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  • Decadent Dandy - Monsoon
    "Happy go lucky Johnny Had a dream a bout a world Had a dream about a bunny A hot hot girl Cocktails caviar Limousine and porn stars Skinny dippin tycoon In the Jacuzzi pool Chorus His door is always open To"
  • Decadent & desperate - Mortiis
    "Beat down, fucked up.I'm drinkin' blood from the devil's cup.Now what you tell me.I can't even get shit for free.Hey girl, I'll have to go.Ain't got no money so let's go slow.In my room, this living hell.A"
  • Decadent And Desperate (Absentia) - Mortiis
    "Beat down, fucked up. I'm drinkin' blood from the devil's cup. Now what you tell me. I can't even get shit for free. Hey girl, I'll have to go. Ain't got no money so let's go slow. In my room, this living"
  • Serendipity - Decadent Fun Club
    "Broken down I see your face I’m done with fighting for my space Feeling dizzy I’m not afraid It was hard to lose a scent of you I’ve lost you when Inside of me How dare you I’ve lost of you when Inside"
  • Dead Things Never Smell Good - Decadent Fun Club
    "smile on the plastic face playing this pitiful game evil inside the golden saint corps in the shining dress I still believe in love drain in the poison wine but the dead things never smell good I still"
  • How Does It Feel? - Decadent Fun Club
    "How Does It Feel? How Does It Feel? How can i wait how seen the symbol less i can say! How Does It Feel? How Does It Feel? less i can feel! How Does It Feel? more i can wait How Does It Feel?"
  • Paranoja jest goła - Decadent Fun Club
    "Jestem taka, jestem taka zmęczona Bolą mnie ręce, boli mnie cała głowa Tyle dzisiaj, tyle się dzisiaj stało Boli mnie serce, boli mnie całe ciało Paranoja jest goła Dzień się skończył Na księżyc patrzę"
  • D-Days - Hazel O'Connor
    "Hazel O'Connor Put on your face, put on your clothes Going out dancing, pose, pose Wind our bodies round and round Move to the rhythm of the fare rave sounds These are the decadent days These are the"
  • Zenophobia - Rudimentary Peni
    "We are gathered here today to pour scorn on inhumanity's weaknesses and foibles A fear of cellars, crypts, and caves Underground hollow evacuated lecture theatre Shadow strewn interior Abandoned gas house"
  • Bigaku - Calmando Qual
    "ware NO bigaku music world1 ware NO bigaku devilish noise2 ware NO bigaku decadent music3 ware NO sonzai music god4 dokuga no tsubasa de odore doukou ni shigeki wo sashita mama shinde mo kamawanai you"
  • Decadence Dance - Extreme
    "Let's go Trying so hard to keep up with the Joneses Running a rat, racing won by our noses Always put one foot in front of the other And dance to the beat of a decadent drummer Just buy a brand new pair"
  • Tea Glitter - Earthlings?
    "I can't sleep I can't fuck I can't eat to tell my feet from left or right My brains are water salad slippin' and slide off... left right I dug the bed so deep I gots to leave a light on day and night I've"
  • Try To Change - Mother Mother
    "Try to change.. I try to change.. I make a list of all the ways to change my ways. But I stay the same, I stay the s-ame. Ohh.. I will try and try to change but I just stay the same. Stay the same, I stay"
  • Twenty-something - Pet Shop Boys
    "Twenty-something good as new Expectations got a few Find an issue get ahead Got it sorted like you said You’re twenty-something Join the queue Twenty-something in the mix Always that ironic twist Got"
  • Empire Of Orgies - Undercroft
    "Obscene winds Wrap civilization Decadent winds That break time's boundaries To reign from century to century Humiliating the holy name First it was Sodom & Gomorra And the decaying Babylon Then Roman empire With"
  • We Are Degeneration - Atrocity
    "Degenerate! We are degeneration Your downfall is our arm we suck your brain we bring you pain We are desperation leading your son to slaughter common grave diggers Mass-murderers,fellow travellers a selfdestructive"
  • From The U.W. - Alastis
    "Stay close to us and look at the decadent world Follow us in this unknown who scares you Find the answers you didn't dare to find Forget all prejudices, erase all their lies Dive into the light, comfront"
  • Suffocation - Mental Crypt
    "Decease of common sense, I am a scapegoat for your guilt To prove your innocence, you put the squeeze on at full tilt Uncontrolled massacred minds - Negligent Travesty, circus sublime - Decadent Twisting"
  • In domine sathana - Rotting Christ
    "IN NOMINESATANIIN DOMINESATANIMALEUSSATANIAVESATANIIN NOMINESATANIIN DOMINESATANIAVESATANIDEUSSATANIVital existence to those who claim indulgenceBeing captured to the wasted bright of displeasureCordial"
  • I Won't Be There - Harem Scarem
    "Pounded by the righteous In the palm of the decadent Is something I don't wanna be So embrace your detriment Stop paying for the promises I know you don't wanna keep 'Cos you know I loathe The condescending"

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