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doddy adeline

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doddy adeline
  • Betty Hutton He’s a Demon, He’s a Devil, He’s a Doll
    "Everyone tells me he's no good He doesn't love me like he should I would forget him if I only could He's a demon He's a devil He's a doll That man can look me in the eye And tell the biggest, sweetest"
  • Alt-J Adeline
    "My Adeline, Down in Tasmania Where the devil’s jaws are far too weak To tear you wawy I wish you well /4x My Adeline, I watch your morning swim again Cold from the blue sky Stroke form passing mopeds My"
  • Jongmen Gwiazdki (ft. Sobota)
    "Czad zabawa, haj, na ziemi raj Każda chciałaby nie starzec sie Tak jak Adeline Każda liczy tylko szmal, gdy obcina z góry w dół Cwane i przebiegłe jak jebana Amy Dune Zwykły ćpun, cała z tapety Świruje"
  • Rancid Rats in the hallway
    "Knock, knock come in if you want to fight, I'm gonna win I'll take you out in a minute Step in my flat see what's in it I live in the land of the welfare state My flat used to be section p Now it's a rat"
  • Perry Como That old gang of mine
    "Sweet Adeline! ( Sweet Adeline! ) My Adeline! ( My Adeline! ) Gee, but I'd give the world to see that old gang of mine! I can't forget that old quartet that sang "Sweet Adeline!" ( Sweet Adeline! ) Goodbye"
  • Wu-Syndicate Young Brothas
    "Intro: Myalansky (Joe Mafia) Young brotha, take a look around (All ya young niggas) At the starvation, legal murder (watch yourself blood) Abortion, as the death rate increases (I feel for you son) Life"
  • The Army Of Freshmen Adeline
    "the days go in, the months go out it's been a couple years still it's hard to think about back in high school when no one's cool I used to sit in class think about how I was gonna rule the world and get"
  • Sesame Street Sweet Adeline
    "Bumble Artie had a party On his birthday number nine Which isn't bad--in fact, it's fine Except he asked nine swine to come at (?) for birthday cake and wine. Except his mom, Sweet Adeline Who went"
  • New Amsterdams Adeline, Out Of Tune
    "Adeline, out of tune Heaven knows what I would do Can't just walk away from everything Adeline, out of tune Step in time two by two Say its over regret I'm sure its over I guess I don't ever forget Ever"
  • Mr. Lil One Loddy Doody
    "Mr. Lil One - Loddy Doddy Lyrics (Mr. Lil One) *Talkin* Yo, what's crackalatin This is all I got to say (Chorus) Loddy Doddy I love to party Cause a lot trouble And I bother everybody Since I was a"

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