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escalator shrine

  • Escalator Shrine - Riverside
    "We are escalator walkers In the brand new temple Came to reshape identities Shed our skins Be reborn And feel the same That no one here is real We are moving standees In the shrine of choices Incarcerated"
  • Escalator - Crystal Kay
    "kokoro surechigau shunkan tsunaide ita te hodokete omowazu nagetsukete shimau no yo Dirty talk hanpo saki wo aruite demo yasashisa matte iru zurui jibun iradatsu On the Escalator furimukeba You're still"
  • Escalator - Sicko
    "It's a point of view problem you've got no sense of distortion I'm always right, you're never wrong it gets blown out of proportion maybe no one's right but it's always worth a fight and another win would"
  • Shrine - King Diamond
    "The light is hurting my eyes It was in the dark I know I'm alive I am burning for you Yeah you know it's true Voices are calling in the night Breaking the chain between our lives I see your face I recognize Darkness"
  • Shrine - Wakefield
    "i am in circles, you're a straight line you are the fix i'd hope to find and people can be so all that i want now is not to change you are the hope you will stay the same and people can let go i like"
  • Shrine - And Also The Trees
    "Material folds >From rough, modest clothes Slabs of cold sacred stone The peasant girl kneels In strips of feeble water light Slim fingers clasped Warm steady, precise The unwanted love for a murder In"
  • Fly Shrine - Deeds Of Flesh
    "Decomposing into human soil No one knows their location But their maker plot before burial Dosposal of human flesh gone forever In the dirt Identity vanished through time Dumped body sits rotting away flys"
  • The Shrine - King Diamond
    "The night is rising my eyes Even in the dark I know I'm alive I am burning for you, Yeah you know it's true. Voices are calling in the night Breaking the changing sleep of night I see your face I can't"
  • Hollow Shrine - Isole
    "In the nights embrace, sadness cloaks my eyes I stare into the cold empty space up above From deep within I hear a cry Forming with my voice, a wish to die Lost is my past, Shrouded in haze No future I"
  • The Shrine - Anders Manga
    "Your Blood is Seething and Your Eyes Now Blaze of Fire A Barbed Wired Heart Has Pricked You And Crossed All Your Wires / When the Callous Breaks You Jabs You and Slams You and Shreds Your Devotion Apart Absolute"
  • Spirit Shrine - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion The Gray Race Spirit Shrine shed a tear for the criminal, give him something to believe light a fire for the miserable, give the darkness some meaning closed wounds harbor pestilence, when"
  • Bedroom Shrine - Marc Almond
    "Here's to the bruised and the broken hearted Here's to dear friends now departed Here's to the lonely here's to the lost Here's to those who love at a cost Here's to the bitter and the reviled Here's to"
  • Escalator Of Life - Robert Hazard
    "They got my Mazda at the E-Z Park It At the rock & roll supermarket Muzak music make me feel so funny I went and spent all my money We're riding on the escalator of life We're shopping in the human mall We're"
  • Down the up escalator - The Bates
    "Whats snow-white In the middle of the night Fall deep-down in the middle of the underground ..... in the shape baby its much too late Whats snow-white In the middle of the night DOWN THE UP ESCALATOR DOWN"
  • Shrine Of Life - Kataklysm
    "(CHAPTER III - REBORN THROUGH DEATH, Version II) Marching corpse to rise I must fulfill my new destiny Crawlwalking from my suicide As I penetrate the exit of my home People look up at me With repugnance"
  • The Bethorian Shrine - Obsidian Gate
    "Bethor - My dreams thou infest, thy magick enchants my blade, my sword from the black meteor at the drakest hour of night. Take my gifts! Bethor - Demon of proud Jupiter, I kneel to thy black altar-stone. My"
  • Up The Down Escalator - Chameleons
    "Chameleons Script Of The Bridge Up The Down Escalator I'm gazing up at the faces staring blankly at me I suppose it's just a sign of the times. They tell me that tomorrow will never arrive But I've seen"
  • Up The Down Escalator - The Chameleons UK
    "I'm gazing at faces Staring blankly at me I suppose it's just a sign of the times They tell me tomorrow will never arrive But I've seen it end a million times I lost my direction while dodging the flak Oh"
  • Shrine To Fast Goodbyes - Emily Haines
    "Drinks aside, it's time we tried to stay somewhere Take my only souvenir, hold it up high, toss it off the roof If it should break, tell me how it sounds when it lands Steal time when there isn't enough Turn"
  • The Shrine In The Gloom - Death SS
    "When time will have no power in a place on the edge of outer space We'll wake the Lord of the Snake using our brain, muscle and nerve. I'll kiss the mouth of thy womb our sharpened knives shine in the"

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