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hope know vnm

  • It's my life (feat. VNM & Sound'n'Grace) - Afromental
    "Ladies and gentlemen! Don't laugh at us! You know what? F... Hey operator I need a favor Please, be my savior If only I could have one wish I would like to call my dad Ash him if I’m good or bad, Should"
  • Hope - Richard John Thompson
    "Twist of fate falling through the rain I wanna see the light that shines behind the pain Hope of love weeping through your cries I wanna be the one that shines upon your eyes We're gonna be the ones"
  • Hope - Tank
    "Even Then I try to look the problem in the eyes There's no hope for me in sight Stagnant though I am there's a spark which keeps me moving on Yet - there's no hope for me in sight It's alright - 'cos I"
  • Hope - Tankard
    "Even Then I try to look the problem in the eyes There's no hope for me in sight Stagnant though I am there's a spark which keeps me moving on Yet - there's no hope for me in sight It's alright - 'cos I"
  • Hope - Paul Brandt
    "I can't believe you found me here You saved me in the nick of time Just when I thought nobody cared You reached out and with your hand took mine You know just how to pull me through Thats what I love"
  • Hope - Jack Johnson
    "Shadow walks faster than you You dont really know what to do Do you think that youre not alone? You really think that you are immune to It's gonna get that the best of you It's gonna lift you up and let"
  • Hope - Clockwise
    "Little help of violence, Few chances for my freedom, With every step u won't take, Grief inspires my evil, You had stood your fall, Rusted pose made red flood, Straggling is too simple I need more, need"
  • Hope - Natasha Bedingfield
    "Remember morning always comes As night surrenders to the sun No matter how dark it may become Don't stop your light from shining on 'Cause nothing's ever over till you say it's over And nothing's ever"
  • Hope - Thirsty Merc
    "Torn, broke, You wanted to be more. If there's a time you felt like drinking I bet it is now And, then, a moment in time comes Events and actions move to shape us Make a decision Hope Never lose what"
  • Hope - Mortal Love
    "Just lay me down in shadows deep But I don't fall asleep the voices say I'll sleep a while before we meet This is my last time anyway Don't let me dream of things I fear I know now, hope was never true To"
  • Hope - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Seven tears Loosing Got a feeling we're holding The wrong end of the line We're dealing day's but we ain't dealing time Go on fake it cause you're not gonna make it tonight Better sit"
  • Hope - Abby Travis
    "Bring me the poison that rots in the vein I've tied off my arm, where's the dope? I already know the first one is free So bring me the drug that they call hope Bring me the burglar who deals in my dreams I"
  • Hope - We Shot The Moon
    "Hope it's all the I have The calm in the storm Is right where I am Inside of hope It's all that I know It's what I'm moved for It's what I live for Wave goodbye to a time That you once believed was everything I'm"
  • Hope - John Frusciante
    "i feel the hope running low we never found our way home There is no more world The land is gone water is all that survived that one there are no escapes gone are the days of mistakes our mistakes and did"
  • Hope - Quicksilver Messenger Service
    "And I don't ever want to see you blue, oh no, all I ever wanted to do was know you And maybe hope you could know me too. Well I don't ever want to make you sorry For anything you've ever said or done, Oh"
  • Hope - ATC
    "Surrounded by family and friends A picture what life's like at your end In my dreams i cannot imagine The horror you must have seen If I could tell these words to you I know that probably it won't do I"
  • Hope - R.E.M.
    "(Cohen/Buck/Mills/Stipe) You want to go out Friday And you want to go forever. You know that it sounds childish That you've dreamt of alligators. You hope that we are all with you And you hope that you're"
  • Hope - Christy Carlson Romano
    "Deep in city street broken light flickers on a one way dream Cut to movie McGee one night only starring you and me Got a penny in my pocket and its turning to dust I'm calling all your numbers but your"
  • Hope - Our Lady Peace
    "Hope climbs atop of the piano reaching out towards the warmth of the sun some man tries to ask her down but now maybe that's where she belongs my god she said, i'm the sunflower who wants my god"
  • Hope - Ania Iwanek & Paweł Lucewicz
    "I know you want me, I know you need me, But I hope to leave it behind. I could be sorry, make you believe me, But you’ll see it through, like I did. Staying up till you get home, Knowing that it all"

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