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  • Press - Lea Castel
    "Jai ouvert mon livre et les pages se sont tournes si vite Les mots en images dfilent, cest mon avenir. Et des premires lignes curieuses de connatre la suite Jai saute tantes de chapitres, presse de vivre Tous"
  • Femme Press - Singuila
    "Elle a sa ptite voiture, son appart' et son animal de compagnie. Elle s'assume entierement, elle gre bien sa vie. Elle est quilibre, mais pour etre une femme conquie il faut qu'j'lui fasse un bb, si j'ai"
  • Na Press?o - Lenine
    "Olho na presso, t fervendo Olho na panela Dinamite o feijo cozinhando Dentro do molho dela A bruxa acendeu o fogo Se cuida, rapaziada Tem mandinga de cabco Mandando nessas parada Garrafada de serpente Despacho"
  • Golan United - Molodoi
    "Une gnration perdue Aujourd'hui dans toutes les rues Poursuivie par les Milices D'une haine rptitive Une zone d'enrags Des chiens hurlant dans le noir Une jeunesse en danger Tous les feux du dsespoir... Golan"
  • United Nations - Drunksouls
    "You can't bring me A real solution You just bring me A resolution You call yourself United Nations / United Nations Sounds like incantations Without conviction Pacifions la terre avec la guerre Dsarmons"
  • United Nowhere - Pleymo
    "Faudrait s'mettre au taf pour tre au niveau Mettre des baffes mme si on a pas l'top des mots Former un pur staff pour leur faire la dmo Gaffe ton combo ici c'est top stoko Depuis le temps qu'on lre-ga Pour"
  • Press - Paul McCartney
    "Darling, I Love You Very, Very, Very Much, And I Really Am Relying On Your Touch. But With All These People Listening In, I Don't Know Where I Ought To Begin. Maybe We Could Hit Upon A Word, Something"
  • Press - Cardi B
    "bitches be press bitches be press bitches be press they know how I’m coming with bitch in the flesh who the fuck she gon check she be talking that shit talking out of her neck put blood on her dress bitches"
  • Press - Joe Pace
    "Verse 1: Press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling in Jesus Christ. Stand fast in faith knowing that Jesus will make a way. Chorus: Jesus will do it, Jesus will make a way. Jesus will do"
  • We Stand United - Army Of Lovers
    "We stand united Our fans are invited We stand united I feel so excited Behind every wheel Heroes of steel We know where to and how Together we stand We make our demands Ain't no stopping us now And"
  • United We Stand - Anne Murray
    "THERE'S NOWHERE IN THE WORLD THAT I WOULD RATHER BE No h nenhum lugar no mundo em que eu mais gostaria de estar THAN WITH YOU MY LOVE Do que com voc meu amor ! AND THERE'S NOTHING IN THE WORLD THAT I WOULD"
  • United by love (Russia 2018) - Natalia Oreiro
    "find your way never lose your faith y levantate otra vez nunca dejes de creer in this world la illusion no va a caer love will always take the throne we are united by one love s chesta iu pod y edinym"
  • A United Earth Ii (Ballad) - Alan Stivell
    "Diboa ma zeg vloaz hunvreet 'm eus dalc'hmat 'n ur bed unanet Mil dileuriad o ren e dael meur an douar Dishevel ha par, digor d'ar re all Astennet ar spered gant ijin poblo all Rak plij' a ra din an evn"
  • A United Earth III (Waltz) - Alan Stivell
    "Etre daou Ifern N'eus c'hoazh nemet un hent digor Etre daou ifern N'eus 'met un tu mont 'dreuz un nor In between two hells There is only one open road In between two hells There's a way to pass thru the"
  • Press Darlings - Adam & the Ants & Adam Ant
    "We are guilty, we are beyond hope We beg to differ, we are a terminal case Press darlings, press darlings, press darlings Press darlings, press darlings We depress the press darlings We're on the outside"
  • Press Darlings - Adam And The Ants
    "We are guilty We are beyond hope We beg to differ We are a terminal case CHORUS Press darlings Press darlings Press darlings Press darlings Press darlings We depress the press, darlings We're on the"
  • Press Darlings - Adam & The Ants
    "we are guilty, we are beyond hope we beg to differ, we are a terminal case press darlings, press darlings, press darlings press darlings, press darlings we depress the press, darlings we're on the outside,"
  • Press Darlings - Adam Ant
    "Adam Ant we are guilty, we are beyond hope we beg to differ, we are a terminal case press darlings, press darlings, press darlings press darlings, press darlings we depress the press, darlings we're on"
  • Press Along - Boom Shaka
    "dreadlocks natty deh pon a mission dreadlocks its the time of decision this world theres so much pollution mankind is headed for extinction physically fit well fit spiritually fit well fit this race is"
  • Press Pound - Rick Moranis
    "This is hard for me to do But I can't seem to stop myself I know you said that we were through And here I am. I'm calling you. Please try to understand I see myself as your loving man Whatever it is you"

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