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dunk dumont

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dunk dumont

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dunk dumont
  • Die Antwoord Beat Boy
    "Yo DJ Hi-Tek Drop the motherfuckin' beatbox dog Bring that next-level shit Uh, yo, for real That's what I'm talking about Check it out Totally psychic, open your mind quick as the vibe kicks Moederfok"
  • SiR Hair Down (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    "I been goin’ silly for the Westside you might catch me rollin’ where the reps ride ain’t no opposition I am the best right? I might take my city on a test drive you don’t wanna see me on a good day you"
  • Nicki Minaj Chun-Li
    "Ayo, look like I’m going for a swim dunk on them now I’m swinging off the rim bitch ain’t coming off the bench while I’m coming off the court fully drenched here get dome haterade get ya thirsty quenched styled"
  • Duke Dumont, Ebenezer Inhale
    "high of life ow on sleep I’ve been up all week maybe, there could be somebody that saves me I’ve been faded quite lately it’s no fun when you’re alone now I gotta call a taxi my car broke down dead battery I’ve"
  • Duke Dumont x Gorgon City Real Life (ft. Naations)
    "Love you In real life It means nothing if you don’t know what you got You make it feels like Sunday And keeps me hold up And up This flashing lights Temporary it’s up The end And morning sun Pull us"
  • Duke Dumont Ocean Drive
    "We're riding down the boulevard We're riding into the dark night, night With half the tank and empty heart Pretending we're in love, when it's never enough As the silence filled the lonely air They can"
  • Flo Rida My House
    "Open up the champagne, pop! It's my house, come on, turn it up Hear a knock on the door and the night begins Cause we done this before so you come on in Make yourself at my home, tell me where you been Pour"
  • Duke Dumont The Giver (Reprise)
    "You're the special someone who makes me wanna give it You're the special /3x Although my heart is closed my eyes are open wide Looking for that magic song to keep me on the side I've been so long alone"
  • Eminem Detroit Vs. Everybody
    "Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that static I swear I love my city, I just want a little static See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that static Detroit vs. Everybody I took a bite"
  • Duke Dumont Won't Look Back
    "And I, I, I was close to you Youu , it makes me stronger No matter what we're going through, I won't look back, won't look won't look back! I won't look back, won't look won't look back! You make me wanna"
  • ScHoolboy Q What They Want (feat. 2 Chainz)
    "This the shit that they need, tell me where are you from Drop your pants to your knees, yeah, I got the codeine Might pull up in my bucket This nine holds a good dozen Might slide up in your cousin Just"
  • Duke Dumont I Got U (feat. Jax Jones)
    "Ask me what I did with my life I spent it with you If I lose my fame and fortune Really don't matter As long as I got you, baby Clap your hands ya'll it's alright As long as I got you, baby Clap your"
  • Duke Dumont Need U (100%) (feat. A*M*E)
    "I wanna be the one you call, every day and night Are you gonna be the one who's always gonna treat me right And when we get together turning down the lights Need you 100, need you 100 percent and I wanna"
  • Scissor Sisters Any Which Way
    "Dancing on the speakers, Are you peaking with the tweakers, The bigots and the breeders on the scene, The night don't last forever, So get your shit together, Open arms are never what they seem. I don't"
  • A.P. Golden Boy Piosenka o Adamku
    ""Power" (Bang bang) Ladies and gentelmen Polish boxing worldchampion of many weight cathegories Thomas "Gural" Adamek Bang bang! His hands r fast heart beats in breast he'll leave big mess like used to"
  • Beatnuts Lick The Pussy
    "Beatnuts Miscellaneous Lick The Pussy Aiight, and away we go You got the World Famous Kool with the smooth-ass flow Speaking about what I get with or stick on the reg Got you running round in circles"
  • B.G. F/ Lil' Wayne Let's Get Funky
    "B.G. F/ Lil' Wayne Miscellaneous Let's Get Funky Choppers with drums Nigga thats how it comes Assualt rifles, extended clips Let you know where I'm from The names chopper city It's a city of niggas bout"
  • B.G. Let's Get Funky
    "B.G. It's All On U 1 Let's Get Funky B.g.: Choppers with drums Nigga thats how it comes Assualt rifles, extended clips Let you know where i'm from The names chopper city It's a city of niggas bout gettin"
  • Baby Bash Feat. Sean Kingston What Is It
    "Bash, tell me what it do, tell me what it do Kingston, what is it, what, what? What is it? Hey, hey, hey, hey (What is it?) Lemme see ya go mama, go mama (What is it?) Get your girls and put on a show,"
  • Artificial Joy Club Sick & Beautiful
    "All the world's your ashtray, I'm just your Marlboro Light me up then butt me, you're sick and beautiful It's Bamby meets Godzilla, a 3D free for all Set me up then stomp me, you're sick and beautiful You're"

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