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  • Indo Love - H-Town
    "What's up babyy? you ready for this? R. Kelly talkin' bout bump and grind. jodeci talkn' bout fiendin'. Silk talkin' bout locin' control. but I'm' talkin' bout yo bidy hot as indo. I got you soaked,"
  • Indo Pra Goiania - Gino E Geno
    "T rindo toa, t achando bom demais Corao t parecendo a apital de Gois Cheio de mulher bonita, loira, morena e mulata Corao calma no peito, desse jeito oc me mata Arruma tudo, v se no esquece nada Eu t"
  • Intro to indo - Snoop Dogg
    "But really you don't know what you gettin into you can't see the gangster in me Uh, God Damn... Thats some of the sticky icky icky icky Oh Wee Ya ya, wassup niggaz and niggets, This is Dr. Dre, Hey"
  • Pull - Better Than Ezra
    "You come walking like somebody's lover You come talking like somebody's friend You won't be here if I were unable We both want the same thing Pull Pull We both want the same thing Pull Pull We both want"
  • Pull - Sketch
    "I put all of who I am into who I thought you were All my trust misplaced into you And you make me feel pathetic everyday But I can't pull away from Could never pull away from Pull Away from you I am Its"
  • Pull - Allrise
    "Better watch your step I'm coming closer Do what you got to do Better take a breath I'm just a friend And you got some boyfriend too It's about that time I'm crossing that line Between her and me Who knows"
  • Pull - Flybanger
    "If I took your mind and slowly replaced it with you what's in my head, you'd see right through lending all your thoughts so touching my fears and beliefs on breaking I'd need some truths Send me down"
  • Pull - Blind Melon
    "Pull you down nowKnees knelt, I got my arms open wideI got the shades turned, so the colors dieNo, don't hold too tight to the reelCause it's a big one boyIts' gonna pull you down nowPull you down nowNo,"
  • Pull - Media Lab
    "I know, you know How I feel deep inside I feel you pulling me down I wish you'd decide Pull me down You keep pulling me down You keep holding me down I feel your breath Its pushing on me I wait here bleeding"
  • Pull - Candiria
    "CHAPTER ONE television the means of worldwide infection a gesture of illicit excursions relentless no sign of the defenses staggering militant advertising raping deep with the gift of persuasion an act"

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