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hook and

  • Hook - PJ Harvey
    "I was blind I was lame I was nothing till you came You said babe make you sing Make you feel like some queen Said I'll take you Kathleen To your home and mine Lord he hooked me Fish hook and line And rolled"
  • Hook - PJ Harvey
    "I was blind I was lame I was nothing 'Till you came You said "Babe, Make you sing Make you feel Like some queen" Said "I'll take you Kathleen To your home and mine" Lord, he hooked me Fish hook and line And"
  • Hook - Blues Traveler
    "It doesn't matter what I say So long as I sing with inflection That makes you feel that I'll convey Some inner truth of vast reflection But I've said nothing so far And I can keep it up for as long as"
  • Hook and line - The Kills
    "With your hook and line I still blow away With your hook and line I still blow away With your hook and line I still blow away With your hook and line I still blow away Try your best in your heavy shape Keep"
  • The Hook - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "There's one thing I tell you friend I don't believe in supermen Who fly thru the clouds above the rest I don't believe in the best And I never wanted to fight with you It's just the last thing that I"
  • Captain Hook - Chipz
    "Chipz versus the most fearsome of the seven seas Captain James Hook Here we go! Nanananana Ohoh wah oh wee oh (4x) Hes back, the man with the hookBack again The king of the pirates We jump, into the book"
  • Happy hook - Chipz
    "Attention Class: Can you do the happy hook Sure we do- We use the happy hook twist And it goes something like this Do the happy hook, you know it's really cute It goes like this, with a little twist Pucker"
  • Hook up - Katy Perry
    "Oh, sweetheartPut the bottle down You've got Too much talentI see you Through those Bloodshot eyes There's a cure You've found itSlow motion Far __ and __Now don't deny itBut boys will be boys Oh, yes"
  • Captain Hook - Tha Alkaholiks
    "I knew this nigga by the name of Captain Hook Who had a record deal but no lyrics in his book But everywhere you looked he had a poster for his single The one he bit the oldie track and stole the oldie"
  • Captain Hook - Megan Thee Stallion
    "real hot girl shit and if the beat live you know Lil Ju made it aye bitch I am a problem nobody solve it you can keep hating I am popping regardless he wanna beat it like don’t want your nigga because"
  • No Hook - Jay-Z
    "(Movie) the most important thing in business is honesty, integrity, hard work, family never forgetting where we came from (Jay-Z) poor me, dad was gone, finally got my dad back never that he wouldnt"
  • The Hook - Dutchmassive
    "(Verse 1: Apathy) Yo All the dough I'm raking in is more than Bill Gates is taking in Laying in a bed gettin' head from Jenna Jameson Strangle Hell's Angels and jack their Harley Davidson Ap spits raps"
  • Butcher's Hook - Slipknot
    "Contrite- Commercial- Arrogance- Leprosy Consume The Bitch- The Fucker- Mindless- Like A Child For Pity's Sake- I've Had All That I Can Take We Try- But In The End We'll See There Are No More Codes Only"
  • Captain Hook - Bowling For Soup
    "She looks at me and my world stops I have got to let her know, before she has to go. And I hope she does not confront me. Cause I might never find the words I've got in mind. And I don't know No, I don't"
  • Butcher's Hook - Keri Hilson
    "Contrite - Commercial - Arrogance - Leprosy Consume The Bitch - The Fucker - Mindless - Like A Child For Pity's Sake - I've Had All That I Can Take We Try - But In The End We'll See There Are No More Codes Only"
  • Hook - Childhood - John Williams
    "Shadows, mem'ries, lingering laughter. Reach out, touch me, half my life after. Glimpses, moments, smiling inside me. Spirits that guide me back to the days of childhood... childhood... Echoes, whispers,"
  • Hook Machine - Emm Gryner
    "I left my heavy guitars in Maidenhead Instead of yelling and screaming I put it all Where no one sees it And sometimes I say to my brother You'll do just fine I need a rocket and you need time CHORUS One"
  • The Hook - Stephen Malkmus
    "At age 19 I was kidnapped by Turkish pirates Mediterranean thugs After some torture they considered me their mascot Cypriotic Good Luck I had to taste the deck and many other things I had to pay the piper"
  • The Hook - Grand Pianoramax
    "In your eyes, I see children birthin' A sorta perfection like snowflake-wisdom But together, we are no oak Our love is more potted-plants longing to be Autumn leaves And it seems I cannot control the sunlight You"
  • Carolyn's Hook - South Park
    "In the rancho everybody knows Carlos still riding y still fumando audibles I'm locked with my gente, no ay salida trying to finish this up this about my vida On appeal and it's going to take a full year, they"

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