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gimpson and cookie m

  • Cookie - R. Kelly
    "Let’s wake up, it’s dinnertime Yep… turn up Pull up to the crib and a nigga on silk Come fuck with a nigga ‘Bout to bang on the pussy like I’m blowin’ up the crib… fuck with a nigga You gon’ wanna claim"
  • The Cookie - Monster Cookie
    "(crazy laughter) I came into this world as a muppet Look into these eyes and see that they are googly Big Bird in his nest and Oscar in his can Ernie is a guy that lives with an other man HEY Kermit's"
  • If Moon Was Cookie - Monster Cookie
    "If moon was cookie me think me would be Happiest monster you ever see. Me put on a space suit then up through the night Me ride in a rocket to go take a bite. Me take bite from here. Me take bite from"
  • Cookie Face - Tina Charles
    "Cookie Face Well walk alone the golden sand Just like two lovers well be holding hands Watching the world go by Under a clear blue sky People are dancing, lovers romancing now A holiday of a lifetime"
  • Cookie Disco - Sesame Street
    "He's shaggy, he's blue And he knows how to chew - COOKIE! Can you dig it? You think you can munch, Brother, you're out to lunch Compared with - COOKIE! Did someone say "Lunch?" You can give him the"
  • Eatin' Cookie - Sesame Street
    "In the winter, there lots of snow It very chilly, but don't you know It another season, another reason For eatin' cookie (he devours some cookies from the box in his hands, then leaves to arrive on a"
  • Cookie Jar - Gym Class Heroes
    "Gym Class Heroes (The-Dream:) Radio killa, killa (Gym Class Heroes:) You know what it is Gym Class Heroes, The Dream It's hard to look innocent when I got cookie crumbs all over my face and shit (The-Dream:) I"
  • Cookie Jar - Doja Cat
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Boy what you lookin' for? You know where them cookies are Yeah, I caught yo' ass red-handed in that cookie jar Boy what"
  • Cookie Jar - Prince
    "{"Jesus" & "Baby" sample in BG throughout} Another life goes 2 the winner Another soul goes 2 the dream Another hell goes 2 the sinner Don't give up no matter how tough it seems Come and dig the"
  • Cookie Baker - South Park
    "quarta key down to a oz down to a 22 a motha fukin stoned g home maka cookie baka i need a woman that can shake and baka home maka cookie baka i need a woman that can shake and baka to all my ladies in"
  • Cookie Baker - South Park Mexican
    "home maka cookie baka i need a woman that can shake and baka quarta key down to a oz down to a 22 a motha fukin stoned g home maka cookie baka i need a woman that can shake and baka l-b down to a k-p down"
  • Cookie puss - Beastie Boys
    "The shit with this bitch Yo I said I'm calling you B. Yo B it's the phone Yo B. May I help you?" Yes what's your name?" Hello?" Hello man you got Cookypuss's number?" Here's my supervisor, he'll help you""
  • Cookie & Lila - Dr. Hook
    "He was a short-order cook and not too much to look at and he traded in his foot for a medal in the war . He loved a girl named Lila in a bar across the highway and you oughta see him smilin' at her comin'"
  • Cookie Jar - Jack Johnson
    "I would turn on the TV but it's so embarrassing to see all the other people I don't know what they mean and it was magic at first when they spoke without sound but now this world is gonna hurt you better"
  • Cookie Breath - Mc Chris
    "Southern belle from the ATL Eyes set on mind melt She makes my heart swell I love the way she feels I love the way she smells I love the way she talks I love the stories she tells There's nothing I don't"
  • Fortune Cookie - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Sound of Music L.N., corrected by T.M. shumatsu no gogo sanji minato no machi e doraibu hon no mijikai doraibu anata no chiisana aoi kuruma wa itsumoto onaji koosu de itsumo no"
  • Cookie Monster Parody - Limp Bizkit
    "oh ho haha ho ho haha ho ho ho he came into this world as a muppet look into these eyes, you'll see that they are googley big bird in his nest and oscar in his can ernie is a guy, that lives with another"
  • Kim & Cookie (Interlude) - Outkast
    "Anncr: And now, kim and cookie. Cookie: Ring-Ring Kim: say hello cookie! Cookie: hello Kim: girl i got somethin to tell ya Cookie: spill it girl spill it kim: remember ol boi, at the club... cookie: from"
  • Fortune Cookie Prize - Beat Happening
    "Hey dogwood day ?? so full of bloom Stay a while here with me Leaves blow inside my room Hey dogwood stay Lay down cool in your shade Break waves on the sky You're my fortune cookie prize Dogwood stay Don't"
  • C Is For Cookie - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "Now,what starts with a letter "C"? Cookie starts with C. Lets think of other things that starts with "C". Uh uh...who cares about the otherthings. "C" is for cookie thats good enough for me "C" is for"

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