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fangrat fraszka pt. wymowa

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fangrat fraszka pt. wymowa
  • Budka Suflera Fraszka dla Staszka
    "Gdy powracasz nie wiem skądPytasz mnie czy biel jest białaI dlaczego gubisz się od nadmiaru mądrych słówBiedny wariatSam to wiesz że dla ludzi jest wariatemLecz pieniądze gdyby miałEkscentrykiem by się"
  • Karel Kryl Pt
    "Ptk Noh na spon do vlas rval poloshnilou slmu ze stoh, pr soch a stelky kompas, je ukazuj k chrmu bez boh, barevn uniformy mu a na chodnku dav a stejn tve stejnch sriovch hlav. Ten sen ml pachu horor a"
  • Christina Aguilera Stripped Pt. 1
    "Christina Aguilera Miscellaneous Stripped Pt. 1 I've waited a long time for this It feels right now Allow me to introduce myself I want you to come a little closer I'd like you to get"
  • Little Brother Groupie Pt. 2
    "This joint right here Is goin out to all y'all groupies Male groupies, female groupies See a groupie is a goupie This right here for y'all Yea Check out this lame broad, call me up I know I'm fine as"
  • Lil Wayne Dipset Pt.2
    "Dipset Pt. 2Kush, good kushWeezy, dip dipWayne, set setAnd I grip techs, leave em waterbed wetAnd I know just where to put these hollowtipsHis chest, his chest, his chestAiyo I take on a gang a gangs,"
  • Jennifer Hudson Spotlight, Pt. 2
    "Spotlight, Pt. 2" (feat. Young Jeezy) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Remix! Remix! KB, R&B Look, JH, YJ We here, why play? You know I talk talk talk that sh- Look, one thing about it, you don't want that Let's"
  • Lil' Flip Sunshine Pt. II
    "Uhhhhhhh Yeeah Ohh, ohh, ohh, oh baby Lil' Flipper (Lil' Flipper) Ooh baby My girl Lea (my girl Lea) hit it Sunshine I can call you my baby boy You can call me your baby girl Maybe we can"
  • Lloyd Banks Warrior Pt. 2 
    "(feat. Eminem, 50 Cent, Nate Dogg) Remix Lloyd Banks! Ha ha! It's like a throne that he dont even own He wont sit down, given the crown he just throws it around It's like a joke he's like a"
  • K-OS Superstar, Pt. 1
    "Ending is coming and fast is soon I don't need your pain and adversity Rising like the sun in the highest noon I don't want to lose the ability Look at how they coming and they hang me high (hang me high) Leave"
  • Fat Joe Temptation Pt.2
    "[27 second skit opens song telling Pablo his sister is dead] Joe Crack's that nigga I'll crack that nigga, hold THAT lil' nigga I'm from the, BX borough, you ain't promised tomorrow If you know like"
  • Blink-182 Anthem, Pt. 2
    "Everything has fallen to pieces, Earth is dying help me Jesus We need guidance, we've been misled, young and hostile, but not stupid. Corporate leaders, politicians, kids can't vote, adults elect them Laws"
  • Prince Goldnigga Pt. 3
    "(Please stop!) {sample repeats in song} Tony, yo, what's... what's up, bitch? Oh shit, nigga I haven't see U since high school about 10 years, Roy Yeah, ah man, been U lookin' good though man Yeah,"
  • Garbage Happiness Pt. 2
    "Don't say no to me daddy Don't Don't say no to me daddy Don't say no to me daddy Happiness Is this a test? Do you think I'm blessed? I'm such a mess Do you exist? My happiness Is this a test? Please"
  • Usher Confessions Pt 2
    "Watch this... (Chorus) These are my confessions Just when I thought I said all I can say My chick on the side said she got one on the way These are my confessions Man I'm throwed and I dont know what"
  • Blink 182 Anthem, Pt. 2
    "Everything has fallen to pieces, Earth is dying help me Jesus We need guidance, we've been misled, young and hostile, but not stupid. Corporate leaders, politicians, kids can't vote, adults elect them Laws"
  • Vanilla Sky Distance, Pt. 2
    "Today I spent My afternoon Sitting down in my bedroom Trying to find with my guitar All the confused things I want to say to you cause I've been thinking inside of me all day. Maybe There's too much to"
  • Dream Theater Metropolis Pt. 1
    "The smile of dawn arrived early May She carried a gift from her home The night shed a tear to tell her of fear And of sorrow and pain She'll never outgrow Death is the first dance, eternal There's no"
  • Bowling For Soup Ohio (Pt 2)
    "Hello...Hello..Hello...Hello..Hello! Wooo....... Move around kids.. Bill Parcells wants...What?..Start Over 1...2...3.. Lawrence Whittaker wants you back (He's got a lazy eye) Mike Judge wants you back Debbie"
  • As Cities Burn Bloodsucker, Pt. Ii
    "well, it's yours you can have it if it means that much to you don't let me stop you don't let me stop you now and stretch me out across the table and turn my insides out turn me into someone else someone"
  • Big L Flamboyant Pt. II
    "(feat. Royal Flush) Yo we gon explain something right now It's Royal Flush and Big L we gon let y'all know bout my niggaz comin out Queens most my doggs ... right Yo check it A Yo the way I feel for"

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