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hope there

  • Hope - Paddy Kelly
    "I remember a state of suicide standing out a window opened wide hold on hold on I heard a voice inside I've come back to my childhood happiness the grace of God has filled my emptiness hold on hold on there"
  • Hope - Kelly Family
    "I remember a state of suicide standing out a window opened wide hold on hold on I heard a voice inside I've come back to my childhood happiness the grace of God has filled my emptiness hold on hold on there"
  • Hope - America
    "Theres a clock timing the world as it turnsTheres a man marking the candle as it burnsKeeping track of every minute that remainsStill we hope somehowIts gonna be alrightIts gonna turn out fineTheres a"
  • Hope - Klaatu
    "'''Hope''' (John Woloschuk) Hope is like a lighthouse keeper's beam Hope the master cobbler of our dreams For Hope believes in desert streams The mightiest of stars The microcosm in a jar Vast or small"
  • Hope - Paul Brandt
    "I can't believe you found me here You saved me in the nick of time Just when I thought nobody cared You reached out and with your hand took mine You know just how to pull me through Thats what I love"
  • Hope - John Frusciante
    "i feel the hope running low we never found our way home There is no more world The land is gone water is all that survived that one there are no escapes gone are the days of mistakes our mistakes and did"
  • Hope - Yothu Yindi
    "Coming out of the water Back to middle now Hope for the future Hope for the future now Get it right this time, poor boy While the wind is a blowing You got inside information Hope for the future now And"
  • Hope - Quicksilver Messenger Service
    "And I don't ever want to see you blue, oh no, all I ever wanted to do was know you And maybe hope you could know me too. Well I don't ever want to make you sorry For anything you've ever said or done, Oh"
  • Hope - ATC
    "Surrounded by family and friends A picture what life's like at your end In my dreams i cannot imagine The horror you must have seen If I could tell these words to you I know that probably it won't do I"
  • Hope - Our Lady Peace
    "Hope climbs atop of the piano reaching out towards the warmth of the sun some man tries to ask her down but now maybe that's where she belongs my god she said, i'm the sunflower who wants my god"
  • Hope - Red Animal War
    "their skies turn black their floors fall out it rains for what seems like forever and ever and thicker than water even thicker than blood they press on when the road has ended at the end of the world just"
  • Hope - Waterdeep
    "Old man on the street Chin down he walks alone He has nothing to eat He has nowhere to go Preacher man he approach Says he knows what to do Old man he looks up With tear filled eyes he doubts there's"
  • Hope - Ania Iwanek & Paweł Lucewicz
    "I know you want me, I know you need me, But I hope to leave it behind. I could be sorry, make you believe me, But you’ll see it through, like I did. Staying up till you get home, Knowing that it all"
  • Hope - A.W.A.S.
    "Every day you live in sin, every day without sense Satan is your god, but soon he will rot There is fear in your eyes, if you think of what's after death Your intense hate, will bring you to hell If you'll"
  • Hope - Antimatter
    "When you look at me From your own century I may seem to be Strange archeology But when the winds blow From this direction You may sense me there In your reflection I think I feel you But I will never know"
  • Hope - Alien Ant Farm
    "Hope is the thing Im feeling today. Walking a mile out of the way, I still might make it through. Turn on your street and see a car. One where I thought mine should be parked. Finding our home a house"
  • Hope - Accidental Superhero
    "with the princess i would leave the city gate she and i would go into the fields and wait for the sky to dusk turn dark and feed the moon a knight could only hope light would not come soon the land looked"
  • Hope - Anathema
    "I was not put here by anyone in fear I came alone as me Just an idea in a long chain of discovery Surrounded by the same you Sometimes your tide pulls me out to sea And I die in a thrashing curse Sometimes"
  • Hope - Avail
    "A candle in a window Lonely sign of life Will there be some truth inside Or just another knife Her silhouette Empty Face is hollow inside Shadows caused by candle light Have no depth or pride A candle"
  • Hope - Blink 182
    "Why can't you see you torture me? You're already thinking 'bout someone else When he comes home you'll be in his arms And i'll be gone But i know, my day will come I know someday, i'll be the only one You"

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