride takes a solid turn from the lonely, lonelyNow"
  • Immortal Bird - Current 93
    "what drives us on? what drives us on? i left something of myself in you fourscore, twenty, thirty in your body and in your flesh in your vault of skin i was nothing for you but the shadow of another love that"
  • Slip Your Skin - Primal Scream
    "(feat. Martina Topley-Bird) Bobby Gillespie: You are like the sun, you're burning blind I can see the magic in your eyes I'm blown away ... wind No sense of gravity I spin Bobby Gillespie & Martina:"
  • Cold Chicken Skin - Black
    "Shirts all torn and Im lame If I try to smile (it) hurts my face All I hear is complaint but who left this mess on my plate? Oh I will fade away onwatch my hair turn grey on cold chicken skin and dog tail"
  • My skin is - Andrew Bird
    "My skin isWhite as parchmentDrier than a downtown office buildingWhere the air is tightThere's time spentResting on her bonesWaiting for the telephone to ringBa-ring ba-ring ba-ring . . .Bo-ring bo-ring"
  • Skin Is, My - Andrew Bird
    "my skin is white as parchment drier than a downtown office building where the air is tight there's time spent resting on her bones waiting for the telephone to ring ba-ring ba-ring ba-ring . . . bo-ring"
  • Skin - Sesame Street
    "Skin! Covered all over with beautiful skin Skin! Covered all over from ankle to chin Lovely skin on kneeses and noses and ev'rywhere Skin on tummies and toeses and under your hair it's even there Oh skin! Wonderful"
  • Skin - Silence
    "I read your skin It's like a book of lust It is my bible Yeah, in skin we trust My private landscape Full of lovely sights Sweetest depressions and addictive heights Drawn by your skin Every night I am"
  • Skin - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Mink, seal and ermine smother fat women I have a noble cause for skin -- there's just too many of them The only necessary coat -- carries a brain inside its skull Just a bitch in the manger to the balances"
  • Skin - Maja Hyży (MAYA)
    ""Skin" - to piosenka z którą Maja Hyży zakwalifikowała się na listę 10 wykonawców, którzy będą rywalizowali o prawo reprezentowania Polski podczas 63. Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji."
  • Skin - Sabrina Carpenter
    "Maybe we could have been friends If i met you in another life maybe then we could pretend Theres no gravity in the worfds we write Maybe you dodn’t mea nit Maybe blode was the only rhyme the only rhyme want"
  • Skin - Unheilig
    "I've wished it a thousand times I've been all that you want I've seen things through your eyes Distinguished right from wrong You caress me Tell me that you love me like a storm Words are tender But they'll"
  • Skin - Madonna
    "Do I know you from somewhere? Why do you leave me wanting more? Why do all the things I say Sound like the stupid things I've said before? Kiss me, I'm dying Put your hand on my skin I close my eyes I"
  • Skin - Assemblage 23
    "Identity sometimes seems fleeting An ever-changing tapestry But at it's heart is the foundation The very essence of our being Shed your skin Cast off your chains Feel the sun upon your face for once And"
  • Skin - Silver
    "I know you told me not to ask where you have been I know you told me not to try To understand the way you live your life at night But don't you see you make me cry So now I've left you I know it broke"

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