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ed sheran shape of zou

  • WAGARY (PARODIA Ed Sheeran "Shape of You") - Letni, Chamski Podryw
    "Szkoła to fajne miejsce, codziennie chodzić tam musimy Pilnie zakuwać, nie łapać uwag i nie lać wody jak kran Mam zeszyty książki, lekturę na polski, lecz chęci brakuje mi Tobie też pewnie chodzi po głowie"
  • Kiedy świat się zawali (Ed Sheeran Shape Of You cover) - Sobota
    "Kiedy świat się zawali Oh, I /4x Ratują nerwy ze stali Oh, I /4x Kiedy świat się zawali Głowa w górze Przecież wiesz, że nie umrzesz I ciśniesz z kurw***"
  • Ed - King Missile
    "Ed was at the end of his rope, an expression he detested. "There is no rope!" he would scream at the laughing walls. "There is only the end. No hope, no rope. Ending is better than mending. Doors of"
  • Ed - Green Apple Quick Step
    "The baby can Talk to me In his hand He holds the future A broken key That fits tomorrow All welomce to new world city Just a friend A rotten kid Now a man H lives in venus Not the palce You remember The"
  • Shape - Sugababes
    "I live my life in chains Got my hands in chains And I can't stick with the cards That I got with a deal Like this I must insist That a girl's got more to do Then be the way you think a woman should I'm"
  • Shape - Sugar Babes
    "I live ma life in chainsgot ma hands in chainsand i cant stick with the cardsthat i got with a deallike this i must insistthat a girls got more to dothen be the way you think a woman shouldim taking it"
  • Shape - Sugarbabes
    "(Verse 1:) I live my life in chains Got my hands in chains And I can't stick with the cards That I got with a deal Like this I must insist That a girl's got more to do Then be the way you think a woman"
  • Shape - Saga
    "Itchy fingers reaching for the sky Our hands are talkin' I know it's no surprise You go your way, I'll go my way It's no surprise You go your way, I'll go my way Nothing's different, nothing's changed One"
  • Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran
    "The club isn’t the best place to find a lover So the bar is where I go Me and my friends at the table doing shots drinking fast and then we talk slow you come over and start up a conversation with just"
  • Ed Gein - Macabre
    "I'm a killer, and a gravedigger My stew will be made out of you I eat women, I'm a cannibal And a necrophiliac too I make bracelets out of bodies And coffee drums made with flesh Organs frying in my kitchen And"
  • Ask Ed - Sacred Reich
    "I remember back in school days On the way we'd duck into the alleyway What'd we know we were just kids Bust out and take a few hits oh yeah What's the matter ain't doing no harm No trouble ain't"
  • Sex Ed - Smosh
    "There comes a time in every mans life When he grows hair Where it used to be bare I know youre feeling weird But you should be happy You dont have a vagina That would be crappy cause periods suck and"
  • Worlock (ed) - Skinny Puppy
    "(Now is the only thing that's real) Binge Cringe On the fringe (The police used to watch over the people. Now they're watching the people) Sloppy Binge Cringe (Now is the only thing that's real.) Sloppy Mincing"
  • Hoe Zou Het Zijn - Marco Borsato
    "Hoe zou het zijn Als je weer in mijn armen lag Hoe zou het zijn Als ik je mooie ogen zag Hoe zou het zijn Wanneer ik blindelings Jouw lippen weer zou vinden Hoe zou het zijn Wanneer de tijd werd teruggedraaid En"
  • Wat Zou Je Doen? - Marco Borsato
    "Als er nooit meer een morgen zou zijn En de zon viel in slaap met de maan Heb je enig idee wat het met je zou doen Als je nog maar een dag zou bestaan? Voor sommige kinderen zal er nooit meer een morgen"
  • Shape Up - Randy
    "<i>["I was saying let me out here before I was even born." - Richard Hell ]</i> Spend all my money early every month Don't like to hold back, I spend all at once I don't care about"
  • Perfect Shape - Dunnery Francis
    "Hide away all your fears and the truth in your heart will follow Show yourself to yourself and you don't have to wait until tomorrow You make me feel, you make me see I want you by my side to throw that"
  • Spiraling Shape - They Might Be Giants
    "Down, down, down you go No way to stop As you fall, hear me call No, no, no Listen to this warning and Consider these Simple words of advice Stop, stop, stop Fogging the view, cupping face to the window In"
  • The Shape - Galactic Cowboys
    "I've Always Kept To Myself I've Always Been A Model Citizen I've Always Kept My Nose Clean I've Always Stayed Out Of Your Business Bit My Tongue When I Should've Said Something About The Shape You're"
  • Shape-Shifting - Vader
    "Inexorable conversion Accelerated change Prosthesis made of light For new modular religion Newly minted nightmares In luminous code Machina ex machina Infocalypse now The categories crack and strain The"

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