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hairy pusay

  • Hairy - Vaselines
    "I don't want to look like you,Greasy hair and ugly too,I just want to live in peace,To lie in bed and stay asleep.I don't need your company,I'm so hungry and I can't sleep,I'm real tired to even whine,So"
  • Hairy Women - Adam Green
    "Can I trust this hairy woman, to hide out when I'm embarassed, so embarassed by injustice that shuts doors on hairy women, There's no place inside this romance, for a girl that's clearly balding,"
  • Hairy Mary - White Kaps
    "let's all take a trip to europe where a girl has never seen a razor she lifts her arm, and poof there is hair and it doesn't seem to faze her don't want to go to hunington beach it'd be more, like"
  • Hairy trees - Goldfrapp
    "You give me this love You give me this love Touch my Garden Rain clouds Mountain Sunshine All day long Sunrise Meadows Oceans Rainbows Starlight All day long Golden New wood Rain cloud Mountian Ride my"
  • Dirty hairy - Gorillaz
    "I need a gun to keep myself from harmThe poor people are burning in the sunBut they ain't got a chanceThey ain't got a chanceI need a gunCos all I do is danceCos all I do is danceI need a gun to keep myself"
  • Hairy Monster - Iamerror
    "she must have looked so beautiful spattered facedown on the tokyo street or better yet, trembling, in her hands a .45 millimeter invitation to hell and as you walked in with clear intentions little"
  • My Hairy Grandad - Adrian Furby Trio
    "Have always had big toes. With smells emanating that drift up into your nose. And the people in my family, have questionable hygiene. I think it all comes from, watching too much Mr Bean. But there's"
  • The Hairy Years - Trash Can Sinatras
    "I lingered within earshot of the seaside souvenier shopfront (Itchy fingers sweating on a snoscene, little puppy eyes dart) A tiny world is ending, detective is descending (All the savings gone on bloody"
  • Big Hairy Spyder - Earthlings?
    "Take it on vacation Big hairy spider pushing through the folds Black man on a mastodon said "fly, motherfucker, fly... fly on home!" I knew possible stuff whether the goose fell on ears of wax, do nose"
  • The hairy song - Patrick Wolf
    "Theres this one hair on my headAnd im not sure with it.. what to doIt has avoided the stylish hairdresserAnd not succumb to cheap shampooAnd no matter how i crimp, bleach and dyeIt cannot change it will"
  • N.Y. Hairy tale - Stereoliza
    "Little boys and girls fingers get frozen As the New Year's night coming closer T-s-s-s! They are still happy and fine Cuz they dunno yet who'll be their Merry Santa this time! "Tell us! Tell us!" - Your"
  • The Hairy Song (Demo Version) - Patrick Wolf
    "Theres this one hair on my head And Im not sure with it.. what to do It has avoided the stylish hairdresser And not succumb to cheap shampoo And no matter how I crimp, bleach and dye It cannot change"
  • Si Senor The Hairy Grill - Yello
    "Don't give up all your loving I like your loving Tears in my eyes Touch me, oh oh it's burning Why might you leave me Please stay with me Squeeze me, oh oh you squeeze me Squeeze me, oh oh you squeeze"
  • Solex by Rolex - Solex
    "He gave a coy smile whenShe Paid forTwo rooms and one connecting Door.All yours.He gave a coy smile whenShe made her wishRolex by SolexRolex by SolexRolex by SolexRolex by SolexRolex by SolexAnd she made"
  • Kill The Bee - Austin Lace
    "Very funny hairy grizzly who's in your arms who says hold me or call me Very funny hairy grizzly who's in your arms or should I say your paws I have for you a bubble, for you a bubble of trouble Your"
  • Bla bla bla - Yam
    "Bla bla bla bla bla bla mushi marow mushi cow bla bla bla mushi marow mushi pig bla bla bla floz: i think that will do jinx: it'sway too stupid floz: well i'll shove it up your i.o. jinx: i"
  • Guantanamera - Die Toten Hosen
    "Yo soy un Hombre sincero De donde crece la Palma Yo soy un Hombre sincero De donde crece la Palma Y antes morirme quiero Echarmis versos del Alma Guantanamera Guajira guantanamera Guantanamera"
  • Dear dotti - Lunachicks
    "Dear Dotti what should I do? I wrote this letter to you I know you'll tell me the truth In The Weekly World News My tongue is hairy, my lips are blue Oh Dear Dotti what will I do? Shaved my tongue but"
  • Tarantulas Attack! - The Explosion
    "3000 miles away you can hear the sirens sound dirty eggs are hatching they're running all over town tarantulas attack cities fall we're fucking maniacs tarantulas attack from new york to san francisco you"
  • Behind The Mask 1993 Techedon - Yellow Magic Orchestra
    "on the mask you're wearing it's hairy and scary doesn't care to shield your fears only old, but just as cold There is nothing in your eyes, to mask the way you cry all is bright, all is grand focus on"

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