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couse i holding up to you

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couse i holding up to you

  • Holding - Possum Dixon
    "Pull those curtains back, let's get some light in here I can't believe you're holding up this time of yearBut I can't seem to get you off of my mindI don't seem to get you.Well I just shake when I should"
  • Crash Couse - Ultimatum
    "Living life like in reckless abandon, ignoring the signs like lifes just begun. Eternity is a long time to place into the hands of chance. So many asking, so many searching, the truth is right before"
  • Hope You're Holding Up - Blood Red Shoes
    "I can, see you, standing, waiting, waiting to go There's nothing, doing, no-one, talking, nothing to show A look in the eye, a way to decide, to work out what's right 'couse it's easy to slide on the"
  • Holding You - Dru Hill
    "Damn (Check it out) I can't remember why we fell apart Or even how the arguments all start I got this crazy thought running through my head Mmmm, you keep insisting on convincing me that nothing's"
  • Holding - Jackson Browne
    "I'm standing here and hoping for you Holding my door open for you now Ask just what you will of me I'll bend just like a willow tree And now I'm holdin' Holdin' my door open to the wind Well seven times"
  • Holding On - Stemm
    "Holding On..... I'll crack the sky with my screams. My frustration Breaking everything. I embraced you. And I erased you. Lies defaced you. I wanna get on with my life..... They'll take everything Falling"
  • Holding On - Alex Band
    "I am awake No longer sleeping I made my mistakes It's what I was needing And now I'm, Breaking away from the crowd, I wanna just scream aloud, Hey, No one can stand in my way... CHORUS I believe I'm holding"
  • Holding Out - Cetera Peter
    "Cetera Peter One More Story Holding Out There's nothing outside my window But the sound of the pouring rain It oughta be breaking my heart But I feel no pain Trying to pick up the station That'll carry"
  • Holding Out - Peter Cetera
    "There's nothing outside my window But the sound of the pouring rain It oughta be breaking my heart But I feel no pain Trying to pick up the station That'll carry me through this night Got a fire to keep"
  • Holding Out - Chris Rea
    "I see you laughing up at me, and I can't hide What it is that you can see I guess that's why I'm holding out my love for you And when you turn it around In different ways The answers turn around and fly"
  • Holding On - Moonlight Awakening
    "A time that's for myself, i know just what i've done and there's no reprieve so i'll always run awakened from the dark, i hold it in my heart the secrets that we keep, my aching soul must sleep i"
  • Holding On - Simple Plan
    "Once again, I've fallen to my knees, (I try to escape cause I just can't take it) And now, this feeling is spreading like a disease (I think I'm in a dream, but the wheel keeps turning) This place is"
  • Holding Back - BANKS
    "Oh love Love is holding back I know I’ve done you wrong Did I say too much? Drown my sorrows, called you up When the truth is tough Honesty may not be enough Cuz love is holding back I know I’ve done"
  • Holding, Waiting - Seven Ender
    "In time you'll see Growing up ain't easy Waiting and holding It's too much for you How am I To see through the meaning? How am I To watch You disappear? Inside you're wasting away Without you Nothing's"
  • Holding Together - Paul Kantner
    "Look for Atlantis, it is waiting for you - it lives there and it breathes there Look for Rosemary to open the door for you And she sees you and she needs you Enter the cavern Of the starmaker Sundance All"
  • Holding on - Blue Rodeo
    "I wouldn't mind if you told me I was wasting timeIt's hard for me here trying to say these things with you so nearI'm already undone, already undone Now is the time I should leave these useless things"
  • Holding On - Rob Mills
    "I feel like something's going down Two many things that I could frown upon and I don't like to feel that way You say don't walk before you crawl don't trust in anyone at all and I don't like to feel that"
  • Holding On - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    "Just trying to find your way anywhere But you've come to find you're alone Its getting dark and you've lost your way I haven't let you go as long as you know that.. I'm losing what's left of my dignity But"
  • Holding out - Sick Puppies
    "Everybody's telling me to just keep it togetherGet back on track get out of the sack!And that'll make you better!Well maybe I don't wanna get outof thewater every single dayNot yet just yet!WON'T YOU WAIT"
  • Holding On - Alex Day
    "A million and one thousand things are screaming in my head And I can't seem to forget Can't stop thinking about you I could ride across the sky in a bicycle built for two Could you teach me how to ride Like"

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