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  • Jens Lekman's Farwell Song To Rocky Dennis - Jens Lekman
    "Early September and the kids start school Leaves are floating in the swimming pool I wish I had a proper reason to cry A reason not so abstract More like a broken clause in a contract All those things"
  • Farewell, So Long, Goodbye - Jackie Greene
    "I stand inside your doorway honey I dont feel a thing youre always looking for the best that I cant never bring so now Im gone... and dont you ask me why its been so long since Ive seen you cry farwell"
  • You Are Mine - Wallis Bird
    "You wore your clothes in bed And the stars came out from night Sweet and soft in every respect You whipped your arms around me And you smiled And all the strength in the world Couldn't hold my tears that"
  • Farewell, So Long, Goodbye - Neil Diamond
    "Farewell To all of the heartaches you brought So long To all of the tears I cried Goodbye To the bitter lesson you taught Farewell, so long, goodbye Through with having you walk on me now How many times"
  • By The Moonlight - Legenda
    "hey she's rising from her cold grave Bitch vampire dancing at it's gaze By the moonlight gave farewell By the moonlight, by the cold night Hey, bloodthirsty red stary eyes She's gazing at my side for"
  • Rainy day - America
    "Whenever its a rainy dayI pack my troubles up in my roomI chase all the clouds awayI get myself back to the wombBut I know that youre gonna cryTears are runnin from your eyesThe piece of my life you takeIs"
  • War Is My Sheppard - Exodus
    "You put your faith in Chrstianity I put mine in artillery My M-16, my lord and savior Christ never done me a motherf**king favor Pay for all of those in pain For those who died in vain Scars from battle"
  • The Embodied Core Of Darkness - Bloodthorn
    "This is the last time... The last time I watch the sun rise to blind my eyes Tonight the dark sky is my roof And all misty fields my floor I have found my place to be By your side; in your arms You're"
  • War is My shepherd - Exodus
    "You put your faith in Christianity I put mine in artillery My M-16, my lord and savior Christ never done me a motherfucking favor Pay for all of those in pain For those who died in vain Scars from battle"
  • Archangels In Black - Adagio
    "The sun is dying day by day After the rain, before the pain Dead legions storming on the way To the war, Roar to better slay I can barely see the end May the angels look for me The Armageddon legacy And"
  • Faith - Ms.Dynamite
    "Weve been here beforeTalk of violence and talk of warI dont want to see the children die no moreSo I gotta make a standCan you hear my voiceTaking of life is only god choiceI dont want blood on my handsI"
  • Sixth Period - Even Stevens
    "6th period, 6th period, 6th p-er-iod 6th period is drawing near, to ruin my Junior High career, That test run by Tugnut its gonna kick my butt Oh, how you fill my heart with dread, 6th period 6th"
  • Untitled Finale - Atreyu
    "Chorus You put a bullet in my head Turned black thoughts to red This could all end in tragedy I dream of you dead laid you dead to rest I wont look back in for memory But don't rush us out like I sold"
  • San Francisco pay phone - Catch 22
    "One year ago today, I tossed away, a quarter that I should've saved. I faked a farwell fantasy and misbehaved. I never made an effort. My conscience went. After all the time I spent. The dollars that I"
  • Fooled me once - Greg Brown
    "My Mama died when I was sixteenShe was shitfaced behind the wheelThey made me go to the graveyardI would not pray or kneelI don't pray to no god who takes your Mamaand leaves you in a house full of junkwith"
  • Back Home In Derry - Christy Moore
    "In 1803 we sailed out to sea Out from the sweet town of Derry. For Australia bound if we didn't all drown And the marks of our letters were heavy In the rusty iron chains we signed for our wanes Our women"
  • Why not me - Varsity Fanclub
    "Oh Should I stay Should I go Should've asked Don't wanna know, Who are you thinking bout Who are you thinking bout Shouldn't kiss Shouldn't tell Shouldn't have without farewell, farwell with me What were"
  • Song To Benjamin (Real) - Lil' Kim
    "Benjamin.. (ohh ohh) Not the first, but hopefully the last Rest in peace...yeah This song is for you....come on I feel anger and frustration but Just let me mention that I don't want attention Cause"
  • It's Alright - Jodeci
    "(Jodeci) I see ya movin baby yeah And you're lookin good, said you're lookin fine Everything's gonna be alright, yeah Let the music take control of your body tonight Whoa, everything's gonna be alright,"
  • Step By Step - Eyedea
    "(Eyedea) I got a little story to tell See it was September 1st, 1999, the day of my death My back was on the cold concrete as I take my last breath Saw my body laying on the ground as my soul hovered above"

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