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  • Blessing - FictionJunction YUUKA
    "kiss me, my angel bless me and my heart kiss me, my angel bless me and my heart sing me, my angel bless, me, my sorrow kiss me, my angel {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized"
  • The Blessing - John Waller
    "Let it be said of us While we walked among the living. Let it be said of us By the ones we leave behind. Let it be said of us That we lived to be a blessing for life. Let it be said of us That we gave"
  • Blessing, Honour - Rebecca St. James
    "Words and Music by Geoff Bullock, David Deidy Chorus Blessing, honour, Glory to the Lamb, Holy, Righteous, Worthy is the Lamb, Blessing, honour, Glory to the Lamb, Holy, Righteous, Worthy is the"
  • Blessing Wind - Bill Miller
    "There's a dangerous journey You'll have to make Be careful what you carry Be careful what you take Blow on Blessing Wind Blow on Blessing Wind There's a path through the wilderness You'll have to find Those"
  • The blessing - Celtic Woman
    "In the morning when you rise,I bless the sun, I bless the skies,I bless your lips, I bless your eyes,My blessing goes with you. In the night-time when you sleep,Oh, I bless you, while a watch I keep,As"
  • Mixed blessing - Al Stewart
    "She never learned her lesson She had to have it all It was a real mixed blessing I don't believe she saw She liked to keep them guessing Sometime later on She'd gather her possessions and be gone When"
  • The Blessing - Slowmotion Apocalypse
    "Choked by the pressure Inside this glass cage I can't breathe Trapped like an animal Developing sickness I can't just wait for my defeat I am trying to escape from a slow decease Again I feel the thorns"
  • Jah Blessing - Sizzla
    "Yea if you know not love and practice not love then you know We gonna do to extension so this one is from the Black Royal Nation Blessed Do I n I sing with the vibes for the injured and the tongue"
  • The Blessing - Majesty
    "Out of the ancient ruins emerged chaos It shattered the earth with venom - pure and evil The signs of fate hung heavy as blood in the sky While the Lord Of The Damned was reborn Five guardians were dispatched"
  • Blessing It - Nujabes
    "Each one, teach one we free each one Maryland and Cincinatti to the far east son And we just begun to spread the gospel Substantial, Pase Rock, hip hop apostles Far from preachin with this art you call"
  • Blessing Shukufuku - Ayaka Hirahara
    "Kodoku na toki hodo dareka wo kanjite Ikite yuku tsuyosa wo sasaeru dareka wo Kawatte yuku mono kawara nai koto Shinjiru kimochi ni sunao de itai Anata wo aishite jibun no you ni Ubau koto mo ubawareru"
  • Necrosophic Blessing - Legion Of The Damned
    "Night side perspective Hidden during the day When darkness has set in The time has come to prey Prowling in the night Culling is the game The cards have been dealt In this lethal game Eternal cosmic cycle Of"
  • Blessing In Disguise - Bryan Adams
    "Are you lonely - are you crying, Are those teardrops in your eyes, Is it more blues - is it bad news, Is it a curse, or a blessing in disguise? Did you leave him - do you love him, Have you said your"
  • Blessing In Disguise - Gutterball
    "rain falls on my window rain floods through my house bad luck comes like a tired reprise and I'm waiting for a blessing in disguise what's the use in praying when you don't know what you want I'll play"
  • Blessing In Disguise - Seven Mary Three
    "Everything's a blessing in disguise You wear yours I'll wear mine Everything's a blessing in disguise Falling to rise The vanishing me is aching to be something you need Thin?BR>Thin as a strand She"
  • Blessing In Disguise - Edguy
    "Living in a screenplay She had never read the end And no one else is to see it The pain of abrasions Covered with a smile No one is to look underneath In a lonesome night she ran away In quest for light"
  • 7:God's Blessing - Trin-I-Tee 5
    "Yeah, yeah I'm not here for you to hurt me To take my joy and receive your pain I will not stand and be disrespected And have you call me out my name Don't take my heart And tear it apart (Chorus) For"
  • Blessing in disguise - Kris Kristofferson
    "Well, I guess you know You took me by surprise When you told me that you'd broken all the rules And the future felt as empty as your eyes When I realized how far I was from you. But they tell me that the"
  • Blessing in disguise - Susan Ashton
    "In the deep of the dark you fell in as the heart Of your world went down in flames To a cauldron of pain. Seeing no way out And as you walked through the fire, losing even desire It was like a dying swan"
  • Blessing To Jah - Gentleman
    "My eyes behold the blessings of Jah I've told the message oh Jah To set Jah children free from captivity My eyes behold the blessings of Jah I've told the message oh Jah To set Jah children free Shiloh: Why"

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