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bocoran buat pk 888 malam in buat ekor 03 maret 2020


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bocoran buat pk 888 malam in buat ekor 03 maret 2020

  • Buat Kekasihku - Sahanaya Ruth
    "Indah hadirmu kujelang tanpa keraguan Walau apapun terjadi Bukan halangan Itu ucapan perasaan hati yang terdalam Kasih senyummu goreskan sejuta kenangan Sungguh kautelah merebut seluruh hatiku Hingga ku"
  • Kado Kecil Buat Istri - Ebiet G. Ade
    "{{Song||Ebiet G. Ade|star=Green}} :Istriku, dengar, dengarlah :dekaplah aku, dekaplah :Aku sangat mencintaimu ho.. :Mari kita buang duka :Istriku, coba bayangkan :anak kita yang bakal lahir :Kita"
  • Titip Rindu Buat Ayah - Ebiet G. Ade
    "Di matamu masih tersimpan selaksa peristiwa Benturan dan hempasan terpahat di keningmu Kau nampak tua dan lelah, keringat mengucur deras namun kau tetap tabah hm... Meski nafasmu kadang tersengal memikul"
  • Nyanyian Pendek Buat Anak Manis Berambut Panjang - Ebiet G. Ade
    ":Mestinya aku gembira :banyak gadis yang memandangku :Ada yang cantik dan ada yang manis :Ada yang lincah, ada pula yang diam :Semua menjanjikan kasih sayang :Mestinya aku tertawa :bila mereka bercanda"
  • Sunshine 888 - Crazy Ken Band
    "Walking in the Sunshine Purin purin no Hip Line CHIRA mi Fureta totan ni yubi no hara ni biribiri Aa hachigatsu no umi wa KURAGE ga ujauja Kanden Shock wave riku de umi de Kubisuji kara warui ase ga"
  • 2020 - Fisz Emade Tworzywo
    "Nie będę płakał Wycierał smarka w chusteczki Nie będę stał na baczność Tylko będę tańczył sambę Bo to czarna samba Bez odznaczeń, bez fanfar Choć część z nas ma w płucach sajgon A w mózgu tatar Inni chodza"
  • 888 - El Kapuczino
    "Zlewam się z powietrzem jak smok, kiedy robie ruchy Blokuje stres by odlecieć stąd, kiedy robię ruchy Ruchy, ruchy, kiedy robię ruchy ruchy ruchy ×2 Wbijam się na kartel i zabieram sobue paczkę zabieram"
  • Databile 03 - Ape
    "Rit Le mani su uagliù Morgante e cardiobradi questo è il run the who Trilamda phillebagass Rinascenza crew In alto quelle mani se ne vuoi di più E tu ne vuoi di più Apeman distante da ogni tua tipica logica Solida"
  • Boops 03 - Fya
    "(F-yyyyyyyy-a) - sung in the background throughout whole song.. (F-yyyyy-a) (F-yyyyy-a) Three fya gal dem wanna know about us let me tell u something how we damn georgeous check out wi body how we sexoulous"
  • Fuck 2020 - Steel Panther
    "Stupid fucking dude out in Wuhan Ate a fucking bat Didn’t wash his hands And gave the plague To the rest of the planet If you didn’t have time to fry the damn thing Nuke it the microwave Fuck 2020 2020"
  • Monsoon 2020 - Tokio Hotel
    "I'm staring at a broken door There's nothing left here anymore My room is cold It's making me insane I've been waiting here so long But now the moment seems to have come I see the dark clouds coming up"
  • Summer 2020 - Jhene Aiko
    "And it feel like sometimes i cry Cuz i feel so good to be alive And there’s not a doubt inside my mind That you’re still here Right here by my side I can’t wrap my head around what’s happening I can’t"
  • Offline P.K. - Pinback
    "The shock was fast Shock, fast The shock was fast Blown cover. Break. Fix. Dead computer. Up to speed and then rewinding Up another grade. I'm testing all circuits to see if they all work I'm throwing"
  • '03 Bonnie Clyde - Jay-Z
    "Uhh uhh uhh. You ready B? Let's go get 'em.. Look for me! Young, B Cruisin down the westside - high, way Doing what we like to do - our, way Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason all of my dates"
  • 03 Rap Up - Mad Skillz
    "We got a burner Doc! Yeah, uh, yeah, y'all know what it is, uh Its Skillz We back uh I mean y'all asked for it, so I had to do it again knowhatimsayin? Yeah, '03, let's go Yo, its the S-K-I to them Double-L-Z"
  • 07/03/47 - Steel Prophet
    "Its not hard to fathom that we've been deceived By those in power who deal in greed Intelligent beings unable to breed Hold technological secrets for humanities need Sleeping victims this planet in slumber Unaware"
  • Murder kill 03 - Q Strange
    "Brand New For 2003 That Murderous Shit Murda Murda Murda, Kill Kill Kill I'm Q-Strange, they say I'm quite ill I'm a basket case, I'm sure your path is demented All this anger inside needs to be vented"
  • Branded & Exiled '03 - Running Wild
    "Red hot iron heated by living coal Ready for branding to strike his goal The torrid cast iron marks the leather To banish the renegade from now on forever Many relocated all across the land Together we've"
  • Boner Jamz '03 - Averman
    "There's a strange tension in the air, or maybe it's just me. Maybe you don't see me and I'm going crazy. I'm trying my best not to be like him, but I can't blame him for always wanting to know how you"
  • White Wooden Houses (4:03) - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "Now you can't believe it's gonna be your way the years went by it seems you won't get nowhere you ask for a way out you are at a loss and you would better run away to hide your face in a crowd you don't"

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