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  • BTS (방탄소년단) Persona
    "Do you wanna die? do you wanna go? do you gonna fly? where’s your soul? where’s your dream do you think your’re alive"
  • BTS (방탄소년단) Intro: Persona
    "Utwór "Intro: Persona" pochodzi z albumu "Map of the Soul : 7"."
  • Conditions Persona
    "Discover the method Some cannibalistic way Ingest your opponent Hoping to find your way Give me something to live for, and I won't look back Show me everyone's a lesson, then an act Intend to be human Turn"
  • Bartosz Porczyk Persona
    "Kim jestem pytam gdy patrzysz Twarzą niczyją i wszystkich Który mój uśmiech prawdziwy Nie na estradę dla bliskich Abym rozpoznać mógł siebie Winien ktoś puder mi zmazać Bym zza kotary swych zmarszczek"
  • Lauv Who (feat. BTS)
    "outlines of your eyes and visions of you girl, I think I need a minute to figure out what is what isn’t these choices and voices they’re all in my head sometimes you make me feel crazy sometimes I swear"
  • Adolecentes Persona Ideal
    "me enamore de la persona ideal pero lo vez se tuvo que ir ahi es el dolor que desgarro toda mi alma y corazon para vivir de los recuerdos de este amor cuando agarrados de la mano en el parque nos besamos"
  • Joan Armatrading Persona Grata
    "Can you feel How close we are Can you tell That this is real Make up your mind 'Cos anyway you want it baby Hey you got it Power over me I'm your whipping boy I can positively say I am in love with you I"
  • Kangta Persona (kamyeon)
    "moge me-eo waseo noonmooree heulleoseo noonap'ee heuryeoseo keoreul soo eopseoseo jogeumssheek naege meoreojeeneun neol pootjabanael heemjochado pooreul soodo eopseottnabwa jjeetgyeojyeo jeut'eojeen eemee"
  • Steve Aoki Waste It On Me (feat. BTS)
    "you said love is messed up you said that it don’t work you don’t wanna try no no baby I am not stranger to heartbreak and the pain of always being let go and I know there’s no making this right this"
  • LeeSoRa Song request (Feat. SUGA of BTS)
    "it’s raining again outside the window these moments make me think of you I can’t sleep this silence and melancholic sound of my heart on the room so I turn up my radio somewhere, I hear someone’s voice and"
  • Max Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS)
    "A ray of light that cut through my shadow You who overturned my life That had been nly dark I maybe am nothing Before meeting you I was nobody I who use to be nobody"
  • Luxtorpeda Persona non grata
    "W stumilowym lesie reformatorski duch Królestwo zwierząt pcha ku nowoczesności Nobliwi starców parzystokopytnych ras Zebrali się by radzić o przyszłości Pierwszy dekret zrównał wszystkie prawa Wiadomo"
  • Jacek Mezo Mejer PERSONA NON GRATA
    "to nie jest czas dla ludzi jak ja PERSONA NON GRATA wraca to nie jest czas dla płyt takich jak ta PERSONA NON GRATA wraca Mezo – raper wyklęty wiecznie uśmiechnięty nie,. nie jesteś święty, nie, nie też"
  • Alejandro Sanz & Camila Cabello Mi Persona Favorita
    "Yo no entiendo de colores ni de razas A mí me gusta el morenito de tu cara Te he buscado en cada tarde, vida mía Se me corta la respiración por ti Lo siento, bebé Tu pasito en mi camino va naciendo Sólo"
  • Fabri Fibra Ma che persona
    "Molti di noi, molti dei tuoi amici puntano a qualcosa che in realt tu non vuoi li ascolti ovunque parlare col loro accento sapendo che in fondo non sei con loro ormai da tempo io non ti sento contento"
  • Napalm Death Persona Non Grata
    "Trodden down like shit underfoot Be the downside to others upsides Last one to the table - just starve You'll get what you're given This is set in stone from the ivory towers Perception above all - When"
  • Gino Vanelli Persona non grata
    "Now the cry of the toucan for your man is historywelcome to heaven the land of the rich and the freethe water's so clean you can fill your canteen with it coldplease hand me your locket and I promise you"
  • The Stage Persona Non Grata
    "Nie ryzykujesz, Rzadko mówisz co czujesz, I nie liczy się, że Dla tego świata, Jak persona non grata, Stajesz się. Niby bogaty, Ale kochasz na raty, Fason stracić boisz się. Dostajesz premie, Za nie-milczenie, Więc"
  • Aarni Persona Mortuae Cutis
    "'Yog-Sothoth est clavis portaque' Cum primis digitis cutem mulceo; bladus carnis mortuae frigidaeque mihi placet Imagines provocatives, fili delicati, odos placitus in face Lunae Salta cum mortuis in"
  • Eskobar Persona Gone Missing
    "Here's a story of a man who thought he was the only one with brains And for a long long time he had me fooled and i believed that was actually the case But the fortune changed, he got on this train Got"

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