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  • Brian - Brian Wilson
    "All my life I've been runnin' scared Feelin' shut out, no one cared Not my mother, not my brother Crazy beatings by my father A-ooh a-ooh Music's been my saving grace Been my ticket to a better place Brought"
  • Brian - Blind Guardian
    "[2:41] When the sky is burning, see the Moon falling down. On your right is lightning. See the war in the sky. Remember Brian, when it's time. Remember Brian. All our empty heads discover"
  • Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson
    "Drove downtown in the rain, Nine-thirty on a Tuesday night, Just to check out the late night, Record shop. Call it impulsive, Call it complusive, Call it insanne. But when I'm surrounded I just can't,"
  • Brian song - Monty Python
    "Brian, the babe they called brian,He grew, he grew, and grew,Grew up to be, grew up to be,A boy called brian. a boy called brian,He had arms, and legs, and hands, and feet,The boy, whose name was brian.And"
  • Brian Boru - Alan Stivell
    "Marv Brian Boru 'rein buhez 'n Iwerzhon Dihan e Bro-Ulad ha ba ker Dulenn Undedan tiegezhn unded an dud-man Unded ar Gelted hag an douar Maraiodh Brian Boru chun beatha nna heireann Siochain in gcuige"
  • Brian Wallows - Family Guy
    "Lois in blue Brian in red Brian, your standards are ridiculously high. You will never find a girl unless you're willing to make exceptions, And compromise so you can find your love. Lois, I don't"
  • Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies
    "Drove downtown in the rain nine-thirty on a Tuesday night, just to check out the late-night record shop. Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane; but when I'm surrounded I just can't stop. It's"
  • Basic Brian - James
    "Rain, rain's floating down again Surround your mind Soft cloud, take me around again On your rain My dreams tell me everything Surprise around Call out your name I need help again For all love brigade What"
  • Brian & Robert - Phish
    "If you're just staring at your walls Observing echoing footfalls From tenants wandering distant halls Then this one is for you If children playing all around To you is noise not pleasant sound And you'd"
  • Liquid Brian - Skew Siskin
    "Climb the mountains of foreign land Tears of Allah fall in the sand Heaven above us, fools all around No one can stop us from touching the ground DIP MY BRAIN INTO THE WATER LIQUID EYES LOOK TO THE SKY HEAVEN"
  • Brian Joo - Fly To The Sky
    "Oh neul hah roo uh ddaet nah yo gwaen chah naht nah yo Uh jae neun nuh moo neu juh suh juhn hwah hahl soo up ssuht jjyo Gwaen shi ri soo hwah gil deu ruht ddah ddoh nwaht ddah geu ruh kae bahm eul Ji sae"
  • Brian The Vampire - Xiu Xiu
    "Brian, tender kisses run run run is my wish for you Brian, tender drops of blood run run run I'm thinking of you how far does your brother go with you? Brian, tender growing boy stay stay stay awake is"
  • Brian Wilson (Live) - Barenaked Ladies
    "Drove downtown in the rain, nine thirty on a Tuesday night Just to check out the late night record shop Call it impulsive, call me compulsive, call it insane But when I'm surrounded, just can't stop It's"
  • Burn Brian Burn - Ash
    "[(Wheeler) - To the music of Burn Baby Burn, about Westlife] You're all there is in this teenage popshite Your greasy hair and beady eyes But through all your songs and the meaty pies We have never been"
  • Brian Wilson Said - Tears For Fears
    "My life, nothing was easy till nowHope like the morning will paint the dawnMore than ordinary ( deep down )Make it more than merry ( deep down )Take me to the jamboree ( deep down )And shine a light on"
  • Brian and Robert - Phish
    "If you're just staring at your wallsobserving echoing footfallsfrom tenants wandering distant hallsthen this one is for youif children playing all aroundto you is noise not pleasant soundand you'd be lost"
  • Life of Brian theme - Monty Python
    "Brian, the babe they called Brian,he grew, he grew, and grew,grew up to be, grew up to be,a boy called Brian. A boy called Brian,he had arms, and legs, and hands, and feet,the boy, whose name was Brian.And"
  • Brian Boru (French Version) - Alan Stivell
    "Irish Gaelic: Maraodh Brian Boru chun beatha na hireann Sochain in gCuige Uladh agus i mBaile 'Cliath Aontacht an teaghlaigh, aontacht na dtuath Aontacht an domhain is na gCeilteach Breton: Diouzh nerzh"
  • Brian Wilson Christmas Interview - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Christmas Album Brian Wilson Christmas Interview Well, along with our special feature of this beach boys' christmas album, Once again i'm happy to see the smiling face of the leader of This"
  • Brian Boru In French - Alan Stivell
    "Mort Brian Boru, vers l'an mil en Irlande, Brillent encore cheveux roux, harpe d'or dans la lande, L'tendard et l'pe debouts plants en terre, Et la paix revenue en Ulster. Des nerfs de la guerre l'air"

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