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dollars day bowie

  • Dollars - Primal Fear
    "I saw a cadillac driving to the wishing well A sweet illusion or a secret from hell I was paralyzed, kinda hypnotized And the time stood still If dollars were dirt Gold and honey I'll be watching you If"
  • 20,000 Dollars - Henning Ohlenbusch
    "Everyone I know is 20,000 dollars away from happiness. Or so they claim. And every time you go, I can think of a thousand reasons to stay here with me. I won't say please. I won't say please. You can"
  • Bowie - Flight Of The Conchords
    "Bowie's in space Bowie's in space Whatcha doin' out there, man? That's pretty freaky, Bowie. (Ooh Bowie!) Isn't it cold out in space, Bowie? Do you want to borrow my jumper, Bowie? Does the space cold"
  • Fistful of dollars - Vice Squad
    "A fistful of dollars, a nuclear warheadA few dollars more, arms galoreA fistful of dollars gotta win the arms raceThey'd kill us all for a few dollarsA cracked old actor runs the countryReading scripts"
  • Dollars And Sense - Faded Grey
    "Yet another lifeless week spent at the factory They own you for ten hours a day. your sweat fuels their greed. punch in punch out your life is worth more than you earn. to them you're just another"
  • Dollars Make Sense - Warren G
    "(feat. Crucial Conflict, Kurupt, Reel Tight) Y'all don't know nothin about this HEE-ARE Hahahahahahaha, yeah! It's Kurupt Young Gotti Hehaha, sup Warren G? It's my homeboy, huh? With my niggas Crucial"
  • Too Many Dollars Not Enough Sense - Lynn Anderson
    "This world is filled with many kinds of people Most of them so poor they can hardly pay the rent Then there's another kind lots of funny people too many dollars not enough sense [ harmonica ] Rich man's"
  • Queen & David Bowie - Devo
    "Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah Pressure, pushing down on me Pressing down on you, no man ask for Under pressure, that burns a building down Splits a family in two Puts"
  • Outside (David Bowie) - Dreadful Shadows
    "Now. Not tomorrow. Yesterday Not tomorrow It happens today The damage today They fall on today They beat on the outside And I'll stand by you now Not tomorrow It's happening now Not tomorrow It's"
  • Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies
    "If I had a million dollars (If I had a million dollars) Well, I'd buy you a house (I'd buy you a house) And if I had a million dollars (If I had a million dollars) I'd buy you furniture for your house (Maybe"
  • 20 Dollars - Angie Stone
    "Said it's a sho' fire testimoney Check it, whoa, rap on the do' Whatcha know about being po' Whatcha know about borrowing From the neighbor next door Whatcha know about bumming rides Whatcha know about"
  • 100 Dollars - Manchester Orchestra
    "Several Woman's magazines Stacked up on top of a picture of me When I tried to call No one answered It's not even that I'm all angry Just kind of confused why you do this thing You said, there's"
  • Dollars & cars - Finley
    "51498 double 4 Mobile phone number of a whore Who sees your future through her crystal ball Curious, Impressed, then mesmerized But also deeply justified On having suspects towards mystic things But my"
  • Million Dollars - Eager
    "With empty pockets full of laughter I set my eyes on bars of gold Went to the market of hereafter Where truths are bought and lies are sold It would hurt to hear that I was after Half a million dollars"
  • Dollars & Cents - Radiohead
    "There are better things To talk about Be constructive Bear a weapon We can use Be constructive With your blues Even when he turn The war to peace ??? Even when he turn The war to peace ??? Why don't"
  • Dollars & Cents - Radio Head
    "There are better things To talk about Be constructive Bear a weapon We can use Be constructive With your blues Even when he turn The war to peace ??? Even when he turn The war to peace ??? Why don't"
  • 10 Dollars - M.I.A.
    "China girl was a little girlFrom a townThat's all you need to knowLolita was a man-eaterClocked him like a taxi meterFuck gold, she was a platinum diggerShakin-ass making moves on a moverVisa, then a plane"
  • Letter To Bowie Knife - Calexico
    "Everyday on my way home The clouds would break and the angels Would sing their refrain This world's an ungodly place Strangled by vines unchaste So with my shining blade of steel I would cut a path"
  • David Bowie w Warszawie - Manchester
    "Założę dziś długi płaszcz Jest trochę chłodno ja wiem Idę bulwarem wśród gwiazd W Warszawie wstaje już dzień Wstaje już dzień Wstaje już dzień Są czasem chwile jak ta Chwile jak ta Nieznany czar nowych"
  • Young Americans (David Bowie cover) - The Cure
    "They pulled in just behind the fridge He lays her down, he frowns "Gee my life's a funny thing, am I still too young?" He kissed her then and there She took his ring, took his babies It took him minutes,"

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