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friking awsome

  • I love Gina - Jojo
    "Gina is sexy i love her so much Gina is girl my friend She always there you no when have bad time with corney carney i can call my gina and Gina She is the best and we love slidding in mud and i love"
  • My Sexy Gina - Maria
    "gina is sexy i love her so much gina is girl my #1 friend she always there you no when have bad time with corney carney i can call my gina and gina she is the best and we love slidding in mud and"
  • Love Birds - Billy Falcon
    "yesterday,I saw two love birds on a limb. They were way out on a limb. The sky was gray,It didnt seem to worry her, didnt worry him. such an awsome sight to see, just how fearless love could be. Two love"
  • Yesterdays Gone - Jibe
    "You found me on the ground Broken down and left for dead I found you all unwound Saying things that need to be said I dont wanna wait till tomarrow Yesterdays Gone Tomarrow Never Knows Today Will never"
  • Watch Em Drop - 13 Faces
    "Trashing your name and your face It aint no fucking thing No one minds if they would up and die Why so great, so lame short Nothing of self of soul, of mind, of man Giving it back, a bat, fuck integrity Nothing"
  • Fun To Be The Mayor - Lazy Town
    "It's great to be me It's awsome to be the mayor Oh ho ho You can see why, Oh my! It's fun to be the mayor I make new rules and they obey They must do whatever I say I'm the leader There's nothing sweeter! Im"
  • King Of Kings ( Hes a Wonder) - CeCe Winans
    "CeCe Winans Miscellaneous King Of Kings ( Hes a Wonder) Chorus King of kings and lord of lords lover of my soul Jehova one and only god I am Jesus Christ the holy lamb Verse1 Thy truth reaches the clouds"
  • Baby bottle pop - Jonas Brothers
    "1..2..3..4!!!Baby Bottle Pop, baby bottle popYou can lick it, and shake it dunk it!!(lick it!!)Sweet candy fun!!Baby Bottle Pop, baby bottle PopYou can lick it, and shake it and dunk it!!Gotta love itGotta"
  • El Shaddai - Michael Card
    "El Shaddai, El Shaddai, Elyon no Adonai (God almighty, God almighty, God in the highest, oh LORD) Age to Age your still the same By the power of the Name El Shaddai, El Shaddai, Erkamka na adonai (God"
  • Mysterious Monolith - Eloy
    "an awsome glow that shines throught the sky attracts me strongly like and obscure shrine strange magnetic object that I seek pulls me further up to its peak mysterious monolith you hide the truth be my"
  • Ra - Jimmy Fallon
    "Well my freshman year we had a awsome RA the best RA in the world I wish he was with me all my 4 years, his name was Arnold Baldwin We had this RA, Arnold Baldwin This Big, Tall, Skinny Black guy And"
  • What Am I Fighting For - Unklejam
    "take my love i dont need take my mouth i cant breathe take my balls organs too all i ever wanted was to love you where did love go where did love go its there its there somewhere way out there where"
  • Syrinx - Redman
    "So what I rock the tracks that be weird like that even to this you couldn't catch me with photomat my mack will leave you more cheeky than the japs D.O.A. I'll make up like a big cat fill the raft of the"
  • Nothing But A Breeze - Jimmy Buffett
    "(Jesse Winchester) Life is much too short for some folks For other folks it just drags on Some folks like the taste of smokey whiskey Others figure tea is too strong I'm the type of guy who likes it"
  • The School Of Assassins - Anti-Flag
    "Has your life got you down? Are you feeling lost and blue? I'm thinking maybe a career change is the best answer for you! You've never lived, never known true romance, 'Til you been taught the steps to"
  • Now - Eyedea
    "were here to bring the people and the music and the movement all together now we see through repetitive etiquette and the highly unoriginal were here to bring the people and the music and the movement"
  • Paying My Dues - Jackie Boyz
    "Oh oh Oh ho ho ho Oh (J) is for the jobs, working over time (A) always on the grind (C) is for the cries, eyes close when you died (K) is for the king I wanna be (I) is for independently, making it here"
  • Outro(Dc-3)thank You - Destiny's Child
    "Chorus: You are my best friend you've been right here through thick and thin you are my best friend gotten me to places i've been you are my best friend through our situations you've been my insperation"

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