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give it to the moment

  • Give It To The Moment (ft. Djemba Djemba) - Kiesza
    "all I need for you and me Give It To The Moment"
  • Moment - Virus Nine
    "I want to know the exact moment when I ran outta luck, I want to know the exact moment when I decided to grow up, but if I try hard, look deep inside, i'll find the fire that never died, remember what"
  • Moment - Chris Murray
    "seated among the defeated feeling cheated and beaten by life burst your bubble somewhere in the struggle now life's too much trouble just time 'til you die thrown in the towel on living just to settle"
  • Moment - Pietasters
    "I wanna spend with you Everytime I say goodbye now girl I'm always leaving you I'll be home one day soon You know my love is always true And I'm not the kind of guy Who has a wandering eye CHORUS Longer"
  • Moment - Vivian Or Kazuma
    "{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}}? {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}}{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== dare mo mina samayoi nagara kotae wo sagashite futari"
  • Moment to moment - America
    "There was a time I knewAll that there was to knowNo one could tell me thenI was wrongI wasnt strong enoughTo see where my weakness layThe world that you hold so tightCould slip awayAnd from moment to momentYour"
  • Moment to moment - Gino Vanelli
    "Too many nights of isolationToo many echoes in my headToo many fires left burningIn this bedToo many thoughts of desperationSo much pain deep down belowSo mych a slave to my sensesI can't let goFrom moment"
  • Every Moment - MyChildren MyBride
    "Keep on fighting We're with you if you fall Make every moment count This life is far too precious To waste away There's too much good in this world give it up Keep on fighting Perception is deception Close"
  • Every Moment - Nikki Leonti
    "Every Moment by Nikki Leonti It's true to each heart comes a little pain Lord, in each life falls a little rain But if I look there's a rainbow in the sky A ray of hope when a shadow passes by A silver"
  • Every Moment - Gretchen
    "Captivated by the way you love me I hold my breath and pray it never ends If it's all a dream then please don't wake me I'd rather sleep forever than to leave Just keep holding on to me... You're"
  • In the moment - Uriah Heep
    "Here we areOnce more in a world full of fantasyDream againYou need to believe in a futureThat's bright as the sunShining there for youShining there for meI am the mountain high, I am the seaIn the moment"
  • Give It Up - Sing It Loud
    "Somebody told me that I'm the one I'm the one Who'll follow you, I'll pull your through We're in the third time around time around But that's okay, 'cause I'm here to stay Give it up, give it all you've"
  • Give It Away - Deepest Blue
    "I never return to love somebody Now all that I need is all I see in you And only you And if you get lost I'll always find you You're all that I need your heart will keep you true My only you You make"
  • The Moment - Dingdong Avanzado
    "As far as i remember You were but a dream A thought that couldn't happen Coz love had given up on me It seemed I'll never find someone who'd love me But then you came along and rescued me CHORUS: Now"
  • Give It Time - Skye Sweetnam
    "Another moment, Just like the moment before.. You count the hours, And wonder, can you take anymore? You close your eyes... And suddenly you're dreamin.. But you can't hide... From the loneliness you're"
  • Give it time - Lloyd Banks
    "Another moment,Just like the moment before..You count the hours,And wonder, can you take anymore?You close your eyes...And suddenly you're dreamin..But you can't hide...From the loneliness you're feelin..^CHORUS^If"
  • The Moment - Nine Days
    "I can see that someone Went and left you hanging from a string And if I pulled hard I could make you do most anything You can run from the past But mistakes are meant to last Between the lines These are"
  • The Moment - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "(BEETHOVEN) In this world of curmumstance Children never fear forever And this moment that enchants Someday we may both remember Then Maybe then If we are still alive Then Maybe then This moment will"
  • Give It Up - Gloria Estefan
    "There's no wrong and no right In the heat of the night you stop thinking You don't care anymore Throw all doubt out the door And you let go You may try to fight back by ignoring the fact That you want"
  • Give it up - Hall & Oates
    "(Old Habits)There's no decisionYou look my wayI know that expression and what it saysIt'd be so easyThe light is rightForget in the moment who we are tonightMy body's singing and the music's strongNo coscience"

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