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elizabeth grant

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elizabeth grant

  • Elizabeth - Frank Sinatra
    "(B.Guadio, J.Holmes) Dressed in dreams for me, you were what I wished to see, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Love was very new, make believe was coming true, Elizabeth, Elizabeth You were all much too much,"
  • Elizabeth - OCN (Ocean)
    "Każdego dnia oddychać chce dla ciebie bo tylko ty dodajesz mi sił Elizabeth twoje imię dla mnie jest muzyką i wiem, że Elizabeth cokolwiek stanie się ja chce być przy niej kolejny raz powtarzam twoje imię"
  • Elizabeth - Kid British
    "Verse 1: Oh Elizi, When I have you my life shines up. Elizabeth you buy me meals cos I cant cook. Elizi name one thing You wont buy me, constant frowns Like boy, oh dont try me Elizabeth you let me"
  • Elizabeth - Aiden
    "She bathed in blood how apropos. Became a witness to the suffering. Skinned alive, she even took their soul. Close my eyes. By the moonlit darkness legend grows. Torture only child`s play. Sworn to pledge"
  • Elizabeth - XIII.stolet
    "Jako ern orchidej vdy k rnu uvad noci pln temnch tanc pse nepozn nah tlo vzv rudou koupel temn tóny varhan ve hradu hldaj Elizabeth - tv krvav cesta Bohu hchem se zd Elizabeth - si hledan milovan Zrozen"
  • Elizabeth - Trading Yesterday
    "There's a mystery to what her love can do And she has a way of taking over you She can hold your heart with every move she makes But a single smile is really all it takes She'll make you forget the way"
  • Elizabeth - Catie Curtis
    "I talk to you on the telephone At least two times a day From hotels and truck stops When I've been too long gone away And I can see Cincinnati From the Kentucky side Though I can't walk between them When"
  • Elizabeth - Kamelot
    "mirror can you tell me how to stay forever young let me know the secret I will hold my twisted tongue please protect my beauty velvet skin so pure and white hear my name resounding like a hymn at dead"
  • Elizabeth - Team Sleep
    "If it looks broken That's just the picture That's how you know If it's in focus Then it's no fun For guys like me These robots Have it wired around here They'll make slaves of us soon Canvas the neighborhood I"
  • Grant Park - Marvelous 3
    "verse1: Go and take a ride to her shop in grant park You can walk though the door and shove the knife in her heart When you tell her thet you can't stand the song anymore The one you two adopted on the"
  • I Grant You - Tanita Tikaram
    "When we were young and you pretended You were almost bothered as me Does it make you sad? Almost sorry as me? When we were young and you pretended That the world was ours - how we see Does it make you"
  • Elizabeth Blue - Jorge Benjor
    "Oh! Elizabeth Blue Elizabeth Blue, Blue Elizabeth Oh! Elizabeth Blue Eu quero voc se voc quiser Eu vou levar voc para conhecer uma piramide No topo de uma montanha azul Elizabeth, Elizabeth Blue Oh! Elizabeth"
  • Elizabeth Dreams - Status Quo
    "(Wilde/Scott) Elizabeth dreams of the day when the way That I looked at her made her feel she was real Elizabeth dreams of the time she was mine When she didn't need any more, she was sure She was sure Out"
  • Elizabeth Reigns - Ringo Starr
    "'Ten-shun, two, three! Help me, Captain, help me! Elizabeth reigns over and under Elizabeth reigns lightning and thunder Elizabeth reigns since I was younger shes head of the family Elizabeth reigns over"
  • Elizabeth Green - Steve Kilbey
    "Elizabeth makes abstract mistakes In chinatown when everything breaks Rain in the windows singapore eyes Under the ladder and everything twice Elizabeth green burned her machine Entered the ashes under"
  • Elizabeth Taylor - Clare Maguire
    "I feel like Elizabeth Taylor This could be a movie I feel like Elizabeth Taylor Red lips, dark hair, alone in me trailer Under my white shirt heart like stone Wearing fake designer and pearls I’ve loved,"
  • Goodnight Elizabeth - Counting Crows
    "i was wasted in the afternoon waiting on a train i woke up in pieces and elisabeth had disappeared again well i wish you were inside of me i hope that you're ok i hope your resting quietly i just wanted"
  • Elizabeth Bathory - Dissection
    ""This is a story about Elizabeth Bathory Her blood is ourselves... clean, Hungarian blood..." Dark castle, occult carols sound, woman...crying ... eternally satisfied Elizabeth did not slept tonight her"
  • Elizabeth & Mary - Monkey Swallows The Universe
    "Towers and trials from thrones and carriages Crossing the seas and whispering in passages Murder and marriages fit for a queen Taking me down, down, down Holy Moses, I never set eyes upon this queen! Holy"
  • Elizabeth Street - Gorgon City
    "utwór instrumentalny!"

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