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bocoran buat pk 888.tgl 14

  • Buat Kekasihku - Sahanaya Ruth
    "Indah hadirmu kujelang tanpa keraguan Walau apapun terjadi Bukan halangan Itu ucapan perasaan hati yang terdalam Kasih senyummu goreskan sejuta kenangan Sungguh kautelah merebut seluruh hatiku Hingga ku"
  • 14 - Paula Cole
    "Your eyes, they conjure up those cliffs of Moher Far away I'm not listening anymore Dreaming of life on another shore Not here, not now with me the bore So I stopped talking and fade to bleak Feeling"
  • 14 - Hawk Nelson
    "The sun goes down and then she slips away You get so lonely after dark If only we could relive yesterday Tomorrow always seems so far Ooo-ooo-ooo-oo x 6 The end is near so much is left to say The world"
  • 14 - Tankcsapda
    "Nem volt mg tizenngy, de n mr szrtam, Ahogy az injekciósok tje szrja a vnt, Fekdtem n is a fldn, flkbultan, Ahogy rszeg dm keresi betpett vt. Nem volt mg tizenngy, de mr alig vrta, Hogy lekerljn róla"
  • 14 - Nag
    "Tata robi muzę mama pisze teksty Zobaczymy kto w tym kraju będzie najlepszy Klip na zachodzie ale kurwa co to dało Mnie to nie brało innych też nie Na całe zło lek ja wolę stek Choćby bzdur daję wam sznur Żydowskie"
  • 888 - El Kapuczino
    "Zlewam się z powietrzem jak smok, kiedy robie ruchy Blokuje stres by odlecieć stąd, kiedy robię ruchy Ruchy, ruchy, kiedy robię ruchy ruchy ruchy ×2 Wbijam się na kartel i zabieram sobue paczkę zabieram"
  • Kado Kecil Buat Istri - Ebiet G. Ade
    "{{Song||Ebiet G. Ade|star=Green}} :Istriku, dengar, dengarlah :dekaplah aku, dekaplah :Aku sangat mencintaimu ho.. :Mari kita buang duka :Istriku, coba bayangkan :anak kita yang bakal lahir :Kita"
  • Titip Rindu Buat Ayah - Ebiet G. Ade
    "Di matamu masih tersimpan selaksa peristiwa Benturan dan hempasan terpahat di keningmu Kau nampak tua dan lelah, keringat mengucur deras namun kau tetap tabah hm... Meski nafasmu kadang tersengal memikul"
  • 14 Maj - Carola
    "Det gick fr fort fr att se, dom kom och tog henne medDet var den 14 majOch varfr vet inte jag, hon skulle gift sig idagDet var den 14 majDet var vl inte s bra, hon missa sin brllopsdagSom var den 14 majN'nting"
  • 14 Forever - Stars
    "Ten thousand drunken kids in a field can't be wrong The song must be beautiful or they wouldn't sing along And if sometimes the kids all seem a little sad, it's 'cause they're saying goodbye to the youth"
  • 14 Years - Guns N' Roses
    "I try and feel the sunshine You bring the rain You try and hold me down With your complaints You cry and moan and complain You whine an tear Up to my neck in sorrow The touch you bring You just don't step"
  • 14-41 - New End Original
    "14 to 41 Start blind, end up dumb You're 16, You're 23, you're 32, you're 41.... 14 to 41 Start blind, end up dumb You're 16, You're 23, you're 32, you're 41.... Gonna leave it all behind and not"
  • 14 Angels - Information Society
    "When at night I go to sleep 14 angels watch do keep Two my head are guarding Two my feet are guiding Two to whom 'tis given To guide my steps To heaven To guide me When at dawn my eyes do wake 14"
  • Scene 14 - Park
    "14 good-byes keeps the night alive exit standing the music's ending from on and on a storyboard sending sings in key asleep I'm watching from that window Come up from the ground I need to notice that your"
  • 14 Angels - Abby Travis
    "When at night I go to sleep 14 stars outside I leap Still my eyes are closing Feel my body's frozen Safe till dawn I'm singing When I wake I'm dreaming Love will sunshine over us while We step outside"
  • 14 Hours - Face To Face
    "14 hours to go And the waiting's almost done When I get back home You're going to be the only one Staring at the lights or staring at the sun Everyday another fight or ill to overcome Another day"
  • 14 F - Nolwenn Leroy
    "Il y a des jours Des jours o les dieux vous oublient, O certains souvenirs vous psent Des jours qu'il ne faudrait pas vivre, O mettre entre parenthses, juste un jour, que j'ai ray Pour toujours 14 fvrier Il"
  • 14 Arms - Crash Kings
    "You can't say you'll start a revolution Just because you're six feet into your head And I won't lie, I'm singing evolution But 14 arms will execute the point that I stress But there won't be anything Compared"
  • 14 Anos - Nara Le?o
    "Intro: G G A7 D7 G7+ D7 G7+ Tinha eu 14 anos de idade quando meu pai me chamou Dm7 G7 Perguntou-me se eu queria estudar filosofia "
  • 9:14 - Justincase
    "It was 9:14 on a Monday night when I Sat alone on the couch and tried not to Think about all the things to come tried to Put behind the bad things I'd done Every day for two weeks before I Sat alone on"

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