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desert inn

  • Desert Inn - Yello
    "I never meet her in the city But believe me she is pretty Six-hundred-fifty miles away I meet my angel in the desert In the desert I can meet her Oh in the desert heat she makes me play I'm not trying"
  • The Crab Inn - Heltah Skeltah
    "One night I was chillin out at the crab inn Spot these two shorty wops who felt like stabbin Invited shorties to the table to break bread with us Thinkin later on they gonna give head to us So instead"
  • The White Horse Inn - Andr
    "Goodbye (from The White Horse Inn) Words & Music by Ralph Benatsky My heart is broken, but what care I? Such pride inside me has spoken, I shall do my best not to cry, by and by, When the final farewells"
  • Inn - Ziemia Niczyja
    "1) Tamtych dni słodki smak, głupie sny szkolnych lat, kumpli krąg i nasz kąt z matmy test, ciastek sześć i deszcz, śmieszny wiersz i klub złamanych serc. Wszystko w nas kończy się i znika w sinej mgle... Raz,"
  • Inn - Radio Free Roscoe
    "All the years that we cared, All the things that we shared, Birthday cakes, bad mistakes, Stolen bikes, open mikes, Sweet tarts, broken hearts, Punched your arm and no harm. Now these things start"
  • Inn - Radiostacja Roscoe
    "RADIOSTACJA ROSCOE SERIA 2 ODC. 13 Lily - Tamtych dni Słodki smak Głupie sny Szkolnych lat Kumpli krąg I nasz kąt ... Z matmy test Ciastek"
  • Desert - Lycia
    "I reflect everything, I percieve it all I surmise just everything, I desire nothing I need to back to the desert so I can feel new again I need to go back to the desert so I can feel fresh again don't"
  • Desert - Verbena
    "im in love with the size of a desert never seen it but id love to kiss a cactus got my hands on a piece of the good earth both my hands up inside of a new world its exactly by the pound i do i do i would"
  • Desert - Moonlight
    "Desert In me , in you In all around Strike into deep Of your mind Feel it , feel it now 'Cose tommorow You'd touch this Under the progress Under the mind Under the love Under the human Under"
  • Desert - Alex Lloyd
    "Walking south along my mouth Through the heart that's hard to start I know it's nothing the woman cried So you're leaving you did not lie The broken light bulb that's glowing still The morning after the"
  • Desert - Trespassers William
    "My feet are trembling alone With the serpentine skins on the floor And while i sleep will you send me a thought While i lean could you build me a rock Or pretend you're my home Touch my lips or are"
  • Desert - The Church
    "I, I am the stranger this time around You, you are the changeless sounds of sand I could be here forever riding this death You, you are the distance, my clown I fall down in the sun I become everyone"
  • Desert - Henzel Och Thors
    "En enda blick och Amor siktar p mig och trffar mitt i prick ett enda ord kan f mig att tappa luft falla verbord jag trr dig som ingen annan kan men jag vet att du r fr bra fr att vara sann Jag mste springa jag"
  • Desert - D'espairs Ray
    "I was alone... I can't get to the sky... Alone for all time! I can't get to the sky... kawaki kuzure ochita hitoaku no negai naguritsukeru suna no ame ga subete wo saratta Alone for all time! I can't"
  • Holiday Inn - Herman's Hermits
    "(Stephens) Just two minutes from the sea Every room equipped with ancient-cy Life is fun, for everyone Down at holiday inn. Breakfast in the dining room, And guess which ones are on their honey-moon Blushing"
  • Ramada Inn - Randy Stonehill
  • Jamaica Inn - Tori Amos
    "Can you patch my jeans Peggy Ann - Just a little stitch to mend the hole He has torn If you can Maybe I got too set in my ways He says she reminds him of me When we first met In those early days... The"
  • Holiday Inn - Elton John
    "Boston at last and the plane's touching down Our hostess is handing the hot towels around From a terminal gate to a black limousine It's a ten minute ride to the Holiday Inn Boredom's a pastime that one"
  • Creep Inn - Ideal
    "Where's the number I need to call her Here it is Hope she there She gotta be there Come on pick up the phone Hello Hello whassup baby Who is this You know who this is 1st Verse Hey"
  • Ramada Inn - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "How many years now together All those years of ups and downs So many joys raising up those kids They've moved on now out of town So many times she tried So many times she cried Every morning comes the"

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