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  • H.E.A.T. - Montevideo
    "Hey girl you there do you know my name? Of course you don't, I'm new in this school You know there's something crazy about me You've met the right boy Your prince charming And now the bus arrives at your"
  • Heat - The Mission
    "Let me lay waste with gentle persuasion Let me lay down To sweat in the heat On the back of beyond we laugh at all reason And in the light of it all There's no need to retreat And the heat comes down And"
  • Heat - Balligomingo
    "Don't move Scare me on Take too much But don't take too long Now you're moving in Like acid on my skin I like being burned Your heat is what I yearn Your salt Corrodes my vault Get too close The spill"
  • Heat - Mariah Carey
    "That's Mariah... Heat, heat, heat Heat, heat, heat Next time I'm gonna come on harder Can't step on this heat Don't Bother Next time I'm gonna, next time I'm gonna Can't step on this heat Don't Bother"
  • Heat - DMX
    "Heat Uh yeah yeah Uh...grrrrrrrrr...uh...hot! Uh..arf arf arf.. The heat is on Are y'all really ready to fly The heat is on Are y'all really ready to die The heat is oonnnnn Have your mother"
  • Heat - Rebecca Lavelle
    "HEAT It's hot tonight And I love the heet It makes me sweat It makes me dream It's hot tonight So hot tonight And oh...it feels so right And in the middle of the night I want you here In the middle of"
  • Heat - Kelly Price
    "(feat. Kelly Price & Cha Cha) Cha Cha, ah I got you heated in the 400 A slow moment with a payback, sure want it Ain't gon' run it 'till I gain the feathers gon' wit it Ain't gonna split it 'till you"
  • Heat - Swollen Members
    "Who else you think this is? It's just us I don't wanna tell you again so just trust Who make the moves, makin the bucks and bring the heat so bake that it's shakin your truck? (Let it go) Back up in"
  • Heat - Soft Cell
    "It was the heat of the night I think Or it could've been the effect of the drink But I had to brush away the flies That started to collect around your eyes I've still the taste of the sweat and the dust You're"
  • Heat - Rebeca Lavelle
    "It's hot tonight And I love the heet It makes me sweat It makes me dream It's hot tonight So hot tonight And oh...it feels so right And in the middle of the night I want you here In the middle of the"
  • Heat - Eko Fresh
    "Hol dir jeden verdammten Sonntag, zehn verdammte Songs, ah! Mit der dicksten ein Gedicht Zu einem extrem bekanntem Homp machst. Ich bin eben ganz besonders, ihr seit nur Luft und Raum. Ich hab mehr Stil"
  • Heat - Jethro Tull
    "When the rats are running and the boys are gunning for heads on a tin plate --- you can hear the footfall softly in the back yard. And the black jack is called face up on the last card. You'd better call"
  • Heat - Kumi Koda
    "FAASUTOKONTAKUTO kara Hikare au hodo no INPAKUTO Koyoi wa kokoro no kattou nante sakujo Otagai wo mada shiranu mama Daga sore ga shizen na nari yuki nara Hey Yo, Let It Go Nami no oto ga suru toko natsu"
  • Heat - Spleen United
    "lay down your bricks and rest your tired heart wait till the morning brings another start when the pain is gone then your work is done hurt takes you away sometimes it hurts watching the change in your"
  • Heat - Apocalyptica
    "I'm giving up the ghost of love And a shadow is cast on devotion She is the one that I adore Queen of my silent suffocation Break this bittersweet spell on me Lost in the arms of destiny bittersweet I"
  • Heat - 50 Cent
    ""Aye you want some of this shit" "Naw, I don't want that shit" "I don't give a fuck, I don't play dat shit" "And I'm fin'nin to buss a cap in a nigga" "Man SHUT the fuck up" "Whoa slow down, slow down,"
  • HEAT - PRO8L3M
    "WZ jest w … 2 miliny w wartościowym wekslu Jest transport bankowy Dzwoni kilka bardzo drogich sekund Wzrasta moc stresu Od euforii krok Algorytm do sukcesu działa Broń w ręku uzależnia jak sztos Strzał"
  • 1000 Miles - H.e.a.t
    "Yeah! Sleepin' in the subway, walkin' on the highway Tell to know 'bout the stars at night Squirting to an dead-end Broken hearted woman In the search for a light I don't know what it's like To live on"
  • Burning heat - U.D.O.
    "Burning in my heart- burning in my soul Gotta have it more and more- hot and overloaded Starving for some fun tonight- always dressed to kill Don't tell me what I need- I need the thrill indeed Don't stop"
  • That Heat - Sergio Mendes
    "One for the treble Two for the bass Three for the ladies And four for the blaze Yo yo yo It's that heat, that heat, that heat, that heat It's that heat yo The heat comin thick down from So Paulo Bankin"

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