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going nowhere

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going nowhere

  • Going Nowhere - Cut Copy
    "I can't think straight Help me now before it's too late Now what do I care? 'Cause we're going nowhere Going nowhere Going nowhere Going nowhere I can go there I can go there I can't think straight Help"
  • Going Nowhere - Modwheelmood
    "Please now wait Won't be late again Everything Turns to grey Morning aches Everyday Make them go away Go away You never ask yourself what's behind the pressures You take the time to stare - nothing"
  • Going Nowhere - Nasum
    "Born and raised the clock is ticking, what will you do with your life? Confused and scared trapped in a stalemate, destined to a life in anxiety Life will stagenate - going nowhere! Time to change - going"
  • Going Nowhere - Oblivion Dust
    "Felt too much of a lifeless air inside Now you're falling You're crawling Trapped under emotional slide You hide Tell me is it the guilt that smothers you Covers your love and gives you away in"
  • Going Nowhere - Andrea Parker
    "Through the stained glass window Pictures in my mind Dissolving in a jet Taking time to rewind New direction Passagers in the dark Shadows from below Leaving a mark Going nowhere (repeat) Apart from"
  • Going Nowhere - NoMeansNo
    "Hey, buddy, you know me, I guess you've heard my name I was the greatest, I had my share of fame The girls, they loved me, you know I had them all But now, they don't love me, now they don't care at"
  • Going Nowhere - Fifth Harmony
    "First off Give a girl some credit I'm a keep on loving you 'Cause you be the realest all day and all night And that's why you stay by my side I don't always Do the right thing And that don't matter 'Cause"
  • Going Nowhere - Elliott Smith
    "He waved hello silent like a mime We met, there's no changing my mind I won't walk the stairs with you tonight Going nowhere The clock moved a quarter of a turn The time it took a cigarette to burn She"
  • Going Nowhere - Neil Sedaka
    "Considering so many folks, dissatisfied with everything, who need someone to understand they're lonely, they're lonely, and they're not alone. And everywhere they shrug their shoulders, tell themselves"
  • Going Nowhere - Little Mix
    "Sick of you playing on the xbox thing you’re never gonna get me with the diamond ring look at you, so confused no you dont have a clue I bet u think u got me good So tell me, when’s the last time you"
  • Going Nowhere - Status Quo
    "I'm tired out, and my head is aching I wanna shout, but I feel I'm going nowhere Yeah, I feel I'm going nowhere I run around in a fit of madness To work it out in the hope of going somewhere Yeah, I hope"
  • Going Nowhere - The Moody Blues
    "Once more I've loved I've laughed and I've lost Now I'm alone left counting the cost Once more sweet child of middling years Basted again in bitter-sweet tears I will survive the solitude But come alive Although"
  • Going Nowhere - Kings Of Leon
    "sweet ocean liner, come and anchor down sea of forgiveness, see what tti have found I’s long and lanky, awkward at times I am going nowhere if you get the time and it’s a long hard road until I can get"
  • Going nowhere - Moody Blues
    "Once more I've loved I've laughed and I've lost Now I'm alone left counting the cost Once more sweet child of middling years Basted again in bitter-sweet tears I will survive solitude But come alive I'll"
  • Going Nowhere - Barren Cross
    "Barren Cross Going Nowhere life is short so go and try - grab all you can before you die is this you - you're going nowhere someone came and died for you - but you just want your pleasure you - you're"
  • Going Nowhere - Zero Down
    "This is what you offer me, A system of dishonesty, Where life is measured, monetarily, And I'm just another face. Another man with the simple skills, Of staying alive, and paying the bills I'll Never amount"
  • Going Nowhere - Norther
    "Soon I will lose my sanity That day I will set you free And I don't care On the road to nowhere Soon my scythe will lose it's sanity That day will set you free And my scythe doesn't care On the road to"
  • Going Nowhere - Harem Scarem
    "Ain't it strange this world welive in that's afraid of the things we should've been And you sell yourself look the other way to a war let's begin only six feet down to an early grave andyou're standing"
  • Going Nowhere - Burning Heads
    "Everywhere i've heard the sound, I've seen there lying on the ground, Men in the streets with no reply, All left alone where's humankind, You know they're going nowhere, Dont tell me, Things will"
  • Going Nowhere - Oasis
    "Hate the way that you've taken back Eveything you've given to me And the way that you'd always say 'It's nothing to do with me' Different versions of many men Come before you came All their questions were"

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