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florida good feelings

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florida good feelings

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florida good feelings
  • Grandaddy Florida
    "Good afternoon from the bar in the mall They sent me home from work today But nobody told me where else to go My boss was alright at first But then he said that I fall behind I like doing things my own"
  • Angel Feelings
    "Everyday I try to change my ways, Still I find I'm calling your name. Try to stop myself right from the very start, But to be in love has torn me apart. I've made it clear I want you near, That constant"
  • Jon Secada Good feelings
    "Tell me about love yeah Let's talk about me and you Show me what to do I'll take all that you can give 'Cause I believe this is real It's you that makes me feel The way I do. Chorus Let me love you, give"
  • Accept Feelings
    "You gotta be a strong man And know what you want, And fight ev'ryone in your way You're the one who sweats And what do you get When someone else picks up your pay Hey, when you're fightin' a wolf, it's"
  • Chumbawamba Celebration, Florida
    "The good folks pull together It's July 4th forever Down in Celebration, Florida The neighbors bring you coffee And everyone's always happy Down in Celebration, Florida There's a bake sell at the schoolhouse"
  • Pencey Prep Florida Plates
    "Hold you as waves crash down on the Jersey Shore. Can't think of a time when I needed this more. Your skin is so pale reflecting the moon's glow. Please don't talk too much baby, I don't wanna know. Breathe"
  • Neurotic Outsiders Feelings are good
    "I feel, I feel and I feel good it's understood I hurt, I hurt, I hurt yeah and I'm here alert feeling the hurt Feelings are good Feelings are good Feelings are good Feelings are good I'm sad, I'm sad,"
  • Kylie Minogue Finer Feelings
    "The finer feelings, the finer feelings You can't give to me Anything I couldn't get for myself I have needs as much as any man And I understand the feelings well I can still have a true heart With a"
  • Justin Bieber Catching Feelings
    "Sun comes up on every morning My mind never wakes up with that you wanted And it's crazy to me, I even see you in my dreams Is this meant to be? Could this be happening to me We were best of friends since"
  • Faith Evans Catching Feelings
    "Oh oh (oh oh) (take your time) If you just..relax..and take your time You'll see in me you'll find peace of mind Something about the way that you touch me it makes me glow in me you can confide but"
  • A New Found Glory Never Snows In Florida
    "Distance means nothing to me It only makes me want to see you longer My words just like a mentioned kiss With every letter they go growing stronger Days go by Feelings, they go on Unfortunately without"
  • Vic Chesnutt Florida
    "Florida, Florida, the redneck rivieraFlorida, Florida, there's no more pathetic place in Americayes a man must make unpopular decisions, surely from time to timeand a man can only stand what a man can"
  • Alexandra Burke Bad Boys (feat. FloRida)
    "FloRida Alexandra girl I know what you like Bad boys bad boys Yeah Some people call them players But I'm far from terrified Cos somehow I'm drawn to danger And have been all of my life It feels my"
  • Modest Mouse Florida
    "Although we often wondered There was no thing of wonder The shit that flew from our minds Grass stains and fresh fruit Remind our shoes of horse glue On this ridiculous climb With great tunnel vision We"
  • Blue Rodeo Florida
    "And I remember Florida The land of endless malls Images of Elvis flicks Convertibles and blondes And I remember crying As you walked away along the shore The last words I heard you say were what a bore And"
  • Starfucker Florida
    "i never thought i was the only one i never had a setting in the sun a dancing baby was a sleeping gun you had a hand and it was holding us all i wanted was you i never thought i was a special case ???"
  • Nemesis 66 Florida
    "If you were to say to me, "He left you, Your life's through..." Still I can't find your words, I'm sorry, it's time to be free I'm always right behind you Someone to fall back onto Without the words,"I"
  • Patty Griffin Florida
    "A couple of young girls wentSailing down A1AInto the arms of FloridaSailing down a highwaySinging their heads offProtected by the holy ghostsFlying in the oceanDriving with their eyes closeThe night wants"
  • New Found Glory It Never Snows In Florida
    "distance means nothing to me. it only makes me want to see you longer. my words just like a mentioned kiss with every letter they are growing stronger. days go by. feelings, they go on. unfortunately,"
  • A New Found Glory It never snows in Florida
    "A New Found Glory Miscellaneous It never snows in Florida Distance means nothing to me. it only makes me want to see you longer. my words just like a mentioned kiss with every letter they"

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