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chainz wiz kalifa
  • Candlemass Wiz
    "Thunder and lighting, action, come fire, come rain The wizard is playing god in his armchair again Cyberlike snake eyes they burn The man with the black cat will show us what tricks he has learned Abraxas,"
  • Wiz Khalifa It's Nothin (ft. 2 Chainz)
    "Count another grip, smoke another zip let them young niggas tell it i be on my shit make a hundred k, spend it all today what can i say, my dna is givenchy what my swag is, retarded what i’m driving, ferrari what"
  • Jacek Kaczmarski Wyznanie Kalifa, czyli o mocy ba
    "Odkąd me oczy łzą wstrętu syconeZeszły się z Twoich powolnym ukłonemZnajdując wyzwań i łask obietnice -Nie dbam o skarby i gardzę mym tronem;Odkąd ujęłaś znudzony mój członekW wysmukłych palców zwinną"
  • 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa We Own It (Fast & Furious)
    "[2 Chainz:] Money's the motivation, money's the conversation You on vacation, We gettin paid so We on paycation, I did it for the fam It's whatever we had to do, it's just who I am Yeah, it's the life"
  • Barbra Streisand Home From "the Wiz"
    "Barbra Streisand Miscellaneous Home From "the Wiz" When i think of home, i think of a place Where there's love overflowing I wish i were home, i wish i was back there With the things i've been knowin' Wind"
  • Maroon 5 Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
    "I'm at a payphone trying to call home All of my change I spent on you Where have the times gone Baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two? Yeah, I, I know it's hard to remember The people"
  • Miyavi 2 Be Wiz U
    "A-yo soko no boku chan , zenzen kodoku nante hedemo ne- mite- na tsura shite tuyo gatte mitari but... I know the feein' buddy (it's just "hitori yogari") Hontou wa dare ka ni dakishimete hoshii right ?"
  • Tove Lo Influence (ft. Wiz Khalifa)
    "First line, take mine; I'm fine as fuck Love myself tonight and I think you can feel the same Moonshine, good time; babe, you're in luck Cause I will do whatever comes to mind, you'll go insane Things"
  • Tinie Tempah Trampoline (featuring 2 Chainz)
    "Shake Go Eenie meanie minie Thank God it’s Friday Please don’t ask me for my ID If I’m in your iTunes library Got my own book in my library My mansion is so tidy My neighbours hate my mistress cause"
  • Tyga Hijack (ft. 2 Chainz)
    "Pussy money weed got all that Nigga talk shit, get your head cracked Ridin with the racks, bang on my lap Steal your bitch, call it hijack Hijack, hijack Pussy money weed got all that Nigga talk shit,"
  • Louisa YES (ft. 2 Chainz)
    "yo whatever it is you been thinking about me I aint palyin round no more and I guess u found out that I ain;t that innocent I been what you’re waiting for hey girls, wassup she bad hands up yo boys, uh"
  • Akon Dirty Work (ft. Wiz Khalifa)
    "It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it I see you working go and put your back into it Baby I’mma watch… you, just keep it moving You know exactly what you’re doing So go and do your dirty work Go"
  • Snoop Dogg Kush Ups (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
    "My weed man got the hook up Rolling up another pound everytime you look up Big ass joints the ones that leash you shook up So much weight that now Im doing kush ups Kush ups, bout to roll a whole book"
  • Jojo Fuck Apologies (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
    "I ain't apologizing for shit I do what I want, And JoJo does too! Saw it in your eyes when you said goodbye You didn't even try, So this time I don't care And honestly I was just about to pick up the"
  • Mike Posner Prince Akeem (ft. Wiz Khalifa)
    "good morning this that alarm clock song I made if for you to wake up to you know icame to rip the scene apart my whole life is a piece of art and this is just a brushstroke I made t in the biz they said"
  • Jason Derulo Talk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz)
    "{Jason, ha ha Jason Derulo… Ha, ha Get jazzy on me} I’m the flight that you get on, international First class seat on my lap girl Riding comfortable, cause I know what the girl them need New york to Haiti,"
  • R. Kelly My Story (feat. 2 Chainz)
    "This is my story Yeah, I’m from that Chi-town dirt I went from being broke to sleeping in Versace shirts This is my story Money, cars, bad hoes This is my story And I’m sticking to it /7x Came from humble"
  • Travis Scott 3500 (feat. Future & 2 Chainz)
    "Bandana wrapped-wrapped 'round your head The bandana wrapped 'round your head Fuck niggas, they scared Ain't nobody triller than me Ain't nobody triller than Scott Ain't nobody trill, man, I'm takin' they"
  • The-Dream Turnt (ft. Beyonce & 2 Chainz)
    "People think im crazy but I love you cause you crazy too ___ Red light special, undress me under the candle light Turnt up in this business Watch me do all of them things you like Im ready to go, ready"
  • Jessie J Burnin’ Up (feat. 2 Chainz)
    "Hot in the kitchen like a thousand degrees That’s how I’m feeling when you’re next to me I got a fever, tell me what did you do? Temperature rising when I look at you, look at you Subliminal, sex Drippin'"

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